background preloader - The largest free blueprint collection on the Internet - The largest free blueprint collection on the Internet is a website dedicated to collecting 3/4/5-view drawings, templates and blueprints for as many objects as possible. Ranging from humans to tanks and cars to mobile phones, the goal is to provide reference material for 3D modelers, scale modelers, replica builders etc.By updating the website on a daily basis, we currently have more than 60000 images in the collection, which makes this the largest free collection on the internet. People online 346 | Most users ever online was 1000 on 2014/02/05 at 18:54. 17 members and 329 guests.vedo, glaizilla, trinity5150, bmdelaney1, neosheth, dilloncw, Jaintanmay, tony31087, musicwhizz, m.alamri, jeffs12, charly38, jasonalexander, nanobot, pete mackean, darenz5, mogostudio 10 newest members

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Homemade Hold-downs Make your own hold-down clamp like the one shown here. Homemade Hold-downs While building a project, I found myself needing a hold-down clamp. Because I live over 200 miles from the nearest home improvement center, I thought I'd try to make my own. Free software: CrazyTalk 6 SE Reallusion has teamed up with 2dartist magazine to offer all issue 100 readers a free copy of CrazyTalk 6 SE, which converts 2D images into a fully animated digital actors in minutes! CrazyTalk 6 features multiple actor animation for generating real-time dialogue sequences, VividEye technology increasing the high realism of virtual eye movement, and auto human face fitting advancement in Reallusion's remarkably simple image transformation process that converts any 2D image into a fully animated digital actor within minutes. CrazyTalk is a revolutionary tool for creating unique digital content by any user range, or age. Users simply need to import their own image, or photograph along with an audio recording, to create their own animated videos.

Download Center Welcome to Pixologic's MatCap LibraryPixologic has created a library full of amazing MatCap materials from ZBrush artists who wish to share their work with the ZBrush community. This library gives you one unique location to view, download, and begin sculpting with that unique MatCap look that only ZBrush can give you. Enjoy the search. Image Courtesy of Magdalena Dadela Close 2016 Social Media Image Dimensions [Cheat Sheet] Social media platforms are always being updated, which means they’re constantly changing their profile and cover photo dimensions, layouts, and dimensions for uploaded images – it can be tough to keep track of. And we understand you’re busy; you can’t spend all your time sweeping the internet for information that changes time and time again. However, high-quality and creative imagery is imperative to your social media marketing success, so it’s important that you know the proper dimensions for each network you use.

Autodesk 123D - 123D Sculpt free app for iPad Sculpt Bulge, flatten, or refine your creation to achieve the dramatic, comic, or frightening effect you want. Decorate Add shades, tints, and hues with the built-in digital painting brushes, or rub areas of an image directly onto your creation. Grinder Tool Rest - Free Plan After watching me burn up a few tools on a high speed grinding wheel that looks like it was made from recycled earthquake rubble, my folks took pity and got me one of those $100, no-name 8" slow speed grinders with the soft white wheels for sharpening my chisels and plane irons. It works great, but like every other grinder in the world, the tool rests that came with it were not the best. I had the usual build vs. buy debate with myself, and (as usual) my inner tightwad prevailed and I decided to make my own.

Puppeteer Lounge » How It Works Do you want to sign up? Follow the steps below! Click the APPLY NOW button.Fill out the application form and let us know which workshop you are interested in.We will email you a registration form shortly (If you do not receive it, check your mail box’s JUNK/SPAM folder).Fill out the registration form and email it back to us.Make the necessary payment and get set to start learning Frequently asked questions! How are the classes conducted? ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques In this DVD, Instructor Mike Jensen goes into depth on many hard surface techniques in ZBrush. Mike starts off by explaining in detail many techniques like customizing the ui, creating meshes, brushes, and stamps. Next he then takes you through the process of creating an entire mechanical character and covers everything from starting with a concept mesh to creating a clean base mesh and detailing. Mike then takes the final model into 3ds Max and uses V-Ray to create materials and render out layer passes. Last he takes the renders into Photoshop to composite them together.

10 typographic mistakes everyone makes (including us…) In typography, as in grammar, there is no objective ‘right’ way to do things; there are just conventions, and these conventions change over time. And what’s more, while we could argue that the examples we’re about to give are indeed mistakes – that is, things that are wrong – it’s also true that there are often technical or style reasons to make them deliberately; we do on Creative Bloq all the time. But enough with the caveats.

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