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Quick Sprout Blog by Neil Patel

Quick Sprout Blog by Neil Patel
I’ve said it before: a successful PPC campaign boils down to two things: Increasing click-through rate (CTR)Lowering cost-per-click (CPC) Pretty simple, right? But I want to add one more point to that statement. It’s not complicated. You also need to get high quality traffic. This means reaching your target audience and bringing in visitors who are ready to buy. You want leads who have one hand on their wallets, ready to whip them out and make a purchase. Now, allow me to point out a brutal truth about PPC marketing. It’s a slippery slope, especially if you’re new to the game. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can chew you up and spit you out. Many “noobs” quickly find their budgets depleted with only a handful of sales to show for it. Some even end up spending more on their PPC campaigns than they get in return from sales. In order to get a favorable ROI, you want to ensure that 1) you’re driving high quality traffic to your landing page and 2) you’re not overspending on CPC.

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12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links Link building is hard, but it's not the only way to make traffic gains in Google's search results. When I first started SEO, building links wasn't my strong suit. Writing outreach emails terrified me, and I had little experience creating killer content. Instead, I focused on the easy wins. While off-page factors like links typically weigh more heavily than on-page efforts in Google's search results, SEOs today have a number of levers to pull in order to gain increased search traffic without ever building a link.

Health Differences Between Coffee and Tea You’ve always been a fan of warm beverage. In fact, you can’t start the day without a cup of warm coffee or tea. You feel sluggish and unhappy when you don’t. Curated Quotes Viewing Picture Quotes About Life only. <view all picture quotes>. Picture Quotes About Life Next Page» Return to top of page The Top 10 Web Design Skills You WILL Need! Here are my top 10 web design skills that you WILL need to master to become an effective web designer. If you’re serious about mastering web design and marketing, check out the Pro Web Design Alliance. See how Jordan benefited from the course forum and Google hangout sessions to make his and his clients’ sites better. Web And Design Trends 2013 The Internet, as an important part of emerging technology, keeps changing and evolving, depending on the major direction that people are pursuing. Therefore, we have decided to create this complete trend guide to show what’s going on, what’s on the table and what is definitely setting the direction to follow in everything related to graphic and web design and development, which by the way, are getting way closer to each other each passing day. As the fields of Web design and web development increasingly intertwine, the need to use concepts that can be understood by both designers and developers becomes crucial. That’s why we want to help foster the growth of a new generation of web ninjas with this article-gift prior to our launching.

Wordpress Theme Generator - Create your own Wordpress Theme. This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge. Change the colors, settings, layout, preview live, click "save" and download your unique Wordpress theme zip-file. Extract, upload, set, and you are done! 95 best websites you should bookmark today Google is the internet surfer's best friend and worst enemy. If you know what you're after, just type it into the search engine's famous little box and – hey presto – you'll be given a list of related sites in order of relevance. Such is Google's dominance that its name has become a synonym for search. And rightly so. When was the last time you Yahooed something?

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