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Cardstock Mini Album - fast to make, cute little gift!


Mix & Match - Featuring Teahouse Handmade Welcome to a new feature on the LAB called Mix & Match. Today we’ll be mixing it up with Teahouse Handmade , Tess McCabe’s super cute collection of handmade baubles. Check out that marvelous matches, all handmade of course! Mix: Fireworks earrings from Teahouse Handmade Match: Lou and Chow’s natural & coral Inner bracelet. Mix: Melbourne brooch from Teahouse Handmade Match: Marta Mart i clutch in Neon Pink. Mix: Melbourne brooch in blue/black from Teahouse Handmade Match: Superfield envelope wallet in orange.

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5 If your gift list is long and your budget is small here are some great Handmade Gifts that you can make. Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special… I love to give them and I love to receive them. Jersey Knit Bracelet Lovely! This would make a perfect gift for any of your girlfriends. You can choose the colors and recycle t-shirts that you have around the house. Cheap and cute! tutorial Paper Clip Earrings Tutorial This is a brilliant idea… and the possibilities are endless. Love it! Printed Candles Who doesn’t love a candle? Think about how many different stamps you could use to customize this project. tutorial Hot Chocolate Art! What a great gift for neighbors and teachers… I am personally a hot chocolate lover so this would make a great gift for me tutorial Tile Coaster You can buy these plain tiles at Home Depot for under a dollar. I’ve seen them with family pictures also… Way cute! tutorial Bow Belt I was amazed how easy this tutorial was. So Pretty! tutorial Paper Plate Clock Cheap?

{Valentines day} pixelated popup card I‘ve been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}. I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card! They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope). You can even make some pixely confetti to put inside the card (if you are a big kid like me!). Full instructions and printable templates below! (BTW I remember seeing something similar in a popup book years ago. How to 1. (If you have a cutting machine then see note at end of post!) Cut along the black lines and score the grey lines. 3. 5. 7. Edited to add: The lovely Kayla from saynotsweetanne has send me a .dfx file of the card which you can use if you have a cutting machine.

Право на «лево» / Les infidèles » - смотреть фильмы онлайн, смотреть онлайн бесплатно, смотреть без регистрации Название: Право на «лево»Оригинальное название: Les infidèlesГод выхода: 2012Жанр: КомедияПродолжительность: 01:47:06Качество видео: ХорошаяОзвучивание: ДублированноеВыпущено: ФранцияРежиссер: Эмманюэль Берко, Фред Кавайе, Александр КортесВ ролях: Жан Дюжарден, Жиль Леллуш, Лионель Абелански, Фабрис Агоге, Пьер Бенуа, Вайолетт Бланкер, Венсан Боннассо, Бастьен Буллон, Гийом Кане, Селестин Шаплен О фильме: Мужская неверность, во всех ее отчаянно абсурдных, умопомрачительно смешных проявлениях — чем не тема для новой комедии?

Freezer Paper Stencil Meets Embroidery Hoop If you remember a little while back I shared some of my favorite ways to display fabric. I absolutely love stretching fabric in embroidery hoops, it is such a quick way to add a bit of color to your walls. I also shared a couple of photos of a few hoops that I have hanging in my craft/computer room. I really like them on the wall, but two of them were solid fabrics and needed a little something more. Originally I thought that I'd create a freezer paper stencil and make a silhouette of my son's face, but I decided against it (mostly because I can't get him to sit still without looking directly at the camera). So instead of the silhouette, and instead of doing a large initial (which I also considered), I decided on a fairly simple shape that would add a little something extra. I found my image on a website called I have referenced them before, but they have an archive of free patterns for download. I started by pulling my design element into Photoshop and resizing it.

Now this is Handmade: Origami Birds from Britta Manger Sometimes, one post naturally leads to another. Yesterday, I had the privilege of featuring The New Domestic . Just love those handmade bags, by the way. I’ve always been intrigued by origami. Envelope Book A Basic Envelope Book Materials Needed: To create a basic envelope book you will need: 4 envelopes all the same size2 pieces of plain cardstock cut to the same size as the envelopesPatterned scrapbook papers to cover the cardA piece of cardstock as wide as the envelopes and 12" longA length of ribbon Cover the plain cardstock with the patterned scrapbook paper, snipping the corners to get a neater finish. Fold the long piece of cardstock accordion style. Lay the ribbon across the centre of both covers, tape down to stabilize if necessary and glue the spine in place. Cover the inside front cover with patterned scrapbook paper and an envelope to the back cover. It's up to you whether to cut the flaps off or leave them on -- either way looks good.

Papercraft alphabet | Digitprop – Papercraft and Stuff This is the official announcement for the papercraft alphabet I just finished uploading. That was quite some work, especially with two hyperactive kids climbing all over me while I am typing. By the way, if you speak German: Hätte auch auf Deutsch funktioniert. Anyway, the alphabet is now complete – a collection of 26 papercraft templates for all letters 0f the alphabet, each representing an animal, thing, or people starting with that letter: You will find the complete list of templates here. Here is a ZIP file containing all templates as PDFs. Have fun with these – and if you do, I wouldn’t mind if you help to spread the word… Edit: I have just uploaded numbers to go with the alphabet.

Зарубежные сериалы онлайн, - онлайн кинотеатр | Посмотрели раз(а) В основе сюжета сериала «Рюрики» - жизнь молодого учителя истории, которого судьба забросила работать на забытый Богом украинский хутор Рюрики. Здесь столичного интеллигента ждёт увлекательная любовная история и масса комичных ситуаций с колоритными жителями хутора. Еще большие страсти разгораются в фантазиях учителя – там он ассоциирует все свои житейские ситуации с моментами мировой истории и ситуациями, которые происходили в жизни известных личностей прошлого. {*style:<i><b>Жанр: комедия, исторический Количество серий: 24 из 24 </b></i>*}

Bathing Beauties Bathing Beauties InstructionsDesigned by Cheri Carlson Keep summer in your heart with these charming bathing beauties. The colorful vintage images and the antique silver bracelet combine for a look of years gone by. For help preparing and using Ice Resin please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. Step one: Cut images or decorative paper to fit the antique silver-plated brass round frame Adorno bracelet. Step two: Mix a batch of resin and carefully pour it into the bracelet links to a slight mound.

Origami Pigeon Folding Instructions - How to Make an Origami Pigeon This pigeon is a traditional origami design that is easy to make. Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page! Start with a square of origami paper, colored side down. Then valley fold along the diagonal as shown. Now unfold the paper, and fold the right corner over to the left. Next, fold the left corner of the piece over as shown. Fold the piece in half to form the body of the pigeon. Make an inside reverse fold to form the head and beak. From reader in Bloomington " This is my pigeon.

Repurposed Cot Recently our little Squeak made the transition from the cot to her first big girl bed. I dutifully moved the cot into our study waiting to be dismantled and either stored or passed on, but kept finding reasons not to do it. The thing is, I'm certain there will be no more babies for us. Kind of certain. OK, 99.99% certain. But every time I passed the study and saw our empty cot looking back at me forlornly (it really was) I'd procrastinate a little bit more. * baby cot with a removable drop side * mdf/particle board cut to mattress size * blackboard paint Our drop side had already been removed so all I had to do was adjust the base to the highest newborn setting. I cut two sheets of thick mdf to fit snugly into the mattress base to provide a table top. It was then easy to use hooks and suction hooks to create storage on the cot sides. On the left hand side we hung Bubble's whiteboard for doing her therapy homework using 3M removable hooks.