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Servicios Secado de Madera Con un proceso controlado de temperatura en una cámara, se obtiene que el porcentaje de humedad en la madera no sea mayor al 12%, medida óptima para que sea ocupada en los procesos posteriores. Inmunización Térmica La madera seca es elevada a altas temperaturas, provocando la muerte de todo tipo de organismo y además dejando de ser atractiva en lo posterior para cualquier tipo de plagas. La madera incrementa su durabilidad, estabilidad y dureza con un proceso libre de químicos y amigable con el medio ambiente. Moldurado Maquinaria europea de precisión nos permite ofrecer una gran variedad de alternativas de molduras para cadarequerimiento con un terminado completamente liso Finger Joint Este es un nuevo producto que es el resultado de unir trozos de madera con un sistema de prensado neumático. Las piezas con unión Finger Joint en la cara o en el canto las fabricamos en terminado rústico o cepillado. Procesamiento de madera

Papier Machine – Expedition into the invisible aesthetics and materiality of electronics / @rpluvina Created by Marion Pinaffo & Raphaël Pluviange, ‘Papier Machine’ is a booklet gathering a family of 13 paper-made electronic toys ready to be cut, coloured, folded, assembled or torn. Screen-printed with special inks that have different electric properties, these toys aim to reveal what hides behind our machines’ magic black boxes : a world of materials, shapes, colors, stories and even smell. “We start this exploration by diving into a world that is both familiar and mysterious: the microcosmos enclosed within our everyday electronic devices. Looked at closely, printed circuit cards become cityscapes, and our phones’ components resemble little creatures. Papier Machine (Paper Machine) invites us to meet with these ghosts in the shell.In the electronic tropics, paper mutates. On this printed land, we stride along the silkscreened silver paths and their networks of batteries and connected roots, we pick bunches of metamorphosis and plant a projection space where intuition leads the game.

Meubelatelier Joost Pauwaert - Houten handwerk: Bruch vloerlamp, maatwerk en restauratie Ideas prácticas para decorar con palés No hace mucho descubrí una tendencia de decoración que me encantó, no solo por que ofrece un estilo vintage sino porque además, me pareció que de un solo elemento se podían desarrollar una gran cantidad y variedad de ideas. Os cuento todo esto porque cuando descubrí que se podían hacer grandes cosas con palés, por un momento pensé en que la decoración no tiene por qué ser cara o lujosa, sino que puede ser económica y obtener muy buenos resultados. Ahora que estoy renovando mi dormitorio, he cogido algunas ideas y creo que las pondré en práctica (¡ya os enseñaré el resultado!) Los palés son tendencia este verano, un artículo útil y decorativo, por eso hoy te proponemos una idea para este verano: que hagas lo que quieras… pero hazlo con palés. Construye tu propio estilo Una de las grandes ventajas de decorar con palés es que tenemos dos opciones: dejarlo como está desde su originalidad o pintarlo de algún color. Decora los palés a tu manera Inspírate con un millón de ideas Ahorra con estilo

Designers in residence Kortrijk Antonio: A real good result! Mixing casein based glue with arabic gum it appears to be a really good idea. The material I got it’s hard and compact as it should be and after sanding it the surface looks really nice. Antonio: First fail. Arabic gum based glue, not a good recipe. Robin: 3D printing adapters for a modular wooden frame. Antonio: Again a trial with bioplastic, this time with a small difference on the recipe and with wood shavings instead of wood dust. Antonio: Lunch is ready! An other trial, this time with home made corn starch based bioplastic mixed with wood dust. Antonio: It’s time to be eco! The first two trials to create a new eco material using wood shavings and glue. Robin: Abducting plants from a nearby communal garden to be adopted in the nursery… Meet with VOKA This afternoon lovely weather allowed us to bike across Kortrijk to VOKA, West Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Robin: First attempts of thermoforming prototypes for a concept in incubation…

Rising Table by Robert van Embircqs L 114 x W 114 x H 30 CM L 44.9 x W 44.9 x H 11.8 INCH Material use: Bamboo Caramel Functionality and shape A conscious choice for functionality in design, doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be burdened by conformity, let alone predictability. Not only does this design approach rid itself of every single predictable feature when one imagines a table, it also emphasizes that the Rising Table is indeed made from a single piece of wood. During the design process, I made a point of sticking as close to nature as possible. The Rising Table is part of the Rising furniture formula.

elevenfeet The TWIST installation at Timber Expo | AA School of Architecture TWIST installation The TWIST is a design and construction project developed by the Emergent Technologies and Design Programme (EmTech) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. The project capitalizes on the material effects of milled plywood observed in 1:1 tests, thus making the experimentation process central to the design endeavor. The TWIST, however, seeks to gain full control of such material behavior, exploiting the anisotropic properties of plywood to achieve a material system capable of producing articulated surfaces by the orientation of its elements. Design logic diagram – Courtesy of AA School London. The system is primarily composed of two plywood strip elements: the ‘ribs ‘and the ‘wings’. Courtesy of AA School London – Photography of Patrick Tanhuanco. A subsystem defined by two major elements referred to as ‘combs’ and ‘perpendiculars’, or ‘perps’, runs along the free edges of the articulated surface. Project Team:

Tang Place | FCJZ Using Bamboo as the main material architects FCJZ responded to the disorganized nature of the original Tang place restaurant. The initial condition was of a main column with several semi-oval blocks. Courtesy of FCJZ Their design therefore was to reshape the space through a floor to ceiling connection via bamboo weaves. The interweaved bamboo screen creates a visual connection between the levels through the hollowed-out ceiling created. Right from the entrance, the bamboo-covered walls introduce the customers to the core design material of bamboo. All in all the main bamboo themed design according to the architects is to reflect the local cultural climate while seeking spatial effects. Project: Tang Palace, Hangzhou, China Location: 6th Floor of MixC, No. 701, Fuchun Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China Client: HongKong Tang Palace Food&Beverage Group Co., LTD. By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Структуры и гравитация. - Крымский архитектурный портал | КАП В нашей стране были разработаны многие современные виды пространственных деревянных конструкций, и специалисты считают, что мы обладаем приоритетом в этой области. Сегодня перед архитекторами и конструкторами открыты новые горизонты, потому что теперь есть современные пространственные системы из клееных деревянных конструкций, которые позволяют перекрывать большие пролеты без промежуточных опор. Типология пространственных систем Пространственные деревянные конструкции - это, по сути дела, покрытия-оболочки с изогнутой поверхностью, все элементы которых работают как единое целое. Пространственные конструкции могут иметь самые разные формы и способны одновременно выполнять несущую и ограждающую функции. Существуют разные типы таких покрытий, которые изготавливаются в виде тонкостенных оболочек, ребристых складок и оболочек, а также сетчатых систем. Одним из основных типов пространственных деревянных конструкций являются распорные своды, они имеют цилиндрическую форму поверхности.

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