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Handmade Labels & Sleeves

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Crazy mom quilts: one way to label a quilt. I would venture to guess that not many people can say that labeling their quilt is their favorite part of the quilting process.

crazy mom quilts: one way to label a quilt

How to Hang a Quilt Tutorial > amy a la mode. As I was hanging up some of my quilts recently, I was thinking that some of you might be interested to know how I’m doing this without any visible hanging mechanism showing.

How to Hang a Quilt Tutorial > amy a la mode

I learned this method from the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and figured if it’s good enough for a museum, it’s surely good enough for me! And that you folks out there might like to know how it’s done as well. First thing you’ll need to do is make a sleeve for the back of your quilt. I didn’t take any photos of this process, but it should be wide enough to fit whatever you are using as a hanger, and a little narrower than your quilt. I cut my strips 6 inches wide, then sewed them in half down the long side with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Here’s the slowest step: hand sew the sleeve to the back of the quilt. Okay, now here’s what you’ll need to get it up on the wall: 1. 4. Step one: Lay the wood or dowel on the quilt to see how long you need to cut it. Step three: Cut the wood or dowel. Voila! 1. Making A Hanging Sleeve. Quilt Labels- the Cute and Easy Way! I've had so many questions and comments lately regarding my quilt labels.

Quilt Labels- the Cute and Easy Way!

So, I decided to create a separate tutorial explaining how I do them. Enjoy! When I first started quilting, I never labeled my quilts. I thought it had to be something fancy, or hand embroidered, and let's face it- I just didn't want one more step getting in the way of my finished quilt! So, why should you label your quilt? Before we get started, you should have your quilt all basted with the excess backing and batting trimmed away, leaving just a couple of inches all the way around your quilt. 1. 2. 3. Materials You'll Need- * A very fine tipped permanent fabric pen- I have used a Pigma micron pen, as well as the Dritz brand fabric pen. Later, when we attach the trim pieces, you'll use a very hot iron, and this should heat set the ink. Quilt Label Sayings and Quotes for Memory Quilts. So, you've made a handmade gift quilt to celebrate a special occasion: a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a new baby, or a precious friendship.

Quilt Label Sayings and Quotes for Memory Quilts

Why not say something special to match the occasion on the label that tells the recipient who made the quilt? Here is a list of sayings and quotes to put on your quilt label to show the recipient how much care and creativity was lavished on this special, one-of-a-kind gift. Sewology Sunday - Easy Quilt Label – Sassafras Lane Designs. Hello lovelies.

Sewology Sunday - Easy Quilt Label – Sassafras Lane Designs

I know it is pretty late in the day for a Sewology Sunday... Sorry! Better late than never, right? Make a Quilt Label. As anyone who has ever stitched, admired, or snuggled with a quilt knows, quilting has a history steeped in resourcefulness, storytelling, community, and warmth.

Make a Quilt Label

In honor of National Quilting Month, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, Amy Milne, the director of the Alliance for American Quilts, has penned a how-to project and a call for the importance of labeling quilts (and artworks of all kinds) for the sake of staking a spot in handmade history and taking pride and authorship in your craft. Do you have a quilt that holds a special spot in your heart or family history?

Be sure to share your story in the comments below. Note: On Monday, March 28, we will be hosting a mini-quilt Craft Night with Haptic Lab and the Alliance for American Quilts at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, NY, with a QSOS interview and demo on Etsy’s Livestream beforehand. RSVP for the workshop here. I have been working as Executive Director of the Alliance for American Quilts (AAQ) for the past five years. 1. Embroidered Quilt Label - Custom Layout. Esch House Quilts: How to make a 4" hanging sleeve. My quilt guild worlds are happily colliding this summer!

Esch House Quilts: How to make a 4" hanging sleeve

The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild's biannual quilt show July 26 and 27 will feature a special exhibit of modern quilts by the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild. I volunteered to do a tutorial on how to make a quilt sleeve for tonight's AAMQG meeting, so I thought I'd share it here as well. I owe this method to long-time GAAQG member, Carol Riffe, whose instructions I learned from many years ago. So, let's get started! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Most quilt shows use much larger rods than the small one in the picture here. Tallgrass prairie studio: Hang Your Quilt! (Hanging Sleeve Tutorial) » Custom Labels for Quilts. The art of creating quilts has again become popular as people realize the beauty that only a custom made quilt can bring.

» Custom Labels for Quilts

Adding custom woven labels to your quilts is the perfect finishing touch. Custom made sewing labels add more than just your name; it is a professional touch that compliments the design of your quilt. Quilt labels or tags can contain all of the important things you want people to know about you and your quilts- your name, the materials you used to create them, wash and care instructions, or anything else that you feel is important.