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TVLine Classroom resources What's new Indigenous cultures and contact history Encounters includes an interactive map, digital timeline and online activities. It is based on the powerful stories shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Encounters exhibition. endlessxcolor: Tutorial: Making GIFS in Photoshop CS3 Requested by cchellezz. This tutorial will explain how to create gifs from downloaded clips/movies as well as show you how to add text, coloring and make animated icons. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Library Search the catalogue Find books, CDs, DVDs, ebooks and more in the City of Sydney library catalogue. Communication. Information. Entertainment. Our libraries welcome people to connect, explore and learn. 12 Theses on Wikileaks These 0. “What do I think of Wikileaks? I think it would be a good idea!” The Do It Yourself Scholar Updated June. 5, 2012 At last count there were more than 150 colleges and universities featured on iTunes U, the section of Apple’s iTunes music store devoted to higher education. There’s great free downloadable content here — lots of lectures and entire courses, but sorting through all this material can be daunting. Sadly, many of the colleges offer little more than online brochures, with virtual campus tours and the like. (Newcomers can get up to speed by reading Getting started.)

Smoke Portrait Smoke PortraitReviewed by Jayan Saputra on Aug 6Rating: Preview of Final Result Smoke Portrait Photoshop Tutorial Before we start, notice that this tutorial was written using Windows OS, so for Mac users simply alter Ctrl with CMD, and Alt with the Opt key. Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS or newer versionDifficulty: MediumEstimated Completion Time: 1 to 2 hours Resources: Jay Rosen and the Watchdog Web I have to say what nearly fifty thousand Twitter followers already know: nobody does a better job of following and writing about what’s going on in journalism than Jay Rosen. The dude just nails it, over and over and over again. His latest, From Judith Miller to Julian Assange: Our press somehow got itself on the wrong side of secrecy after September 11th, puts the whole Wikileaks matter in the the closest thing we have to an objective view. That is, anchored here: outside the mainstream media.

Edublogs Tutorials This blog is designed to get you started in blogging with simple tips and hints on how to improve what you are doing. I have also begun looking at more advanced ideas for the integration of the blog into the digital lives of our students. This includes adding video and audio which is accessible via iTunes – this allows media to be downloaded and accessed on mobile (cell) phones etc This tutorial covers Any requests or contributions would be gratefully received – you can email via Mike Best free courses & lectures Updated June 29, 2012 Not every teacher is a great teacher. Not every course is a great course. So, this list is my effort to help you separate the winners from the losers. This list of the best academic podcasts and webcasts is a work-in-progress. As I discover new courses and lectures, I add to the list.

Visible Thinking VisibleThinking In Action Every committed educator wants better learning and more thoughtful students. Visible Thinking is a way of helping to achieve that without a separate ‘thinking skills' course or fixed lessons. Visible Thinking is a broad and flexible framework for enriching classroom learning in the content areas and fostering students' intellectual development at the same time.

ABC in Australia. Their version of BBC iPlayer1 by derwombat Oct 24