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How Boys Teach Each Other to Be Boys. Taking cues from family and media, young boys teach their peers how to perform masculinity, to their detriment.

How Boys Teach Each Other to Be Boys

Boys play on an obstacle course outside a kindergarten in Germany. (Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters) What makes a male child become a “boy,” as we understand that concept socially? How Boys Teach Each Other to Be Boys. The Invention of the Playboy. By Lisa Wade, PhD, 13 hours ago at 09:00 am Flashback Friday.

The Invention of the Playboy

In Hearts of Men, Barbara Ehrenreich talks about the launching of Playboy in 1953 and how it forever changed how we thought about single men. At that time, a man who stayed single was suspected of homosexuality. The idea of being an unmarried heterosexual adult of sound mind and body was totally foreign. Eminem Terrified As Daughter Begins Dating Man Raised On His Music. High school edits yearbook photos deemed immodest. Wendy Davis Greeted By 'Abortion Barbie' Posters In Los Angeles. Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis received a hostile greeting in Los Angeles Thursday morning, when life-sized posters depicting her as "Abortion Barbie" began popping up throughout the city ahead of her fundraiser there.

Wendy Davis Greeted By 'Abortion Barbie' Posters In Los Angeles

The posters say "Hollywood welcomes Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis," and they show Davis' face on a mostly-naked barbie doll with a plastic baby in her belly. Conservative pundit Erick Erickson nicknamed Davis "Abortion Barbie" earlier this year because when she was a state senator, she stood on her feet and spoke for 11 hours straight to filibuster a draconian package of anti-abortion bills. Davis' campaign told The Huffington Post that it spotted at least five of the posters in different outdoor places around the city, including one on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. Why I Quit My College Fraternity. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are Quietly Becoming The New Thing At Colleges. A popular student center at Northwestern University is the latest college campus facility to embrace gender-neutral bathrooms.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are Quietly Becoming The New Thing At Colleges

New to campus this fall will be a pair of such restrooms -- sometimes called "all-gender" restrooms -- at the school's Norris University Center. "These are two gender-open bathrooms where students of any gender can go in, and use the restroom, and feel safe, regardless of gender expression or gender identity," Michelle Margulis, president of NU's Rainbow Alliance LGBT student group told CBS Chicago. The number of gender-neutral bathrooms has grown in just the past few years, in city-run facilities, workplaces and, most commonly, college campuses.

There are more than 150 schools across the U.S. that have gender-neutral bathrooms, according to the University of Massachusetts Amherst's LGBTQ organization The Stonewall Center. Female Writer Faces Twitter Backlash After Asking About Tampons. Trending on Related Blogs How I Became Thousands of Nerds' Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo 919 people reading on Gawker Let's Stop Trying To Teach Students Critical Thinking 490 people reading on io9 The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed to Bomb Any City in 1 Hour 461 people reading on Gizmodo Recommended by Isha Aran ​Saturday Night Social: The Strangest Melody Female Writer Faces Twitter Backlash After Asking About Tampons.

Female Writer Faces Twitter Backlash After Asking About Tampons

11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately. Whenever a black youth like Michael Brown gets shot, or a racist blowhard like Donald Sterling gets exposed, many white people on and off the Internet react with remarks brimming with the ugliness of anti-black racism.

11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately

And it absolutely has to stop. More often than not, many white people resort to putting the onus back on the people who are experiencing the pain of racism. This tactic often derails the broader conversation, allowing white people to continue ignoring their own biases, and prevents a frank examination of the larger systems and powers accountable for enshrining the dehumanization of and discrimination against blacks and people of color.

11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately. Why half of Chicago’s white kids don’t go to CPS and why it matters. Legal segregation may be over in Chicago, but racial isolation is well documented in Chicago Public Schools.

Why half of Chicago’s white kids don’t go to CPS and why it matters

CPS can no longer use race as an admittance factor and more and more students are eschewing their neighborhood schools for other options. Education watchers argue there’s a two-tier system in the district, and that attracting middle-class families is a Sisyphean task. Our segregated school system compelled the following Curious City question from a woman who wanted to remain anonymous: What percentage of white Chicago school age children attend public school? Well, the short answer is 51 percent... according to the Census. So roughly half of all white children who could go to CPS do, while the other half gets their education somewhere else. Stereotypes. Last Night on Jeopardy No One Wanted to Answer Qs About Black History. Death penalty by the numbers chicago Tribune 6/2/14. Thirty-four percent (474) of those executed were black, while blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S. population.

Death penalty by the numbers chicago Tribune 6/2/14

Fifty-six percent (771) were white, compared with 63 percent of the population. Eight percent (110) were Hispanic, compared with 17 percent of the population. And 2 percent (24) were Asian, Native American or another race. Three-quarters of the victims were white. The Brain of a Serial Killer. What makes people kill?

The Brain of a Serial Killer

Every day there are news reports of gruesome murders that cause most of us to cringe. We’re fascinated but repulsed. It seems these serial killers share the same fascination without the repulsion. According to today’s infographic, they might just be wired that way. Students Develop Nail Polish That Can Detect Date Rape Drugs. Four undergraduate students at North Carolina State University are attempting to produce a nail polish that will reveal the presence of “date rape drugs” such as Rohypnol and GHB by changing color in their presence.

Students Develop Nail Polish That Can Detect Date Rape Drugs

“With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger,” the Undercover Colors Facebook page says. “Through this nail polish and similar technologies, we hope to make potential perpetrators afraid to spike a woman’s drink because there’s now a risk that they can get caught,” the page continues. “In effect, we want to shift the fear from the victims to the perpetrators. We are Undercover Colors and we are the first fashion company empowering women to prevent sexual assault.” If Reporting A Robbery Was Like Reporting A Rape. What if law enforcement talked to people who have been robbed the same way they often treat people who have been sexually assaulted? A new video written and directed by Cynthia Kao shows how absurd common responses to sexual assault allegations seem within the context of a robbery.

In the video, two police officers question a man about a laptop stolen from his home and continually suggest that the robbery was his fault -- a nod to the victim-blaming so common in sexual assault cases. "Flashing your goods for all the world to see? Kinda sounds like you were asking for it," one cop says when the man says his laptop was in front of a window. The officers also ask if the victim had been drinking, question the "lack of evidence," and tell the robbed man that filing a report will only cause more trouble. This Woman Used Photoshop To Convince Her Family That She Went On A Six-Week ...