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The slogan ‘Taas Noo, Filipino’ and the vision of ‘Helping the Filipino flourish - global vision, native soul’ define the substance, style and corporate ethos that has helped Illustrado gain respect and recognition in the region as a wholesome, positive, highly...

Life Lessons From Filipino Millennials Living Abroad - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Life Lessons From Filipino Millennials Living Abroad Millennials are monsters! They are unpolished and have no sense of human empathy. They build their worlds in social media and make a perfect image of their lives. And according to TIME Magazine, millennials are “lazy, entitled, narcissists who still live with their parents.”. In a TEDx talk by Kelly Williams Brown, she said “it is almost enough to make people feel that hand ringing trend pieces of the young people are less of a valid cultural or sociological critique and more of an easy trend piece that moves magazine covers.” Screengrab from Kelly Williams Brown’s TED x presentation It is true that when you Google millennials and look for pieces that talk about this generation, the word “entitled” will always come up.

Whatever is “wrong” with this generation — there are also things that are “right”, and certainly insights that we can all learn from. Vanessa Tiu Account Manager – Singapore How long have you been staying there? Student – UAE. The Annie B. (Batobalani) Chronicles: All the Single Ladies - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. The Annie B. (Batobalani) Chronicles The adventures and misadventures of a ‘not so average’ Pinay trying to make it in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Haaayyy… ang buwan ng Hunyo. Panahon na naman ng mga bagyo at baha sa Pilipinas versus umaatikabong tag-init dito sa Dubai. Bata pa lang ako ay pinaplano ko na ang aking dream wedding. Let me share with you this very special part of my life: my wedding plans.

Plan A – Showbiz Dream Wedding Kung mapapangasawa ko ay isang tiga-showbiz – kesehodang artista, extra o miski cameraman man lang? Ang mga Ninong: Gaby Lopez of ABS CBN, Atty. Ang Bestman: Manny Pacquiao: Maid of Honor: Kris Aquino and Bridesmaids: Bebe Gandanghari, Marian Rivera, at Sarah Geronimo. Si Michael Cinco ang gagawa ng aking wedding gown.

Plan B – Coño Beach Romance Mula sa sobrang bonggang pangarap ay medyo simple yet special naman itong next plan. Ang mga Ninong: Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Manny Pangilinan, Tony Boy Cojuanco, Louie Ysmael and Maurice Arcache. Ayan ha? Filipino Attitude: Pinoy fears we need to get rid of to get ahead - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Power to the Pinoy: Pinoy fears we need to get rid of to get ahead By Lalaine Chu Benitez These neOur forefathers have done us well, imbuing us with Filipino values like love for family, friendliness, and resilience, among other things. These keep us connected to each other as a community, and have endeared us to other people across the globe. However, not all that is inherited is positive – some of the traits and attitudes ingrained in us affect us adversely and prevent us from progressing.gative influences, fears and hesitations are magnified, especially abroad where we need to adapt to a more global lifestyle and keep ourselves competitive versus our multicultural peers.

Are we generalizing? Fear of speaking out or speaking in English Growing up, we were told to hold our tongue, “wag sumali sa usapan ng mga matanda”’ (don’t get involved in adult conversation), “wag sabat ng sabat” (don’t butt in), “wag pala-sagot” (don’t answer/reason out). Fear of standing out But who cares, right?

El Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. By Al P. Manlangit Peregrinos walking across the field in Sarria. Finally, after years of procrastinating, I found myself on the way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, biking the whole 750km. route from Pamplona close to the the French border. With a backpack filled with some clothes, a camera, some Granola bars and a bottle of water, I pedaled away on a bright morning along the highway headed west. Like millions of pilgrims dating back to 800AD, I would be making my way to a place aptly called “The Field of Stars” where, legend has it, St.

The beautiful cathedral of Leon. King Alfonso II of Asturias declared him the patron saint of Spain and a church was built over his tomb. I accidentally fell into this shallow ditch while reaching down for my water bottle. The first day was hard. I biked along with this group of cyclists from South America. Rolled hay on the fields of was a usual sight. Vineyards like this proliferate along the wine region of La Rioja. Approaching the town of Najera. Things You Didn’t Know About Riyadh - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. By The Pink Tarha – Janelle Vales-Yasay and Reina Tejano-Beriña Closed doors tend to exude an air of mystery to those standing before it. For us who live behind it, the story is not always what you expect it to be. Saudi Arabia is a unique country and not everyone gets a chance to see it for what it really is from the inside. Expat travel to Saudi Arabia is limited to those either performing pilgrimage at the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina or those coming here to work.

Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves, with a little help from the internet, to pop open a window (since we, as mere country ‘guests,’ are not authorized to open the doors) and let you in on things that you might not have known about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. Here are the Top 5 things you probably didn’t know about the city. Riyadh is a growing oasis of modernity and modernization!

Here in Saudi Arabia, they are keen on protecting and preserving their traditions, culture, and heritage. Events are happening here. The Annie B. Chronicles: "Krisis the Moment" - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. The Annie B. (Batobalani) Chronicles The adventures and misadventures of a ‘not so average’ Pinay trying to make it in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Last month, may kumalat na tsismax sa aming opisina na dahil nga raw sa recession, people have stopped buying luxury goods.

Mga kaartehan na pagkakagastusan lang tulad ng aming mga fashion products. Ibig sabihinm tigil muna sa pagpapaganda ang mga utaw habang taghirap – baka sakali ngang mauso ang squatter look eh at least vogue na vogue pa rin sila. Ekkkk!!! Wrong!!! Heniwey, dahil nga sa sobrang baba ng sales at performance ng aming company at on hold halos karamihan ng mga orders naming from our clients all over the world ay kailangang mag-forced leave ang karamihan sa amin upang makabawas at makabawi sa operation costs and expenses.

Nang tawagin ako ng aking boss, uminom muna akon ng isang latang Red Bull at nagre-touch ng aking fez. Muntik na akong mapasayaw ng “All the single ladies!!” Artist Spotlight: Victorino Bautista - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Visual Artist My Art I was born and raised in Philippines and finished an architecture degree at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. I worked as an architect for some time in Manila until I migrated in Australia in 2005 where I continued to work for various Australian architectural firms since. My journey in the visual arts started when I was a young boy seeing my eldest sister paint. Emulating her, I became creative; drawing sporadically whenever I can but I was really never serious.

My creative journey took a different turn in 2010, when I finished a soft pastel painting course at the Adelaide Central School of Art in Adelaide in South Australia. My Process Basically, I am a multi-media visual artist. My Journey Thus Far Over the years, I have done commissioned portraits of people and pets and digital illustrations as well.

My style is still evolving. I currently enjoy finger painting in acrylics. Message to Fellow Artists Follow Vic on Instagram: @ vf_bautista. Keeping Up With ConGen: Talking Tourism - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Marketing The Philippines as a Travel Destination By Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes “It’s been Asia’s best kept secret,” he tells me. And I silently wonder back:” Yes, a secret we’ve long been whispering to the whole world for so long.” I looked away, pondering on the loud musings of a “concerned” Philippines fan, the ails of our tourism industry reasserting itself on my consciousness at the heels of Dubai’s famed Annual Investment Meeting and the Arabian Travel Market. It’s always more fun and it does seem that we’re having fun watching our ASEAN neighbors’ tourism statistics skyrocket way past ours.

In our huddles with officials from the TIEZA or the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, an agency whose mission is to lure global investors to our local tourism infrastructure, we decried the dearth in world-class facilities in the Philippines that could accommodate the waves of humanity who believe in the country as a top-notch tourism destination.

Angas Pinas: Nikki Muller - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Nikki Muller: When opportunity knocks twice Excel V. Dyquiangco Nikki Muller – Credit Frank Foo Photography Nikki Muller would never have thought of television as an option if not for a serendipitous encounter outside her high school gates in the year 2000. The host and presenter based in Singapore recalls an MTV film crew waiting to interview students about the upcoming movie ‘Men in Black.’ “When the producer approached me to ask my friends and I some questions, instinctively I took the microphone and started interviewing my buddies,” she says. Since she had to keep her grades up in high school, however, she had to stop after one season as the hours were long and the shoots were until the wee hours of the morning. “I filmed in and out of Singapore when I was 17 and learned so much about the craft,” she says.

Getting Her Feet Wet Right after college, however, Nikki switched gears to work at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York City but the limelight still beckoned. Illustrado Eats: JW Marriott Kabayan Night - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. A review of Kabayan Night at the Market Place, JW Marriott Dubai by Team Illustrado Filipinos are among the world’s heartiest eaters. Our notion of celebration always involve some kind of bacchanalian feast, with the table overflowing with all kinds of viands, meats being grilled over charcoal, and an endless array of condiments, side dishes, and desserts. To us, a great meal always mean overabundance — which is why the new Kabayan Night in JW Marriott in Deira, Dubai is our kind of gastronomic fiesta. Perfectly ensconced in an area with a high concentration of Filipinos, JW Marriott stands proudly as one of Dubai’s most seasoned and trusted hotels.

Ask anyone who has been in the UAE for over a decade, and they’ll tell you that as far as F&B and hospitality goes, JW Marriott is like a trusty friend – it is reliable and consistent, and has managed to stay as such through the years. The concept is hardly revolutionary. Mabuhay ka, JW Marriott!

Yaaaassss: Meh: Rating: Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you? - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you? Story and Photos by Gelo Santos If you’re a resident of the UAE and you have an extra AED3,000 to spend and four days and three nights for traveling, where would you go abroad to relax, learn different cultures, taste various cuisines, meet new friends, take selfies worthy of Facebook and Instagram and, of course, create priceless memories?

Here’s a rundown of budget-friendly countries, what to expect in each destination, as well as travel cost estimates based on actual experiences (daily expenses are computed with two full meals with drinks per day, assuming that breakfast is free at the accommodation). This should give you enough reason to pack your bags and book that next short haul flight from Dubai or Sharjah! Why travel to Armenia? Armenia is the country of “fresh”! Must-know before traveling to Armenia: Sample Travel Budget to Armenia: Check out Tourism Armenia for more info. Why travel to Georgia? Sample Travel Budget to Georgia:

SNOWREADY: 6 Things Filipinos Need to Learn to Survive In the Cold. From the tropical islands of the Philippines to the Frigid Zone countries of the Arctic Circle – mabrrrhay! One of the most dreaded things about migrating to another country is the prospect of having to adapt to extreme cold weather. And nowhere is that more pronounced than in the case of the tank top and flip-flop wearing, Boracay state-of-mind loving Filipinos. Still, neither below zero temperatures nor frostbite will scare the determined Pinoy expat. Alas, our compatriots have not only chosen to migrate, but our communities in fact thrive from Canada, to the Nordics, even all the way to Russia. But what do our kababayans have to contend with in the extreme weather and what advice can they give to survive the bitter cold?

Chef Mico Galliguez Toronto, Canada Former Dubai resident Chef Mico Galliguez who moved to notoriously cold Toronto in 2011 confirms what Pinoys like us who live in much warmer climes already suspect, “Mahirap talaga pag winter. Agnes Pedrosa Marelid Odeth Aguilar. 10 Luhoxuries Overseas Filipinos Understand. #Blessed. That’s what people back home are, since the best things in (a Pinoy’s) life are just within their reach. (Forget the traffic, 2016 elections, and pabebes for five minutes. Don’t ruin the good vibes.) And while many take this for granted, most of our filipinos abroad choose to suffer in silence, counting the days when they’ll finally return to Pinas to indulge in these luxuries (luho) or counting cash until they can afford them at last—whichever comes first.

Haircut Some Filipinos in the Middle East and Europe aren’t trying to form a hippie boy band to rival One Direction. Home Service Spa For several Pinays working outside the country, this alone is a grave sacrifice. Household Help They could be Yaya, Ate All-around, or Kuya Driver, who makes everything at home so much easier to handle for just P2,000 each. Jollibee This one deserves its own spot—it’s not just Filipino food; it’s a taste of life in Pinas. Pinoy Food Pinoy Movies Holidays Christmas Space Love. In Search for Stories. Excel V. Dyquiangco Introduction: Filipinos are storytellers. In the world of journalism and media, they serve to bring tales that revolutionize, narratives that change, and sagas that challenge.

Here are four brave souls who have managed to cultivate an environment that’s definitely rich in Filipino class, culture and talent. Armed with much love for the country, they devote their whole lives to bring honour, prestige and style to the whole world–the Filipino way. Ethel Cantor-Constantino Host, I am Pinoy Proud Ako Ever since she was young, Ethel Cantor-Constantino had always dreamt to be on television.

Armed with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communications Arts from Ateneo de Davao University, she worked for almost two decades in different TV stations in the southern Philippines until she got her big break after visiting a friend in the United States. “I Am Pinoy Proud Ako! In the near future, she hopes to take up Masters of Arts in Social Journalism at the City University of New York. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Filipino Ladies Association for Growth. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Filipino Ladies Association for Growth (FLAG) Nowhere is the special role and capacity of women in facilitating cross-cultural understanding more apparent than in the case of the group FLAG (Filipino Ladies Association for Growth).

Lu Cimafranca – FLAG Founder – Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Composed of the Diplomatic Ladies of the Philippine Consulate General of Dubai & the Northern Emirates, and supported by a select group of prominent Filipina leaders, FLAG was founded by Mme Lu Cimafranca – wife of former Phil Consul General Head Hon. Frank Cimafranca in 2014, and is now lead by Mme Yasmin Balajadia-Cortes wife of current PCG Consul General Hon. Speaking on the special role of women in the community, particularly the contribution that diplomatic spouses bring to the table, Mme Cortes elucidates, “Spouses provide the foundation for diplomats to keep grounded especially when the world of diplomacy and consular issues gets rough. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa. Filipino Traveler: Cleo Eleazar in Berlin - Illustrado Magazine : Illustrado Magazine.

GLOBETROTTER's NOTES: AMSTERDAM. Filipinos in Dubai: It's What I Do. My Pinoy Life in Xiamen, China. Top 10 Excuses That Should Not Hold You Back From Traveling. Filipino Schools Around The World. Meet Angeli Agbayani: Actress and Artist. Filipino in Canada: My Pinoy Life in Edmonton. Family of Artisans: Art In Our Blood. Survival Hacks for Every Overseas Filipino Workers. Filipino Diaspora: Surviving Abroad. Filipino in Japan: My Pinoy Life In Kobe. Filipino Kazakhstan: My Pinoy Life in Astana. My Pinoy Life In Danang Vietnam. My Pinoy Life in Singapore. Credit Cards and Loans: Your Rights and Responsibilities from Illustrado.

Filipinos Abroad: What Every Filipino Needs to Know When Moving to Another Country. Filipinos Abroad: A Filipino Expat Guide to Settling Abroad. Out of the Barrio, Into the World. My Pinoy Life In Provence France. Filipinos in UAE: Getting Married 101. Wedding Ideas: Dreaming of Unique Weddings. Ich Liebe Berlin (I Love Berlin)

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