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How Does Van Insurance Work Compared to Car Insurance? - 5 Things You Didn’t Know About HITRUST CSF Certification - HITRUST CSF is a certification often required by any health organization that routinely handles protected health information.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About HITRUST CSF Certification -

HITRUST stands for Health Information Trust Alliance and it combines many necessary security standards such as; HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health), PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and several others. In recent years, healthcare companies have been targeted by hackers looking for lucrative weaknesses for cyber-attacks. They can use the protected information of patients to create phishing email scams, install ransomware, and other shady activities.

One of the largest attacks in 2018 impacted more than 75,000 records in the federal Affordable Care Act. As you can see, even government healthcare entities are at risk for cyber attacks. The frightening thing is, hackers continue to get smarter all the time. 1. 10 steps to protect yourself from the winter smog. The WHO has ranked air pollution as one of top 10 preventable causes of death.

10 steps to protect yourself from the winter smog

More than 90% of the world's population breathes in air that violates air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organization, increasing their risk of lung cancer and respiratory infections, but also conditions including stroke, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. What is smog? The term „smog” describes a mixture of emissions under specific climate conditions: industrial pollutants, car and other vehicle pollutants, open burning, incinerators. 34 DIY HOLIDAY CARDS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES. Exploring Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef for first-timers - Are you heading to Cairns to tick off the bucket list experience of snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef?

Exploring Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef for first-timers -

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, as well as being the largest coral reef in the world and one of the seven natural wonders. It’s home to brightly coloured fish, spotted rays, green turtles, starfish and whitetip reef sharks – to name just a few – so it’s understandable that it’s on your bucket list. 5 Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors. Modern communities are often fragmented.

5 Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors

People are far less likely to fraternize with their neighbors these days. We spend more time chatting with online friends than getting to know our neighbors, which is a huge mistake. Research in the UK found that 73% of people don’t know their neighbor’s names. The situation is not that dissimilar in the US; Pew surveys show that fewer people engage with their neighbors as each year passes. Best Christmas Movies (Kids Animated Movies) You work the whole year and do not get enough time to relax.

Best Christmas Movies (Kids Animated Movies)

Yes, the Christmas season is around the corner, we will be seeing magnificent celebrations and Christmas parties at every home. The piled up stress of the whole year can lead you to behave weird sometimes and this is the time when you can watch amazing best Christmas movies with your family and friends. It is snowing outside and you have nowhere to go, grab your kids and remote and turn on your TV to watch the best family Christmas movies that would make you laugh, cry and help you to relieve the stress.

You would not be spending too much on Cinema tickets, the comfort of watching a movie at home allows to jump onto another movie if the one being played is boring. Simply scroll down to check out our list of Best Christmas movies for this holiday season and winters: 4 Things To Do In Chicago If You Only Have Half A Day. Chicago is a bustling business town where people often visit with very little spare time in their schedules.

4 Things To Do In Chicago If You Only Have Half A Day

Whether this is due to conferences, a layover, or a brief visit with a friend, not everyone who visits for a short period of time will want to stay in their hotel room. If you’re someone who likes to explore the local area of wherever you are, no matter how brief, this article is the one for you. How to Make Money While Traveling Abroad. The majority of people who travel abroad have some savings racked up before they get on the plane to their destination.

How to Make Money While Traveling Abroad

Ideally, this is the case for you. But when you’re traveling, it helps to know that you can earn money while you’re on the road, too. This can help alleviate some of the costs of traveling, which could even allow you to travel for longer periods of time. And sometimes, you just need to earn some extra money. With that in mind, here are some tips for bringing in some cash while you’re traveling internationally: Check Remote Job Boards. The Top 3 Best Paid Jobs Worldwide.

You can get some great ideas on how to grow your money at, butnot everyone is money-orientated.

The Top 3 Best Paid Jobs Worldwide

Some people are perfectly content with having the basics in life, but if having a life of luxury is one of your ultimate goals it’s time to start researching the highest paying jobs. Tips for Reducing Your Cost Per Contact in Call Center. The modern call center has come a long way. Agents no longer sit in crowded rooms with a telephone in one hand and a phonebook in the other. As a sales operation, call centers rack up expenses with ease. The same is true for service centers with the singular benefit of not having to seek out contacts, as a primarily call fielding segment of the industry. While costs can never truly be negated, there are a number of simple steps that you can take immediately to see a drastic reduction in operating costs and price per contact over the short term.

And these can blossom into major savings over months or years. Know your Soil Types: How to Make the Most of Your Soil. Whether you are a green-fingered enthusiast, or if you only set foot outside when it’s starting to look more like a jungle than a yard, it can be beneficial to know what the different soil types are so that you can identify what type is in your yard, and take steps to ensure your outside space not only survives, but thrives too.

Know your Soil Types: How to Make the Most of Your Soil

Ensuring that you have good soil is the backbone of creating a healthy and vibrant yard; providing your plants with key nutrients as well as proper drainage. Thankfully, this problem can be corrected, but first you need to know your soil types, so you can choose the right types of plants for your yard. Clay Soil Clay soil is extremely easy to identify; it feels sticky when wet and can be easily molded into a ball, whereas in dry conditions it becomes solid and hard.

Finding Work-Life Balance As A Dedicated Physician. It’s no secret that physicians are among the more overworked professionals and when considering that many physicians also have the responsibilities of caring for their families and protecting the future of their careers, finding work-life balance can seem impossible.

Finding Work-Life Balance As A Dedicated Physician

However, there are a few ways that you can spend quality time with your children without compromising your career. Rely On Insurance Policies One of the biggest concerns for working moms is that some unforeseen tragic event may prevent them from being able to care for their children. While you may not be able to prevent injuries and dread-disease, you can opt for the ultimate peace of mind that certain insurance policies are able to offer. Life insurance and disability insurance are among the most essential types of coverage that will help you rest easy knowing your family will be taken care of.

London property bosses slam Johnson’s ‘foreigner tax’ plans. London’s property sector on Friday reacted with dismay to plans from Boris Johnson to slap a 3% “foreigner tax” on overseas buyers of property in the capital. The proposed stamp duty surcharge will apply to all non-residents, apart from armed forces personnel based abroad, and will raise up to £120 million a year. This money will be earmarked for programmes to help tackle rough sleeping. About 70,000 transactions a year will be affected. It means that foreign buyers will pay as much as 18% on homes worth more than £1.5 million; the 15% standard rate plus the 3% top-up.

It would add at least an extra £15,000 to the tax bill on a £2 million purchase. 20-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout at Home. Ever have a morning when you snooze past your gym alarm, but still want to squeeze in a quick workout? That’s where this no-equipment cardio workout comes in handy. All you need is a little space in your living room—and 20 minutes. This is a cardio workout, so we’re going to focus on getting your heart rate up. And since it’s relatively short, the idea is that you should push yourself. You can treat this no-equipment cardio workout like a HIIT workout, getting breathless for the work intervals, then taking full advantage of the rest. Budgeting Tips for Low-Income Families. With the rising costs of food, housing, fuel, medicines, and household bills, it’s not surprising that many people find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

Never mind buying a top of the range car, spending on a lavish holiday or having your dream kitchen fitted, for some people, just kitting the kids out with school uniform or paying the gas and electric bills can be a real cause for worry. Low Income? How to Make Your Own Relaxation Room at Home. Relationships, parenting, jobs, finances, health problems, and even local and global events weigh heavily on a person’s psyche on a daily basis.

Life, though meant to be enjoyed, is not without stress, frustration, fear, worries, anxiety, and sadness. 5 Personal Attributes All Nurses Have - Veo Tag. Ways To Improve Your SEO Efficiency - Veo Tag. Your digital content relies on the ability of web users to find it. If there’s no visibility for your efforts, you can’t possibly reap the benefits of exposure. Why You Should Use Marri Wood For Your Perth Furniture.

When it comes to home design, there are so many factors to consider. Style, material, durability, cost – all of these things are significant parts to the quest of finding furniture that suits you and your specifications fully. How to Deal with Your Damp Problem. Damp is a common issue that many homeowners face, particularly because of how our modern homes work. Want Whiter Teeth? Don’t Buy Those Strips Before You Read This - As much as we try to deny it, the truth is that almost everyone judges others by their looks. There are all kinds of subtle biases at play when it comes to finding a romantic partner, interviewing candidates for a job, or deciding whether someone is trustworthy.

One of the most influential factors in making an impression, whether good or bad, is the appearance of one’s teeth. 6 Tips to Get Rid of the Keto Flu. There’s always a new way of eating that takes the world by storm. Whether it’s the Atkins diet or veganism, there are so many people who find results within a specific eating regimen. Currently, countless people are finding results with the ketogenic diet.

How to Prevent & Remove Ice Dams on Your Roof This Winter. Preventing and removing ice dams is critical. 40 Best Christmas Songs of All Time - Top Classic Christmas Music. 45 Easy Thanksgiving Decorations - DIY Festive Thanksgiving Decor. 27 Healthy Pressure Cooker Meals (with Easy Recipes) 27 Healthy Pressure Cooker Meals (with Easy Recipes) Six Surprising Ways to Increase Your Odds of Success with Your Start-Up. 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year. Best and Top Armies in the World [World Military Ranking] 4 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home. 4 Ways Men Can Look and Dress Better This Winter. What Does a Payment Gateway Do? 3 Ways to Get on Top of Your Finances as a Young Adult.

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