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Brain Fist. Brain Fist Comics you hold in your head.

Brain Fist

All 113 of them. Buy The Book! The complete series is now available in one full colour trade paperback. 7th August 2007. Sinfest. Surviving the World. Oglaf. Girls With Slingshots. The Perry Bible Fellowship. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Xkcd. Growing Up. I was thinking of getting a couch or something for my room, somewhere for guests to lounge around.

Growing Up

Fuck new couches. I now have a ball pit in my room. I talked a little bit to Mike Machenry, who built a ball pit last year after reading my comic about it. The big problem with ball pits is that they’re expensive. Filling a room costs on the order of $4000, give or take. Ctrl + Alt + Del. Least I Could Do. Bug. Hark, A Vagrant. Pictures for sad children. A Softer World. Questionable Content.