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America's Most Social Small Business Is... For those of you who have followed along with our America's Most Social Small Business challenge, you know that it's been a fierce competition from the get-go, with 32 small businesses all over the country duking it out to claim the title of the most socially savvy. After some tough choices and hours of deliberation, the championship round has arrived. In this final match-up, we examined the social presences of our final two competitors — Sevenly, a cause-oriented apparel company, and Plated, a chef-designed food delivery service — in order to determine which, in fact, is most deserving of the title. Five Common Caffeine Myths Busted <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" Business News</a> Copy It's one of the oldest drugs on the market that's readily available and very addictive: caffeine. But conflicting information about caffeine abounds. "Good Morning America" medical contributor Dr.

4 Reasons Why The Future Of Capitalism Is Homegrown, Small Scale, And Independent You won’t learn about it in business school, hear about it from Wall Street, or see it in Palo Alto. But if you spend time in Bushwick, Brooklyn, or on Rivington Street in Manhattan, you just might detect the outlines of an emerging “indie” capitalism. This new form of capitalism is not just about conventional startups and technology and venture capitalists. If you add up all the trends under way today, I believe we are beginning to see the start of something original, and perhaps wonderful. It may prove to be the economic and social antidote to the failed financial capitalism and crony capitalism that no longer delivers economic value in terms of jobs, income, and taxes to the people of this country.

Annual report 2012 - EcoReality From EcoReality Volunteer Mackenzie dries off Taara, a newborn doeling. Thank you for your interest in EcoReality. The following reports outline the activities of the co-op over its sixth year. EcoReality was founded in April, 2006, for the purpose of creating an ecovillage on Salt Spring Island. Within days of incorporation, we purchased a 4.8 acre farm on Salt Spring Island, knowing that was but a test-ground for ideas, and that we'd require more land to accomplish our goals. VALS™ Survey Take the US VALS™ Survey! Find the link below. To Take the Survey: Click "Take The Survey" below (it will open in a separate browser window). Answer the questions. No answers are right or wrong; just select the answers that best describe you.

The Book of Symbols: Carl Jung’s Catalog of the Unconscious by Kirstin Butler Why Sarah Palin identifies with the grizzly bear, or what the unconscious knows but doesn’t reveal. A primary method for making sense of the world is by interpreting its symbols. 9 Caffeine Myths Explained In fact, coffee drinking may reduce risk of heart disease -- one of the benefits of caffeine. People who drank 3-5 cups of coffee a day had the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2013 meta-analysis by Harvard University. Drinking tea – black and green – may also have heart-healthy benefits. » Open data in Chicago: progress and direction Ascent Stage In a wonderfully comprehensive overview of Government 2.0 in 2011 up at the O’Reilly Radar blog Alex Howard highlights “going local” as one of the defining trends of the year. All around the country, pockets of innovation and creativity could be found, as “doing more with less” became a familiar mantra in many councils and state houses. That’s certainly been the case in the seven-and-a-half months since Mayor Emanuel took the helm in Chicago. Doing more with less has been directly tied to initiatives around data and the implications they have had for real change of government processes, business creation, and urban policy. I’d like to outline what’s been accomplished, where we’re headed and, importantly, why it matters. The Emanuel transition report laid out a fairly broad charge for technology in his office.

The Best Things I Learned as an Ecovillage Intern, Part I - Ecovillages From Ecovillages By Dawn Smith Author Dawn Smith in the woodshop at OAEC. (November/December 2010) When I first arrived at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC) in Northern California at the age of 24, I had no idea how profoundly my life was about to change. I had applied for OAEC’s maintenance intern position primarily because I wanted to expand my skills in maintenance and repair and construction, which I’d learned growing up on a farm in Alberta and spending four summers doing strawbale construction.

Admin Thousands of you have built polls to learn from and interact with the world, and I want to thank you now for your patronage, your feedback, and all the excitement that you have brought to my life. I owe you an explanation, so here it is: We’re not out of money, and we’re not out of passion—on the contrary, this journey has ended so that another one can begin. In July of 2012, I started building a new application with three other gentlemen, with the hopes of bringing a new level of simplicity, elegance, and usability to business-based education and training. Image/Cultural Complex Research Many artists create images that reflect the social, political, and religious conflicts of their times--and these conflicts are often the expression of cultrual complexes in the collective psyche. (click to explanatory article on concept of cultural complex) This research project invites you to contribute examples of this type of symbolic imagery to ARAS Online. C.G. Jung's Red Book has brought renewed focus on Jung's ability to express himself in images. He wrote the Red Book at a time of deep personal and professional crisis. One of the more compelling parts of that crisis was the fact that Jung was in great fear for his own mental health and the possible eruption of a psychosis as signaled by his unbidden, waking visions of impending catastrophe in Europe.

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