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Interiors: Diane von Furstenberg - The Home of Modern Glamour - Sukio. Have you seen Diane von Furstenberg's penthouse retreat?

Interiors: Diane von Furstenberg - The Home of Modern Glamour - Sukio

Built atop her headquarters in NYC's Meatpacking District, the light-filled space features an eclectic mix of furnishings, enviable views of the city, and, of course, multiple portraits of DVF. Welcome to Oyster Retail Packaging. We love what we do and we are very proud of the way we do it! No men in grey suits who are your best friend when you have an order to place and then disappear once you’ve signed on the dotted line... no Power Point presentations to send you to sleep, no lengthy corporate speak and no hassle.

Oyster gives you honest, concise, relevant advice and guarantees you get the very best results possible for your business and your budget. Our new website will give you an idea of what we offer, what our existing clients say about us and hopefully a good insight into us and what we stand for. We hope you enjoy it and we fire up your imagination! Top of Page PlayBoy Oyster’s design team CAN DO discreet to bold… you define the tone, we will deliver the SOLUTION. Paul Smith Being from Nottingham ourselves, we are working hard to follow in his footsteps! Leading fashion retailers choose Oyster.

The Oyster team has over 25 year’s collective experience of working on international distribution. Garrard. Print Club London – Jo Malone screenprinted collection! Jo Malone is a UK-based fragrance designer who got her start in the fragrance industry as a florist.

Print Club London – Jo Malone screenprinted collection!

The story began when Jo first designed her facial treatment for a select group of clients and she practiced a stimulating massage technique using her hands. Clients appreciated Jo’s personal touch and the hand mixed products, tailored specifically for their individual skin. Word of mouth about this extraordinary woman and her personal technique spread quickly and before long there were over 2000 clients vying for the facial appointments and skin care secrets. For Jo, designing fragrance was a natural talent that quickly developed into a passion for mixing unusual combinations of ingredients. The first fragrance designed in this manner was the Nutmeg & Ginger Bath Oil, created as a thank-you gift and given to the original facial clients.

The limited collection of fragrances, hand printed boxes and bags are being screen printed live, inspired by the five scents, by Calm & Collected. The Home of Modern Glamour - Sukio. Thank heavens for the rabbit hole that is Pinterest or I would have completely missed this InStyle editorial on DVF's Parisian pad.

The Home of Modern Glamour - Sukio

As with her New York apartment, each room is filled with globally-inspired furnishings and textiles. I also spy a few of Diane’s signature designs, like the rug above (Funky Zebra for the Rug Company, I believe) as well as bedding from her home collection. The only thing missing is an oversized portrait of the fashion icon. Dvf material r&d - Tietz-Baccon. Jo Malone Candles – Biography & History. Charlotte Stockdale Stylist - Jo Malone Style Editor Interview. Story Worldwide. It's a Wrap: Diane von Furstenberg's "Journey of a Dress" Exhibition Opening. [gallery columns="0" link="none" size="large" ids=""] “You launch something and it has a life of its own, independent of me,” says designer Diane von Furstenberg, marveling at the 200 mannequins ranged on tiered platforms in the cavernous ground floor of the former May Company department store on Los Angeles’s Wilshire Boulevard, adjacent to LACMA.

It's a Wrap: Diane von Furstenberg's "Journey of a Dress" Exhibition Opening

Those custom Pucci mannequins, modeled with Diane’s own Nefertiti cheekbones and wide mouth, are all dressed in variations of the iconic wrap dress that she launched in 1974 for an exhibition celebrating its 40th anniversary. “I mean this dress is in sociology class!” Diane laughs. Diane von Fustenberg beelines for customer interaction with online relaunch. Apparel and accessories designer Diane von Furstenberg is highlighting trends and season products with the redesign of its branded Web site while still maintaining the brand’s trademark customer interaction by encouraging feedback.

Diane von Fustenberg beelines for customer interaction with online relaunch

Diane von Furstenberg promoted the relaunch with digital pushes such as Facebook posts and email blasts to consumers. The designer asks for customer feedback via social networks. “DVF has a deeply rich brand heritage,” said Mary Elise Chavez, director of creative strategy for Blue Fountain Media, New York. “A dynamic, engaging and user-friendly Web site with corresponding digital assets are critical in further building her brand online.

“The Web site and digital initiatives will empower her to intimately attract her audience through a heightened brand engagement platform that adds value to the overall brand,” she said. Ms. DVF Timeline - 2000s Fashion. The Noughties With the DVF brand fully reclaimed, Diane reestablished her business into the global luxury brand it is today.

DVF Timeline - 2000s Fashion

She designed a full collection that had global distribution by 2001. That same year, she established her headquarters in New York’s West Village and became an active member of the community, including championing the construction of the High Line, a deserted railroad track that was redeveloped into a lush park. With her business brimming with success, Diane opened 25 new standalone shops from Shanghai to St. Tropez during this decade. Diane von Furstenberg Interview. There is a litany of fine descriptors for Diane von Furstenberg.

Diane von Furstenberg Interview

Among them: candid, coquettish, feline, strong, outspoken, powerful. Her prolific success and glamorous life have been well documented. She is the Belgian-born daughter of Auschwitz survivor Lily Nahmias. At 22, she married Prince Egon von Furstenberg.