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Facebook Hacks And Tricks - Disable Read Receipts, Hide Specific Statuses. Prevent apps from posting on your behalf When you connect to an app through Facebook, you often agree to let it access a bunch of your account information (friend list, bio, etc.), and even post to your wall.

Facebook Hacks And Tricks - Disable Read Receipts, Hide Specific Statuses

However, you can disable it from ever posting on your behalf by going into Settings, clicking the Apps section on the left-hand bar, selecting the app in question, scrolling down to the "This App Can," and un-ticking "Post. " Download your entire Facebook history Want to see the first message you ever sent or have a backup copy of all your photos? Go to Settings, General, and click “Download a copy” to get a zip file of all the goods. Hide the note someone tagged you in six years ago Have an embarrassing collection of other people’s notes cluttering up your page? Healthy News and Information.

By DEREK HENRY Unfortunately, acute or chronic pain is something that everyone in their life experiences at one time or another.

Healthy News and Information

Even though this is a powerful reminder from the body that something is either healing or going terribly wrong, a way to manage the pain is often required in order to live a functional lifestyle. The first resort to manage this type of pain has typically been prescriptions or over the counter drugs. These medications do have side effects, however, and people are beginning to realize there are more natural solutions that can be as effective or more powerful than drugs. Here are 3 of them.

Boswellia Often called Indian Frankincense, boswellia originates in the dry areas of India, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Boswellia has shown great success at reducing inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, and other painful conditions. Turmeric.


20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don't Do. I often write about the things I believe we all should be doing, trying or experimenting with in order to maximize our success and happiness.

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don't Do

However, it’s not always the things we do that make the biggest difference in our lives; it’s often the things we avoid doing that have the biggest effect. As human beings, we have a strong aversion to not doing; we feel that in order to produce results, there must be an initial action. However, because we are almost always doing something, piling on more and more often has a negative effect, rather than a positive one. Among the mentally strong, there are several actions that are avoided in order to produce the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time. These actions are those that the mentally strong avoid, and that we should consider adapting as our own: 1. Mentally strong individuals focus on the present moment and on the near future. 2. 3.

Only the foolish believe themselves to be sufficient in all regards. 4. 5.

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How To Escape A Sinking Car. Last time, we talked about how to survive a car crash during disasters and crises and I showed you a few basic rules you need to follow when you bug out with your family.

How To Escape A Sinking Car

But when it comes to emergencies, you need to keep in mind that our plans, no matter how well organized and flexible, might fall through when least expected. That`s why it`s best to be prepared for nearly anything that could happen, including worst-case-scenarios that you might deem as impossible right now. One of these worst-case-scenarios is being in a car that`s sinking in deep water. This is literally one of my worst nightmares that makes me wake up soaked in cold sweat. So, naturally, I looked up as much information as possible to get ready in the eventuality that, one day, some lunatic will force me to steer right to avoid a violent car crash… and I`ll end up in a lake or a river, trapped in my own car. 100 Year Old Life Hacks That Still Work Today - Gallaher Brand Cigarette Cards. Car Hacks, Tricks and Tips for Families.

As a mom of many, we spend a ton of time in the car going to the various events.

Car Hacks, Tricks and Tips for Families

We need to make the time worthwhile. Make the time spent in your vehicle more organized, more efficient and less stressful with some of these car tricks. Like these car hacks? You will also like this article of garage organization ideas. Help entertain your kids with a DIY travel book. Send yourself a message in a bottle to remind yourself of all the fun you are having on an outing together. Create a bucket pulley system. Keep the baby binkie clean. Create a temporary tattoo of your phone number. No more trying to dig coins out of a cup holder (not even to mention trying to clean the little bits of lint and crumbs that get stuck in the crevices.

Trunks can become the car’s catch-all. Have a single serving tableware ready for an unexpected meal on-the-road. Use Easter Eggs as snack packs. DIY Dog blanket. Cover the seats with a fitted crib mattress sheet. Is your favorite travel mug dirty? Hacks for the House.


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