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The slogan ‘Taas Noo, Filipino’ and the vision of ‘Helping the Filipino flourish - global vision, native soul’ define the substance, style and corporate ethos that has helped Illustrado gain respect and recognition in the region as a wholesome, positive, highly...

Keeping Up With ConGen: Talking Tourism - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Marketing The Philippines as a Travel Destination By Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes “It’s been Asia’s best kept secret,” he tells me.

Keeping Up With ConGen: Talking Tourism - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad

And I silently wonder back:” Yes, a secret we’ve long been whispering to the whole world for so long.” I looked away, pondering on the loud musings of a “concerned” Philippines fan, the ails of our tourism industry reasserting itself on my consciousness at the heels of Dubai’s famed Annual Investment Meeting and the Arabian Travel Market. It’s always more fun and it does seem that we’re having fun watching our ASEAN neighbors’ tourism statistics skyrocket way past ours. Some 20 years ago, as a young foreign service officer in Central Europe, I was amazed by how local Hungarians knew of Thailand or Thaifldi, like everyone was looking forward to its beaches – its perpetual sun. Obviously, they’ve done something right. But for us in the diplomatic service, what exactly does marketing the country entail?

Angas Pinas: Nikki Muller - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Nikki Muller: When opportunity knocks twice Excel V.

Angas Pinas: Nikki Muller - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad

Dyquiangco Nikki Muller – Credit Frank Foo Photography Nikki Muller would never have thought of television as an option if not for a serendipitous encounter outside her high school gates in the year 2000. Illustrado Eats: JW Marriott Kabayan Night - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. A review of Kabayan Night at the Market Place, JW Marriott Dubai by Team Illustrado Filipinos are among the world’s heartiest eaters.

Illustrado Eats: JW Marriott Kabayan Night - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad

Our notion of celebration always involve some kind of bacchanalian feast, with the table overflowing with all kinds of viands, meats being grilled over charcoal, and an endless array of condiments, side dishes, and desserts. To us, a great meal always mean overabundance — which is why the new Kabayan Night in JW Marriott in Deira, Dubai is our kind of gastronomic fiesta. Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you? - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad. Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you?

Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you? - Illustrado Magazine - Filipino Abroad

Story and Photos by Gelo Santos If you’re a resident of the UAE and you have an extra AED3,000 to spend and four days and three nights for traveling, where would you go abroad to relax, learn different cultures, taste various cuisines, meet new friends, take selfies worthy of Facebook and Instagram and, of course, create priceless memories? Here’s a rundown of budget-friendly countries, what to expect in each destination, as well as travel cost estimates based on actual experiences (daily expenses are computed with two full meals with drinks per day, assuming that breakfast is free at the accommodation).

This should give you enough reason to pack your bags and book that next short haul flight from Dubai or Sharjah! Why travel to Armenia? Armenia is the country of “fresh”! SNOWREADY: 6 Things Filipinos Need to Learn to Survive In the Cold. From the tropical islands of the Philippines to the Frigid Zone countries of the Arctic Circle – mabrrrhay!

SNOWREADY: 6 Things Filipinos Need to Learn to Survive In the Cold

One of the most dreaded things about migrating to another country is the prospect of having to adapt to extreme cold weather. And nowhere is that more pronounced than in the case of the tank top and flip-flop wearing, Boracay state-of-mind loving Filipinos. Still, neither below zero temperatures nor frostbite will scare the determined Pinoy expat. Alas, our compatriots have not only chosen to migrate, but our communities in fact thrive from Canada, to the Nordics, even all the way to Russia. But what do our kababayans have to contend with in the extreme weather and what advice can they give to survive the bitter cold?

Chef Mico Galliguez Toronto, Canada. 10 Luhoxuries Overseas Filipinos Understand. #Blessed.

10 Luhoxuries Overseas Filipinos Understand

That’s what people back home are, since the best things in (a Pinoy’s) life are just within their reach. (Forget the traffic, 2016 elections, and pabebes for five minutes. Don’t ruin the good vibes.) And while many take this for granted, most of our filipinos abroad choose to suffer in silence, counting the days when they’ll finally return to Pinas to indulge in these luxuries (luho) or counting cash until they can afford them at last—whichever comes first.

In Search for Stories. Excel V.

In Search for Stories

Dyquiangco Introduction: Filipinos are storytellers. In the world of journalism and media, they serve to bring tales that revolutionize, narratives that change, and sagas that challenge. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Filipino Ladies Association for Growth. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Filipino Ladies Association for Growth (FLAG) Nowhere is the special role and capacity of women in facilitating cross-cultural understanding more apparent than in the case of the group FLAG (Filipino Ladies Association for Growth).

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Filipino Ladies Association for Growth

Lu Cimafranca – FLAG Founder – Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa Philippine Embassy – Kuwait Ambassador Renato knows firsthand what it feels like to be an overseas Filipino worker.

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa

He held a post in Saudi Arabia as technical writer before moving on to work with the Department of Foreign Affairs. He was an OFW before he had to represent the OFW’s as an ambassador. This gives him valuable insights on the true plight of Filipinos abroad, and informs his decisions on how to better serve their interests. His tour of duty took him to countries that were predominantly Islamic – UAE, Jordan, Malaysia. To Ambassador Villa, President Benigno Aquino III’s mandate is clear as day: advance the national interest of the Philippines, and reinforce the country’s bilateral relations with Kuwait.

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa. Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa Amb.

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa

Grace Relucio-Princesa – Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine She would refer to herself as the ‘Nanay’ of the Filipino community in the UAE, most importantly a servant leader – an Ambassador for God and country. She would coax audiences to sing-a-long with her ‘Ako Ay Pilipino’ and ‘Sino Ako’ every chance she would get at community gatherings. In her six year tour of duty here in the UAE, she has always tried to hammer the six F’s that Filipinos bring with them anywhere they are in the world, how Filipinos are like the abaca (strong, resilient and exceptional), and how we should always be ‘Taas Noo, Filipino’ and PinoyWise – lessons that have been imprinted on our heads through her many repetitions.

Looking back at her UAE-stint she reflects, “A model of servant leadership touches the hearts and souls of the Filipinos. Filipino Traveler: Cleo Eleazar in Berlin - Illustrado Magazine : Illustrado Magazine. Berlin is known for a lot of things, but the most popular sights are the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate. Both are known for their historical significance. I can understand the sentiment behind these structures, especially after standing next to them and listening to the stories behind them. Sights of Berlin I had the privilege of travelling with a friend and colleague who is originally from Berlin, and I had a personal tour courtesy of her father who is not only knowledgeable about the city’s history, but have personally experienced some of the events that shaped the city, including the construction and the subsequent fall of the Berlin Wall. GLOBETROTTER's NOTES: AMSTERDAM.

By Kristine Abante What is the city known for? Aside from the obvious ones like the beautiful network of canals we often see in postcards, the impressive and well-oiled bike culture, and the deliciously addictive stroopwaffels, I would say Amsterdam is unique because here, you can enjoy a kind of freedom and open-mindedness that you will not easily find anywhere else. Filipinos in Dubai: It's What I Do. IRIS ABARABARAlterations Engineer – Emaar PropertiesDubai, UAE What do you do for a living? I am an architect, and I work in the customer care alterations department in a large real estate developer here in the UAE. I am involved in planning projects and site visits. I make sure that our projects are running smoothly and on schedule. My Pinoy Life in Xiamen, China. Fujian, Xiamen, China I have been staying here in Xiamen since 2011. Top 10 Excuses That Should Not Hold You Back From Traveling. As someone who leads a life of travel, I get a lot of messages from people who also want to live a life of exciting trips, colorful destinations, and breath-taking adventures.

But not everyone seems to be really up for it—I get the occasional “I wish I can travel and work remotely like you, but I can’t,” followed by a laundry list of reasons that they consider valid reasons to keep them from living their dreams. These reasons are, for me, just excuses. Filipino Schools Around The World. It is no surprise anymore to meet a kababayan when one travels abroad, be it in the vibrant city of New York, in the cobbled alleys of Florence, or in the thick jungles of Kota Kinabalu. Meet Angeli Agbayani: Actress and Artist. Filipino in Canada: My Pinoy Life in Edmonton. Edmonton has been our home since August 2013. The move has been planned taking into consideration, free and good quality education for our children, a stable economy, great employment opportunities and permanent residency with a chance to be a citizen of Canada. Family of Artisans: Art In Our Blood. Survival Hacks for Every Overseas Filipino Workers.

Filipino Diaspora: Surviving Abroad. What every Filipino needs to know when moving to another country. Filipino in Japan: My Pinoy Life In Kobe. Photo credits: stock images from unless mentioned otherwise Since when have you been staying there? Can you recount briefly why you moved there? Filipino Kazakhstan: My Pinoy Life in Astana. My Pinoy Life In Danang Vietnam. My Pinoy Life in Singapore. Credit Cards and Loans: Your Rights and Responsibilities from Illustrado. By Atty. Barney Almazar Did you know that banks are not allowed to take blank cheques as a condition for your loan approval?

This is provided for under Article 15 (b) of the UAE Central Bank Regulations No 29/2011 regarding bank loans and services offered to individual customers.Learn about the regulations of the UAE Central Bank pertaining to credit cards, personal loans, top-up loans, car loans and overdraft facilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of banks and their customers. Filipinos Abroad: What Every Filipino Needs to Know When Moving to Another Country. Filipinos Abroad: A Filipino Expat Guide to Settling Abroad. Out of the Barrio, Into the World. My Pinoy Life In Provence France. Filipinos in UAE: Getting Married 101. Wedding Ideas: Dreaming of Unique Weddings. Ich Liebe Berlin (I Love Berlin)

Destination Turkey: Travel to Turkey - Illustrado Magazine. Filipino in Australia: My Pinoy Life in Adelaide City. Filipino in Australia: My Pinoy Life in Sydney. Berlin Things: Ich Liebe Berlin (I Love Berlin) Things to Do: Travel Destination Beijing – Gateway to China. Financial Planning: Investing in the New Year. Indulgence and Obsession: Single Malt Whisky from Scotland. Filipino Martial Arts: A Return to Being Maharlika. Gwapo Problems: Musings on the Existential Anguish of the Absurdly Handsome.