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World's Largest Tree Of Life Visualizes 50,000 Species Across Time. Biologists love a good family tree. Mapping the relations between species since the beginning of time is an important aspect of researching the history of evolution. However, classifying and visualizing the links between the millions of species of fauna in the world is no easy task. Temple University researchers recently put together the world's largest tree of life visualized across time. The family tree of living and extinct organisms encompasses 50,000 species—only a fraction of the world's history of life—and would easily take up hundreds of pages if laid out linearly. To fit their work onto a printed page, the researchers, led by evolutionary biologist S.

Blair Hedges, instead decided to visualize the data as a spiral. The spiral strip represents time from top to bottom in greyscale, from the origin of life 4 billion years ago (the darkest gray) to today. [All Images: Temple University] Three tips for managing your mental health in 2019. Internet and Computers. The Hero's Quest. |Arthurian Legend| |Beowulf| |Classical Mythology| |Creation Stories| |Fairy Tales and Folktales| |Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey| |Mythology Main Page| The all-purpose guide to epic moviesThis chart shows different archetypal roles at work in Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other movies: the hero, the threshold guardian, the trickster, etc.

An Anti-Hero of One's OwnThis TED-ED video (4:11) explores the pattern of the anti-hero using references to Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, among others. Captioned, includes follow-up questions and other support. ArchetypesThis Google Doc lists and describes types of heroes, quests, stages, characteristics, and symbols.

Students are invited to find examples. Includes graphic organizer. Chart of GodsThis printable handout details the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, their spheres of influence, symbols, cities, and animals. Comparison of World MythsThis page outlines similarities and differences in world myths. What Makes a Hero? Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century by Rank. Top Brookings Infographics of 2014. If the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is true, then I hope you'll enjoy the ten thousand words below, all culled from the cornucopia of Brookings infographics published in 2014, and presented in no particular order.

John Hudak cataloged presidential executive orders (through mid-June 2014), finding that President Obama, to that time, had been issuing executive orders at the slowest rate since Grover Cleveland. Bruce Jones, David Steven, and Emily O'Brien examined how energy issues are becoming more central to U.S. foreign policy, and showed China's energy vulnerabilities in this chart. In the latest "Foresight Africa" publication, Brookings experts explore top issues facing Africa in 2015. In one of the sections, Homi Kharas and Julie Biau measure sub-Saharan African nations' progress toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals compared to globally.

Since 2000, poverty has grown twice as fast in America's suburbs as in America's cities. Ancient Place Names - Behind the Name. ALEMANNIA(Region)Ancient RomanLatin name for the lands where the Alemanni lived. The Alemanni were a confederation of Germanic tribes who lived around the upper Rhine River in the time of the Roman Empire. ARMENIA(Country)English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Norwegian, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek, Ancient PersianFrom Greek Αρμενια (Armenia), which was from Old Persian Armina, which is itself probably of Armenia origin.

This is the name of a country in the Caucasus region, called Hayastan in Armenian. ASHUR(Settlement & Region)English, Arabic, Persian, AkkadianFrom Akkadian 𒀸𒋩 (Assur), meaning unknown. AURELIANUM(Settlement)Ancient RomanMeans "of AURELIANUS" in Latin. BELGICA(Region & Political Subdivision)Ancient RomanDerived from the Belgae, a Celtic-Germanic confederation of tribes that inhabited northern Gaul (modern Belgium). CALE(Settlement)Ancient RomanPossibly from Celtic gall meaning "Gaul, Celt". OLYMPOS(Mountain)Ancient Greek, GreekMeaning unknown. Values. Explanations > Values About values | Historical values | Research on values | So what? Values is a confusing word that often gets confused with 'value' as in the value you get from buying a cheap, but well-built house. Values are, in fact powerful drivers of how we think and behave. About values Value categories: different spheres into which we place values.

Values, Morals and Ethics: splits hairs between these three rule-sets. Historical values American Values: A list of traditional US cultural values. Research on values Career Anchors: identified by Edgar Schein as shapers of what we do. Values are also often a significant element of culture, where they form a part of the shared ruleset of a group. When I break my values, I will feel shame and guilt. Know the the values to which the other person will subscribe (these are often common sense) as well as the actual values they enact in practice (watch them for this). See also Social Norms, Guilt, Repulsion, Pride, Shame Two Types of Truth. Beautycheck - social perception. Do attractive people have any advantages? Are they treated better than less attractive?

Is it important to look good on an application photo? According to our investigations the answer to these questions is yes. We could show that people are perceived more positively the more attractive they are. In order to examine this hypothesis we presented a range of different faces (unattractive, average attractive and attractive ones) to test subjects and asked to judge the person shown with respect to the following personality items: A selection of the faces that have been presented: Attractive female faces: Unattractive female faces: Attractive male faces: Unattractive male faces: All faces do not exist in reality.

The results are alarmingly clear. Home. Radical Urbanist.

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Build A Kit. Make sure your emergency kit is stocked with the items on the checklist below. Most of the items are inexpensive and easy to find, and any one of them could save your life. Headed to the store? Download a printable version to take with you. Once you take a look at the basic items, consider what unique needs your family might have, such as supplies for pets, or seniors. After an emergency, you may need to survive on your own for several days. Being prepared means having your own food, water and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours. Basic Disaster Supplies Kit To assemble your kit, store items in airtight plastic bags and put your entire disaster supplies kit in one or two easy-to-carry containers such as plastic bins or a duffel bag. A basic emergency supply kit could include the following recommended items: Download the Recommended Supplies List (PDF) Additional Emergency Supplies Consider adding the following items to your emergency supply kit based on your individual needs:

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