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Conanlover's Playthroughs - HLTB. Lake House: Children of Silence Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide. Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure Cheats, Codes & FAQs on DS. Vampire Knight DS (DS) FAQ/Walkthrough by fireylight. Time Hollow (DS) Walkthrough by Leaderofrouge. Attention Readers Please be aware this guide contains spoilers.

Time Hollow (DS) Walkthrough by Leaderofrouge

If you only wanted a guide that gets you through sections you found difficult---i.e. you want to play through the game yourself---then please use the Table of Contents to skip to my Spoiler-free Walkthrough. Administrivia The tiresomely mundane but essential details that we all know must be addressed, in order to have ourselves properly covered.

I just thought I would mention it now, so we could all enjoy the game without interruptions afterwards. Disclaimer This guide belongs to me (Leaderofrouge) and was written for the purpose of gaming (e.g. enjoyment, leisure and/or entertainment etc.). Acknowledgement Many thanks to: KONAMI for making the gameGamefaq for providing the spaceForcexdistance with all of the English names, information on the side-quests, and Mr. Contact Game Control World Map System Menu In-game Control Japanese-English Translations. Pixel People Complete Job and Professions Guide. Pixel People is the latest city building game that focuses on getting the mixtures of people to populate your space city.

Pixel People Complete Job and Professions Guide

We understand that it can be hard to collect all of the jobs and professions in the game. We have compiled an easy to read and easy to follow complete formulas to help you genetic engineer all of the different jobs and professions in the game Pixel people. Please share this useful gene splicing guide for all of your Pixel City clones if you have found it helpful! We also have many other great gaming app guides for you too. Please also feel free to leave any comments if you found any mistakes with this clone producing guide for your different professions and jobs.

You can use the filter function to filter and narrow down the type of genes that each of your pixel people have. Lastly, the “special” genes are event genes that get unlocked as you go through the stages. Showing 1 to 154 of 154 entries Pixel People Guides Index by Gamelytic. Hakuoki Walkthrough – Index. March 2, 2012 by awesomecurry Since I posted each route separately, I might as well make an index post that links to the walkthrough of each route.

Hakuoki Walkthrough – Index

I just followed the walkthrough on and translated the choices to the localized version. There are a total of 6 routes. You can play them in any order, but I’d suggest Hijikata’s route for last because it is the longest and sticks with the Shinsengumi ’til the end. It’s pretty much the “true” route. Hajime Saito routeSouji Okita routeSanosuke Harada routeHeisuke Toudou routeChikage Kazama + Normal routeToshizo Hijikata route. [Update] Pixel People - the complete guide to jobs and professions. Welcome to part two of our comprehensive guide to Chillingo's extraterrestrial gene-splicing freemium hit Pixel People.

[Update] Pixel People - the complete guide to jobs and professions

Pixel People is all about splicing genes. To unlock all 150 professions, you need to jam two jobs into a test tube and hope a handy new worker pops out. In this guide, we show you how to unlock every single profession. There are also four special jobs listed at the bottom, which appear as you play through the game. Oh, and you'll unlock the first building in each list of workplaces when you first splice those genes together. Check back with Pocket Gamer soon for guides to animals and other general tips. Update (March 26th): Added all the new jobs and specials introduced in the latest update.Specials. Hakuouki Demon of The Fleeting Blossom Walkthrough. This is a spoiler free walkthrough for the PSP Otome game Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.

Hakuouki Demon of The Fleeting Blossom Walkthrough

A line with a ★ before it indicates a line where a CG image is obtained. TALES OF SYMPHONIA Guide > Affection Tips. Tales of Symphonia: Endings Guide: Affection tips Since a lot of people have asked how to make a certain character have the highest affection points, here is a list to help you.

TALES OF SYMPHONIA Guide > Affection Tips

Decide who you want as early in the game as possible, and pick all the options for which that character is marked with an X. If more than one is marked as an X, either one is fine. The list is labeled Location: What's happening for each affection-affecting event. Not all the things listed are actual choices that pop up as part of dialogue; some that are actual dialogue choices are not quoted exactly. This list was compiled from the data provided by Tales of Together 200X. There are many subevents referenced by this list. Warning: Spoilers in this list are minimal, but none are marked. (Note: there's a question later on in the Pink Pearl sidequest, but you must start the quest now, before completing the Temple of Ice, to get it.)

Shadow of Destiny FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 2. Tales of Symphonia (GC) Affection FAQ by Ket Shi. [Affection FAQ: Version 6.0] For Tales of Symphonia By Ket Shi !

Tales of Symphonia (GC) Affection FAQ by Ket Shi

Warning: Spoiler Alert! There are many spoilers in this document, so be careful. !