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(125) La lévitation quantique - Julien Bobroff, à l'USI. FEEZ HIC Vulgarisation et SF. Physicist Shoots Himself With A Gun Underwater For Science. A few weeks ago, physicist Andreas Wahl was hanging 14 meters (46 feet) off the side of rickety looking warehouse in the name of science.

Physicist Shoots Himself With A Gun Underwater For Science

In his newest video, he appears to up the ante even further by using a loaded gun to test the power of fluid resistance. Standing in a swimming pool, he fires at himself with an assault rifle less than 3 meters (9.8 feet) away using a string attached to the gun’s trigger. He still wears goggles, though – safety first. The video is a snippet from a Norwegian science show on channel NRK Viten. As they explain in the YouTube description, “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules. Their film crew used slow-motion cameras to capture the effect of the bullet's force on the rippling water. This Guy Defies Death To Demonstrate Physics Law. Physicist Andreas Wahl would feel truly at home among the world’s dying breed of “mad scientists.”

This Guy Defies Death To Demonstrate Physics Law

He wanted to demonstrate some Newtonian laws of circular motion and how objects with a centripetal force, which forces traveling objects to follow a curved path, accelerate as they approach a central point. However, sterile laboratories with little pulleys and weights don’t quite do it justice. Instead, it seems hanging 14 meters (46 feet) off a sketchy-looking Norwegian warehouse displays it much more effectively. The clip below is from a show called "Life on the Line” on the Norwegian channel NRK Viten. Unfortunately, if you’re outside of Norway, you can’t see the full program.

Fritt fall uten sikret tau. La physique autrement on Vimeo. Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment. Watch What Happens When You Fire A Ball At Sixty MPH Out Of A Truck Traveling Sixty MPH In The Opposite Direction. This Math Question Baffled The Internet - Can You Solve It? Physicists say Interstellar Should be Shown in School Classrooms. The film that explores our universe in more epic proportions than ever before – "Interstellar" – should be shown in science lessons at school.

Physicists say Interstellar Should be Shown in School Classrooms

Before you make a quick judgement on this statement, it is not the mere opinion of someone completely unqualified to make such a surprising assertion. Rather, this is the conclusion from a paper that explores the hard physics used to make the film as accurate as possible. Christopher Nolan, the film's director, worked with Kip Thorne, a professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) who was also one of the film's executive producers. Nolan and Thorne shared an ambition to make the visuals of galactic objects as accurate to the science as possible.

This devotion to robust science is part of what makes the film so overwhelming. For Dr. General relativity isn't the only tough concept that the film faces head on. Mouvement perpétuel ? : Incroyables Expériences [82] Energie libre / Free energy / perpetuum mobile. Séries d'exercices. Physique. Théorie de la relativité d'Einstein. Copyright Arte 2005. Tout est quantique. Figures Animées pour la Physique. Vous y trouverez un grand nombre d'animations et de simulations scientifiques dédiées à la Physique, aux Mathématiques, à l'Astronomie...

Figures Animées pour la Physique

Ces animations sont des simulations numériques ou géométriques interactives de deux types : Des animations Javascript, symbolisées avec l'icône . Voir la page de mode d'emploi. Des animations Java, symbolisées avec l'icône , réalisées avec le logiciel Cabri-Géomètre et l'applet CabriJava. Voir la page de mode d'emploi. Voici un résumé du menu, également disponible en haut de cette page :

Energie.pdf. Index of /physics. Frank Thillen LCD. Documents relatifs aux cours de Nicolas Vandewalle. Facebook. Lois de Newton. Bienvenue sur OPUS. OPUS au jour le jour 25 août 2005 Ajouts OPUS Ajout du complément La roue et le treuil sont des leviers dans l'o.t. 3.5 de Physique 534.

Bienvenue sur OPUS

Ajout de la version en ligne des Exercices sur les machines simples dans l'o.t. 3.5 de Physique 534. 24 août 2005 Ajout OPUS. UCL - Applications Didactiques de Physique. Travail d'une force - exercices.

Radioactivité et physique nucléaire

Illustris Simulation: Most detailed simulation of our Universe. Électromagnétisme. The Beginning of Everything. Scphysiques. Best demonstration of momentum ever. Ondes. [Sciences physiques et chimiques] Physique en PC- espace pédagogique. 01b0017. Physique : cours et exercices de physique, forums... The Scale of the Universe 2 — Other Languages. Tout est relatif, monsieur Poincaré ! - Les Amphis de France 5.