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HK Museums. Archives. Institutions. Pollutants. BUTTERFLY. DOLPHIN_sousa_chinensis. ACTIVISM. Lung Kwu Tan. Remediation. Landfill. Case_Studies. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Museum of Natural History. Site_selection. 11 environmental groups criticise task force for suggesting more land reclamation. Eleven environmental groups have criticised the Task Force on Land Supply Chairman Stanley Wong for making “extremely inappropriate” comments on land reclamation, claiming that he has downplayed the environmental impact.

11 environmental groups criticise task force for suggesting more land reclamation

On Tuesday, Wong said that the task force was generally in agreement over reclamation, as it would have “no impact on the environment that cannot be overcome.” He also said that it was the most cost-effective way to provide large plots of land, adding that the force had identified locations that could provide 1,400 hectares of land. Stanley Wong. file Photo: Stand News via TVB screenshot. The five proposed sites for reclamation are Lung Kwu Tan in Tuen Mun, Sunny Bay in Lantau Island, Siu Ho Wan, Ma Liu Shui and Tsing Yi Southwest. Sheila Jasanoff : Co-production. “Ordering Knowledge, Ordering Society,” in Jasanoff, ed., States of Knowledge, pp. 13-45“In a Constitutional Moment: Science and Social Order at the Millennium,” in B.

Sheila Jasanoff : Co-production

Joerges and H. Nowotny, eds., Social Studies of Science and Technology: Looking Back, Ahead, Yearbook of the Sociology of the Sciences (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2003), pp. 155-180. New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding. Global Given each sea level scenario analyzed (Supplementary Table 1), and alternately using SRTM and CoastalDEM, we estimate the number of people on land that may be exposed to coastal inundation—either by permanently falling below MHHW, or temporarily falling below the local annual flood height (Table 1, Supplementary Data 1).

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding

Coastal defenses are not considered, but hydrologic connectivity to the ocean is otherwise enforced using connected components analysis. Figure 1 presents permanent inundation surfaces at select locations for median K17/RCP 8.5/2100. Future population growth and migration are also not considered; rather, we use 2010 (essentially current) population density data from Landscan13 to indicate threats relative to present development patterns. Permanent inundation surfaces predicted by CoastalDEM and SRTM given the median K17/RCP 8.5/2100 sea-level projection. National CoastalDEM versus SRTM by country. A global screening tool by Climate Central. Is Hong Kong considered 'developed' even though it's part of China, a 'developing country'?

Xi Jinping: challenging Chinese sovereignty in Hong Kong crosses a ‘red line’ Alluding to Hong Kong’s , Xi said: “Hong Kong needs to improve its systems to uphold national sovereignty, security and development interests.

Xi Jinping: challenging Chinese sovereignty in Hong Kong crosses a ‘red line’

“Now that Hong Kong has returned to China, it is all the more important for us to firmly uphold China’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” Xi said. Any attempt to endanger China’s sovereignty and security, challenge the power of the central government and the authority of the , “or use Hong Kong to carry out infiltration and sabotage activities against the mainland is an act that crosses the red line, and is absolutely impermissible”, he said. Hong Kong can Contribute to Belt & Road.

National People's Congress Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang said Hong Kong, with its unique advantages, can make important contribution to the Belt and Road initiatives.

Hong Kong can Contribute to Belt & Road

Speaking at the inaugural Belt and Road Summit on May 18, Mr Zhang said Hong Kong sits on the busiest international sea route and boasts developed port economy, and is an important gateway in China’s opening-up. Hong Kong is a transport and international communication hub, having easy, efficient and low cost land access to the Mainland and has the world’s busiest international airport. Peiping's tragic flotsam - Taiwan Today. Cruelly trussed and mutilated bodies wash down to Hongkong and Macao in silent testimony to the barbarism of the collapsing Maoists Cruelly mutilated bodies - nearly 100 of them had washed into Hongkong and Macao waters by the closing days of July - gave the lie to Communist-sympathizing wishful thinkers who have so often sought to soft pedal the degree and extent of Chinese mainland violence.

Peiping's tragic flotsam - Taiwan Today

Most of the corpses were trussed - hands and feet or neck and feet. Many had died from torture. Broken bones were common. Others had been shot. How the Hong Kong dollar peg saved the day in 1983, when local currency was in ‘free-fall’ The local currency had fallen to HK$8 per US dollar from HK$6 a year earlier.

How the Hong Kong dollar peg saved the day in 1983, when local currency was in ‘free-fall’

On September 25, 1983, a Post headline blared: “$9.50!” And the local currency’s depreciation was labelled “in free-fall”. The exchange rate was described as being at “banana republic levels”. Post Magazine Newsletter Get updates direct to your inbox. History of Hong Kong protests: riots, rallies and brollies. Joshua Wong Birth:1996 A key figure in the 2011 Anti-National Education protest and 2014 Umbrella Movement, Wong was seen by many as the poster boy for the Hong Kong student movement.

History of Hong Kong protests: riots, rallies and brollies

Wong is currently secretary of the liberal political party Demosisto, founded in 2016. Recently imprisoned for failing to comply with a court order for clearance of the Mong Kok protest. Alex Chow Yongkang. Earthdata. 2018年上半年空氣質素回顧 暨 新政府空氣政策檢討 傳媒發佈會. The air quality in Hong Kong, especially roadside pollution, remains an untamed challenge for public health in the half year of 2018.

2018年上半年空氣質素回顧 暨 新政府空氣政策檢討 傳媒發佈會

Such condition reflects the unsatisfactory performance of Carrie Lam’s administration, which is marking the first anniversary of her office, in air pollution control policies ranging from end-of-pipe control to alleviating traffic congestion, as committed in Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2013. Meanwhile, 2018 is also a year to review the air quality objectives (AQOs) as stipulated by Air Pollution Control Ordinance.

With protecting public health as the overarching principle, Clean Air Network calls for the government to tighten HKAQOs to meet World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs), and devise Clean Air Plan 2.0 to deliver a more progressive framework of air pollution control. Clean Air Network analyses the air quality data and summarises the trend for the first half of 2018: 2. The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group. Are the Socially Deprived Exposed to More Air Pollution in Hong Kong? HKU-Cambridge CEERP reveals air pollution-induced environmental injustice - All News - Media - HKU.

29 Jan 2018 (From left) HKU Faculty of Engineering Assistant Dean (External Relations and Knowledge Exchange) Dr Wilton Fok Wai-tung, HKU-Cambridge Clean Energy and Environment Research Platform (CEERP) Director Professor Victor Li On-kwok, HKU-Cambridge Clean Energy and Environment Research Platform (CEERP) Co-Director Dr Jacqueline Lam Chi-kei, and HKU Faculty of Engineering PhD student Mr Yang Han introduce their research on air pollution-induced environmental injustice.

Are the Socially Deprived Exposed to More Air Pollution in Hong Kong? HKU-Cambridge CEERP reveals air pollution-induced environmental injustice - All News - Media - HKU

Poor air quality can result in extremely detrimental health consequences, such as cancer, stroke, asthma or heart disease [1, 2]. 'Forest cities': the radical plan to save China from air pollution. When Stefano Boeri imagines the future of urban China he sees green, and lots of it. Office blocks, homes and hotels decked from top to toe in a verdant blaze of shrubbery and plant life; a breath of fresh air for metropolises that are choking on a toxic diet of fumes and dust.

Last week, the Italian architect, famed for his tree-clad Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) skyscraper complex in Milan, unveiled plans for a similar project in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing. The Chinese equivalent – Boeri’s first in Asia – will be composed of two neighbouring towers coated with 23 species of tree and more than 2,500 cascading shrubs. Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018. Our proposal is to use a modularized system, reminiscent of scaffolding, to provide various platforms at DVRC, allowing the space to define itself and adapt to new circumstances over time. DVRC is undefined and fluid. Hong Kong air quality improves but ozone reaches record levels. Hong Kong’s air quality saw general improvements in 2018, with levels of most air pollutants keeping within their target limits, except for ozone and nitrogen dioxide. According to statistics released by the Environmental Protection Department on Friday, levels of ozone rose for the third straight year.

The concentration reached 52 microgrammes per cubic metre, the highest level on record since 1999. 5 Metroplan Strategic Planning Policies. 5 Metroplan Strategic Planning Policies 5.1 Metroplan Vision and Goals 5.1.1 Metroplan's vision is: "to enhance the Metro Area as an outstanding centre for Asia's World City". 5.1.2 Key elements of this vision for Hong Kong's Metro Area are: 5.2 Theme 1: Housing and population capacity Strategy principle Population should be maintained within the limits posed by the capacity of transport, sewerage and social infrastructure, and the environment. Hong Kong faces challenge in how to manage its ageing population. Pok Oi Hospital celebrated its centenary in November 2017 by launching a huge residential care project for the elderly, the Pok Oi Hospital Tuen Mun Lam Tec Residential for the Elderly. This project will provide residential care for more than 1,400 elderly people. The project requires community-based research bringing social care / social policy experts, Gerontechnology and Socialpreneurship together for research as well as for trained professionals to meet the manpower and research needs of the residential home.

Coronavirus Update Get updates direct to your inbox At the same time as Hong Kong faces a declining labour force, shrinking average family size, rising elderly dependency ratio and ageing population, the demand for elderly-related goods and services will keep increasing. It is against such a context that the introduction of technology to assist the management of the elderly health care sector is more important.

BEAM Plus New Buildings. BEAM Plus New Buildings covers the demolition, planning, design, construction and commissioning of a new building project. It can also be applied to major renovations, alterations and additions. Record 1.37 million people living below poverty line in Hong Kong as government blames rise on ageing population and city’s improving economy. PRAISE-HK: Home. Oden Pollution Modelling. Clear The Air Hong Kong - Clear The Air HK. Hong Kong Pixel Homes Competition Winners.

What is a Biosphere Reserve? Created in 1971, UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) develops the basis for the sustainable use and conservation of biological diversity and for the improvement of the relationship between people and their environment globally. The programme encourages interdisciplinary research, demonstration and training in natural resource management. MAB contributes thus not only to better understanding of the environment, including global change, but to greater involvement of science and scientists in policy development concerning the wise use of biological diversity.

What IS a "Scent Cone", really? - Scentsabilities. One of the greatest travesties I think in nose work is the term “scent cone”. Robin Price's Portfolio. Written in the wind: visualising air pollution levels – in pictures. Air pollution levels in your street revealed with new Hong Kong app PRAISE-HK. On a hot afternoon on July 10 this year, as swirls 1,185km off the city’s coast, Dr Alexis Lau Kai-hon from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology examines a melange of colours on an iPad map. As red, orange and yellow blobs move across the screen of his device, he says: “The pollution tomorrow afternoon will be quite bad.

EPD - AQHI and Forecast. Air Pollution in Hong Kong: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map. About the Air Quality Levels. West Kowloon Cultural District - Hong Kong Palace Museum - Hong Kong Palace Museum. Located at the West Kowloon Cultural District, the Hong Kong Palace Museum is scheduled to open in mid-2022. Hong Kong – CityGeographics: urban form, dynamics and sustainability. One of the most recognisable visualisation techniques used by LSE Cities in the Urban Age publications is the 3D density map- an intuitive and engaging way to represent built form, and enable comparison of very different city environments across the globe. I’ve been producing 3D density maps in my own research for around five years now, and so it was a nice challenge to produce the 3D density maps for this year’s Urban Age conference, the Electric City in London. Hong Kong's student climate change protesters receive green light from police to march in Central. Students concerned about climate change are set to rally at Chater Garden in Central in two weeks, after police granted organisers a letter of no objection.

The class boycott, led by young people, is part of a global “#FridaysForFuture” school strike campaign. It encourages pupils to skip school in order to urge governments to take action against climate change. 2019 Environmental Photographer of the Year Winners Capture the 'Raw Reality' of Climate Change. Last week, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) revealed the winners of this year’s Environmental Photographer of the Year awards, highlighting images that turn an unblinking eye on man’s impact on the environment in ways both subtle and direct.

The winning images were revealed on the same day as the UN’s Climate Action Summit in New York, and the CIWEM didn’t pull any punches in describing the global climate crisis depicted in many of the photographs: “These winning photographs reveal the raw reality of how people and wildlife are struggling with the impacts of climate change all around the world,” reads the CIWEM press release. “This award exists to inspire change from political leaders, decision makers, and the general public.”

Working Groups - LIBER. 2016 Population By-census. The “District Council District / Constituency Area (DC / CA) system” is developed for district administration and election purposes. ORCID. A tourism dilemma: How to play up Hong Kong's culture and heritage as mainland tourists lose interest in shopping and eating? Poverty concentration in an affluent city: Geographic variation and correlates of neighborhood poverty rates in Hong Kong.

At a glance: Hong Kong poverty situation – The Data & News Society. Urban renewal and environmental planning in Hong Kong. A review of Hong Kong people’s identity development and the controversies of national education — EdUHK Research Repository. Digital Repository@HKUL. Environmental Futures Studio: Hong Kong (Teaching, Ashley Scott Kelly) Digital Repository@HKUL. Underground Front: The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong on JSTOR. Tourism and Postcolonialism : Contested Discourses, Identities and Representations.

Urban renewal and environmental planning in Hong Kong. Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Geospatial Memory. Using Digital Tools to Explore Collective Memory / Our Hong Kong Foundation. 團結香港基金 OUR HONG KONG FOUNDATION. HK Vision 2050: Four-in-One Vision For the Future City - Harbour Times. The first urban park butterfly study in HK: HKU ecologists reveal causes of butterfly diversity - All News - Media - HKU. Nature and National Identity After Communism - University of Pittsburgh Press. Environmental crisis should not be ignored amid protests over extradition bill. The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & the Rise of Chinaphobia by Christopher Frayling – review. Mainlandization: How the Communist Party works to control and assimilate Hong Kong.

The astonishing impact of China's 1978 reforms, in charts. A borrowed place on borrowed time: Can Hong Kong ever be home? Hong Kong youth, here is a Hong Kong history class. No separate sections on Hong Kong for new history curriculum, education authority says. Hong Kong international schools to be forced to sing China anthem. NPR Choice page.

K11 MUSEA To Green Hong Kong’s Harbourside w/ Biodiversity Museum & Sustainability Education Park. What Exactly Is The Forest School Concept—And How Does It Enrich Learning? Take a look inside Sing Yin Secondary School, one of the world's greenest. Pro-Beijing politicians rail against liberal studies, the Hong Kong school subject that ‘politicises teens’ Ocean Park launches marine research facility. Home - Civic Exchange. Climate change: how China moved from leader to laggard. Hong Kong Population 2020 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) China Population 2020 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) My Hong Kong: Adrian Wong - The Art Newspaper. Map of International Schools in Hong Kong. Art in the Bar by CoBo Social – video art screening, performance and one-off bar promotions (14 Sep 2017)

Adrian Wong’s New Orient Garden. Morgan Wong. Adrian Wong (BETA) - Artist - Selected Projects. Born, Raised and Corrupted in Hong Kong: A Chat With Ackbar Abbas. Hong Kong e-Legislation. Hong Kong Memory. The Man Who Fought for Public Education in Hong Kong: Hilton Cheong-Leen - Zolima City Magazine.