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Tangle Tangle Tangle

Tangle Tangle Tangle
The book I co-authored with three other artists has been released, The Art of Zentangle. You will find 40+ pages of my work in the book (I am the "yellow" section.) It is hard for me to believe that my first publication is a Walter Foster book. They have been around for 90 years. I remember seeing their books when I was a child. I was excited when I learned they were going to use one of my tangles for the cover.

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ProMarkers and Letraset Fineliners What is Zentangle®? Well… according to the Zentangle website, “Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity. Step-by-steps & patterns Examples of this and alternative method here I draw string a lot so it's all over the blog. See also here and here. ("Well" is an official Zentangle pattern - this is just my spin on it) Musings about my tangled journey... One of the most wonderful elements of Zentangle is the beauty, simplicity, creativity and unique potential of the tangles (patterns) themselves. If you haven't already read about what a Zentangle is, go to the Zentangle website to find out. I'm a qualified (now retired) graphic designer who, when I was working in the industry, thought of myself as a designer rather than an 'artist.' In an effort to explore artistic creativity purely for my own enjoyment, I started learning Chinese brush painting - a very meditative artform. From there my journey led me to calligraphy, a unique combination of the ability to write and draw.

tangle, tangle, tangle Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts created Zentangle several years ago after Rick noticed how calm, relaxed and focused Maria was while working on a lettering art piece. It is best to hear them tell their own story and read about them on their web site at Here though, I would like to tell you my own personal impression when meeting the couple at the 2nd CZT workshop held in October 2009 at a wonderful mansion retreat in Whitinsville, Maryland (outside of Boston). Anneke (Merry-Go-Round) Because I got many requests, I will also write in Dutch from now! Lines, dots, circles, arcs, the S-shape, and arising therefrom ovals, triangles, squares and rectangles, scrolls and spirals, waves and zigzags....With these basic elements we build up the tangle patterns, they form the basics of Zentangle®! Quite soon after I had read the directions in the Diva's Weekly Challenge #123 I knew I wanted to create "something" with those. What a nice challenge!!But not before yesterday evening because my week was filled with fun outings. Tuesday we had the annual day out of ZijActief (translation: "SheActive"), the women's association of which I am a member the past 10 years.

Outlines to Copy Outlines to Copy I am posting outlines that you can add doodle patterns too, and you are free to use however you wish. I will post a new one or maybe two each week for you to use. I have added a Mr Linky so that those who want to, can post their results. I would love to see them as I am sure others would also. Angel House Center for Art and Creative Life Change - News: ZENTANGLE HOW TO HEAR YOUR ANGELS With Pat Siliko This class consists of a clearing of past life blocks, to the hearing of angels. Pat will attune all students to their guardian angels, and it will expand from there. She will teach her students how it was that she opened herself to hearing them. Be prepared to be amazed! Tuesday, May 5 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. $65

String 106 By Linda Farmer, CZT This week’s String is shared by California tangler Kim English for your creative enjoyment. This is Kim’s first contribution to the resource and it’s an interesting one! Bear in mind that Zentangle® strings are guidelines and there is no right side up. Doodling « Elizabeth Rosenberg's Blog I’ve always been a doodler. All the way back in my high school days, I used to doodle while the teacher was lecturing (though I might have been better off if I’d taken notes instead). I’d fill page after page of my notebooks with doodles. Most of them featured spirals, which I loved even back then. I especially loved doodling during music appreciation class.

Patterns that I have developed My step outs are sometimes crazy, I usually find myself using a new pattern in a zentangle and then try to figure out how someone else could do the same. My mind isn’t always logical but this is what happens. I will share all the patterns I have given steps to in this post. I apologize for some of the photo quality in my earlier postings. A Bed of Roses Birds of a Feather Doodle Addicted No, there are no bees in this doodle drawing. It’s me that’s been the busy bee! We recently had a big business event which had been consuming all of my time. Zentangle Educator Workshop - November 12 Zentangle® for Educator’s Workshop Monday, November 12, 2012 Come learn the new and creative drawing form called Zentangle® and unlock the potential for this creative tool in your classroom. With Zentangle, drawing can become relaxing, intuitive, and fun while increasing one’s personal sense of well-being, creativity and focus at any age. Any classroom teacher can apply this art form to classroom challenges such as problem solving, team building, focus with ADD, self esteem, handwriting, and stress management. All participants will learn how to create zentangles, discover how drawing tangles benefit a student’s learning, and leave with resources for use in the classroom.

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