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❣How To Make STRONG Air Dry Paper Clay - No Cracking❣ Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard. Years ago, when my son was in high school, he came home with a robotic arm that he’d made in class.

Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard

I was in the process of writing a book about robotics at the time (The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots) and was absolutely tickled by the design of the bot he brought home. They were studying hydraulics and had built robots using little more than some 1/2″ pine board, 10ml needle syringes, plastic tubing, and water. I think I had more fun playing around with it than he did. I hung on to it and still have it in my robotics collection today (right next to my Armatron and Super Armatron). This project, by the mysterious group of makers known as The Q, utilizes the same basic design as my son’s robotic arm except they substitute cardboard for the pine lumber.

Here is the parts list they provide: Cardboard, 8 10ml syringes with rubber pistons, a dead AA battery, 4 lengths of clear plastic hosing, Popsicle sticks, super glue, water, and patience. 1000+ ideas about Diy And Crafts on Pinterest. Coloring Bleeding Easter Eggs. Resin jewelry making supplies - Resin Obsession. Art Supplies at Dick Blick Art Materials - Art Supply Store. Free Shipping on orders of $45 or more.Use code CEFS Expires 02/13/2017 Learn More> Art Supplies at Blick Art Materials – Art Supply Store Welcome to dickblick order by phone... 1-800-828-4548 order by item number...add items to my cart resources: Dick Blick Art Materials · P.O.

Art Supplies at Dick Blick Art Materials - Art Supply Store

Dick Blick Art Materials®, Blick®, Blick Studio®, and Artists Pick Blick® are registered trademarks of Dick Blick Holdings Inc. © Copyright 1999-2017 Dick Blick Holdings Inc. Page request took 0.0232 seconds for dmzwbp22 to process ... Lapidary Tips, tumbling, hobby, basic lapidary techniques, lapidary instruction, lapping, slab saw. - What's Your Question. Similar articles Bauxite is a rock formed in wet, tropical climates when soluble materials leach into silica rocks. - What's Your Question

Bauxite is the principle ore from which most of the world's pure aluminum is extracted for commercial use. As of 2010, th... More » Water and ice cause weathering in rocks by causing bits of the rock to separate and flow away through the erosion process. Sedimentary rocks are characterised by their formation from the deposition and lithification of rock material. Grow Birdhouse Gourds. April 25th, 2009 7Email 58 users recommend This photo is by Radisha Simmons under the Creatve Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

Grow Birdhouse Gourds

Radisha Simmons Photo by Unhindered under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License. Photo by Scottks1 under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0. How to Cut and Shape Stones. Earth and Fire: Anasazi Style Pottery. Kombucha Jewelry Couture by KombuchaCouture. Gravity is the Only Glue That Holds These Together (18 Photos) Michael Grab (featured previously here and here) is a master of balancing rocks and stones.

Gravity is the Only Glue That Holds These Together (18 Photos)

The artist and photographer first explored rock balancing in 2008 while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado. Since then the activity has become a source of meditative practice and creative passion and Grab has become prolific in the art form. On his website, Grab explains: Balance requires a minimum of three contact points.

Luckily, every rock is covered in a variety of tiny to large indentations that can act as a natural tripod for the rock to stand upright, or in most orientations you can think of with other rocks. Below you will find a gallery of some of Grab’s most recent work. DIY Concrete Hand Planters & Bowls - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas. Hi Friends!

DIY Concrete Hand Planters & Bowls - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas

I’m very excited to share my latest DIY. I made these really cool concrete planter hands. Use them as planters or toss your keys or spare change into them. My inspiration for these DIY concrete planter hands came from a recent feature post I did on another set of DIY concrete planter hands. I thought they were so fun. 50 lbs. of concrete. Create a Recycled Vintage Gift Box. Every time I see a left over tissue paper roll I plan to make something but most of the time I end up making nothing.

Create a Recycled Vintage Gift Box

This is so far the only toilet paper craft by me. I’m really happy with how it turned out so going to make tons more! Have a look at the tutorial and hope you enjoy! Supplies: DIY ABSTRACT ART EASTER EGGS - Inkstruck Studio. Today’s DIY may seem a little complicated but I promise you it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.


And as always, I’ve broken it down into simple steps that I’m sure will be easy to follow. Learn two ways to create DIY abstract art easter eggs which will make a statement that will make everyone swoon. If you’ve been a consistent reader of this blog, you’ll know how much I adore paintings on eggs. The Things She Makes: DIY Decor // Marble Clock. I warned you that vinyl contact paper goes a long way, so here is my second DIY using the marble transformer.

The Things She Makes: DIY Decor // Marble Clock

Fancy seeing this made in video form? Have a little watch below... I picked this round frame up from Poundland, so no great expense required for this DIY. I found my clock mechanism in HobbyCraft [but plenty of cheap alternatives are to be found online] and the marble vinyl from Wilko. The main elements of your frame you will need for this DIY is the frame and backboard - remove everything else. Use the backboard as your template to draw on to the back of the patterned vinyl and cut out : Peel away the paper and stick securely on to the backboard, smoothing as you go to prevent. Mini face storage boxes. Tell me, does a face qualify as a ‘body part’?

Mini face storage boxes

Because if it does, I think that would explain why I’ve been so nuts about them lately; I’m still well and truly hooked on anatomy it seems! (see here, here, here and here for my other ‘body part’ projects). I haven’t yet asked Fred (my husband) how he feels about the influx of eyes and limbs in our home decorating, but I for one am a-okay with it; especially if it means I can have these little cuties watching over me as I type at my keyboard. Fred refuses to let us get a cat, so really this is the next best thing don’t you think? Boho Style Gift Wrapping Tutorial. I love beautiful gift wrapping! And I really love it when it gives you a little hint at what might be inside the package, like this boho style gift packaging.

Those dreamy peach and neutral colors, the feathers, the mixed materials of lace and leather and feathers... and of course, a gorgeous wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co. New Year's Jewelry DIY - Nearly Crafty. Crap. It is New Year’s Eve and you have no idea what you are wearing out tonight. “Tonight” could mean leaving the house at 10 pm for a night that doesn’t end until brunch on Jan 1. “Tonight” could also mean leaving the house at 4 pm so that you can go to the neighborhood old people party and still have the kids home and in bed by 7:30 pm. Whatever “tonight” means to you, there is still time to get your glam on Nearly Crafty style with this New Year’s Jewelry DIY. Mark Montano: Mixed Media Affirmation Stones. Not sure about you, but I often need a little reminder on my desk to be more positive. The work day can be a grind and as the day progresses, I can get a bit grumpy! These affirmation stones not only look happy, but they're a colorful reminder to be a better human being.

Make one for someone you love and see if it makes a difference. Remember, make messes, have fun and don't forget to. Amish Knot Rug Tutorial 1 of 2. DIY This Iris Apfel-Inspired Statement Necklace. During winter it can be easy to wear a uniform of black and gray. It seems like bright colors are often reserved for the summer, so sometimes our winter wardrobe needs a little pick-me-up!

So, today we’re showing you how to add a colorful touch to your closet with a DIY Iris Apfel-inspired statement necklace. You may even have a few pieces in your jewelry drawer to use for this DIY. No shopping necessary — unless you want to, and we totally support that. Have you guys seen the documentary Iris on Netflix?!

Materials:— 2 (or more) necklaces — nail polish (different colors) — rope and cord — jump rings, 6 millimeter or larger — spray paint, black (optional) Tools:— jewelry pliers, chain nose or round nose Instructions: 1. 2. DIY Swan Valentine Box - Mer Mag. I love celebrating Valentines with toddlers/preschoolers. When we lived in Cali we used to take the boys to a little kids Valentines exchange where the little ones got to make valentines for their friends and pass them out. I’d love to do something like that with Miss M this weekend. Just maybe invite over about 4 friends and make some cookies and give away cards.

And the cards are fun but I’ve always been a big fan of the boxes that the Valentines go in (hence our mailbox from a few year ago). And like our mailbox, I love it when they can be used for pretend play or decorative storage later on. Making a Sand-Cast Birdbath. Looking for a simple project with lots of potential? Try this sand-cast birdbath. It’s easy to make, works with any large leaf and it can be finished a number of ways. For a large birdbath, like the one in the photo at right, plants like rhubarb, gunnera or ‘Sum and Substance’ hosta work best. How to Fuse Plastic Bags into Reusable Sandwich Bags & Reusable Tote Bags. Create Wire Wrapped Button Pendants. DIY Tissue Paper Eggs - Say YesSay Yes. Alcohol Ink Votives. Candlestick Cake Stands.

After all the cakes we've been making around here lately, we realized we were in need of a few more cake stands. Ends up, they're super expensive, so we headed out to our local craft store to find something cheap, cheerful and hopefully a project we could make really really fast. DIY Abstract Watercolor and Gold Painted Mousepad. DIY Faux Water for Artificial Flowers. Do you ever have those moments when you reflect upon the last day, week, month, only to realize time seems to have flown by? DIY botanical adventures. Minted Strawberry: DIY: Coloring Book-Style Woodburned Earrings.

It's easy to find adult coloring books these days - they are everywhere. DIY Borax Crystals. Artist Turns Drywall Into Art with Nothing But Joint Compound. Bernie Mitchell is a drywall contractor that puts his creativity to work designing, constructing, sculpting and finishing specialty features in shoreline homes and cottages. Bernie started a simple form of relief in the early 1990s. Johnny Clasper’s Stoneworks are Works of Art (15 Photos) Over 100 Free Easter Crafts Projects at! Nature Crafts Projects at AllCrafts! LEGO Sisyphus Pushes Boulder for Eternity.

How to make a Dreamcatcher. Clay Search Results. How to Recycle Plastic Bags into Purses: Isatou Ceesay - Njau, Gambia. Bamboo Crafts Of Assam_Khaloi. Sweetgrass Basket Weaving. How to Make a Pine Needle Basket. How to make your own candle wicking - Joybilee Farm. Making bees wax candles, part 2 - Joybilee Farm. How to Cut Glass Bottles in Half Using Fire and Glass Cutters or Acetone-Soaked String. Upcycle a Sweater into Cozy Slippers Project. How To: Make an Upcycled Rag Rug — Upcycle Magazine. Free patterns.

These Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers are Awesome. How To Make Stencils With Hot Glue. Native American Indian themed Crafts, Native Themed Craft Supplies. Recycled crafts. The Evolution of Tie Dye.