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Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies

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Best-Ever Baklava Baklava – a dessert served in many countries around the world, all with their own personal touch. This is a very rich sweet, and therefore not one you will indulge in frequently. I make this once a year – maybe twice, at most. Free Download - Handmade By Labels... Variety of Sayings.... I did a lot today.... Okay, I did a lot of things that I have been putting off, lol... But I still managed to squeeze in a little shopping and ice cream with my daughter, Mackenzie.... We go to this one place that has the orange and vanilla twist and I just LOVE it! Surprisingly everything was pretty quiet up here as it is opening weekend at the track in Saratoga, where we were....

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SkoreIt! ® You Bid. You Score! We are proud to announce that SkoreIt! members will now be part of Beezid -- One of the most popular penny auction sites in the world. Qthelights - Jensen/Misha Dean/Cas Schmoop/Fluff/Cliche/H/C CommentFic Meme! original fabulous picture credit to jiiaffa So. We all have that guilty secret. homework: creative inspiration for home and life: INKLING: Birch Gift Tags–Free Printable It’s November everyone. Time to get real about the holidays. I know it seems early but I made these pretty birch gift tags and I wanted to share them with you so we can all get a head start on our holiday prep. The free printable is at the bottom of this post. I made these hangtags in Word. I just created the shape and copied it several times on the page. Video Tour of the Google Ventures Startup Lab As incoming CEO Larry Page seeks to recapture Google’s entrepreneurial spirit, Google Ventures thinks it’s in for a year of expansion and support from its corporate parent. The VC arm, which gets $100 million from Google each year to invest as it sees fit, wants to give more early-stage companies seed funding, and to that end has taken over an enormous Google-owned building in Mountain View, Calif., and started filling it with companies. The space is mostly empty; there are just about 20 people working there now. Google Ventures Partner David Krane took us on a tour of the Startup Lab, which opened in October and is currently occupied by start-ups like LawPivot (legal Q&A) and OpenCandy (software discovery), a product group from the vacation rental roll-up company HomeAway, and the yet-to-be-launched company of GrandCentral (now Google Voice) founder Craig Walker (which Google Ventures hasn’t invested in yet, though it’s made Walker an entrepreneur in residence).

9 Lists To Keep Updated, and Keep Handy I bought a Moleskine notebook a long time ago, and for a while it got zero use. My productivity system is totally digital and Web-based, as is my personal journal. I bought the Moleskine because it looked awesome, and because so many other people found it useful. The Moleskine, though, made its way into my pocket or backpack all the time, because of one simple use I found for it: a list manager. Not a list of things to do, or people to call – different lists. The Moleskine is my perfect list-manager, and that’s all I use it for.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Evil Twin, MinkPink, BB... Accessibility Information Skip To Main Content Skip To Main Navigation Shel Silverstein: The World's Dirtiest Man The only one I can think of is this one from "Where The Sidewalk Ends": "The Dirtiest Man in the World" Oh I'm Dirty Dan, the world's dirtiest man, I never have taken a shower. Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags: Chalkboard Hi everyone, it’s Andrea from The Cottage Market once again and today Keren and I are sharing a set of 6 Christmas Chalkboard Tags to kick your Holiday Season Off! We will be sharing many other fun tags…papers and a few other surprises with you but today we are starting with some chalkboard tags and just like a pretty black dress…they go with everything! free printable Christmas gift tags You can find Peace…Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays right here at Free Pretty Things For you…just click here for your download! and now just hop on over to The Cottage Market for your other three tags…

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The key to etsy is to read the shop description and check out the related websites for a seller to see if they are really selling handmade or machine reproduced (which means every piece sold will be exactly the same). I look for shops that say "every piece is made by hand and will require time to produce before shipping." While the Etsy policies are supposed to restrict non-handmade items, the policies are only as good as the enforcers so a lot of short run commercially produced creation slips through. There are still a lot of real independent artists on etsy if you take the time to look. Happy shopping! by meganpawlak Oct 21

I totally agree with everyone! I love the site but things that aren't handmade or even vintage do creep in now. The supplies category used to be good but it's getting worse because people are putting things in the wrong place. by rockpaperscissors Dec 9

Etsy is a larger version of folksy. I agree that there's a lot of mass produced stuff creeping in. Although the grey area lies in the distinction 'hand made'. There should be a caveat to eliminate this 'hand assembled' type of product. Although I'm sure we're all aware of the naughty stuff. by tullawulla Sep 29

I think it is always the trend with this type of business . Starts out looking like it's about art and craft , personalized touch . Then becomes a comercialized money making machine . by mirlen101 Sep 29

Yes, resellers, not just supplies. Wedding gowns, designer knockoff handbags, I've even seen electronics being sold there now. The people running it don't allow any controversy, either. Reporting resellers or copyright infringing doesn't do anything and if you try calling attention to those shops you can get banned off the forums, at the very least the threads get shut down super fast. It's really sad. by phrensy Sep 28

I am like you. I picked up pearltrees and then filed it into the "could be good, don't really understand it that much, I will get to it later file." I keep looking around for programs to help me organize things. Then I recently got back into PearlTrees and found it could do a lot of what I wanted. I think it could use some improvements on screen help for novices. easier way to keep pearltrees open all the way to the root etc. But is has a great interface and it makes organizing sites very easy by sbuser Sep 27

It's changed a lot . Grew massively . Tons of resellers pushing products from China now ;-/ Still interesting to browse though. by mirlen101 Sep 27

Heard about this site a while back, but never really went to it much. Recently "rediscovered" it and loving it. Very creative people out there. I just enjoy randomly searching what people have for sale. by peri_cardium Sep 27

oh I hadn't even noticed that! I rather liked the fact that everything was handmade or vintage, though. by mishkabunny Jul 3

Be sure to browse around. Etsy is now allowing resellers and not just handmade/vintage. :( by phrensy Jun 19

Spontaneous shoppers love fun stuffs that catch their eyes. This is a website where you can buy and sell handmade stuff. it's very interesting. by grace0408 Dec 21

Etsy is a very nicely implemented, well designed social marketplace for handmade items. A more innovative eBay. The selection of items and active community contribute well to the overall shopping experience. Etsy is the place to look for unique handmade art, jewelery and much more. by marcelmaassen Mar 13

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