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Simulating Water Drops on Wood : 4 - 32 Converting Flat Image to Surface in Rhino 3D Step 24: Open Rhino Step 25: Go to Surface>Heightfield from Image. Navigate to Image saved in Step 23 and Select. 'Whodunnit' awareness test: How many changes can you spot? The clip initially appears to be a scene from a cliched murder mystery, with a trench coat–wearing detective interviewing the maid, butler and lady of the house over the death of Lord Smithe, who lies sprawled on the drawing room floor. But the sketch is merely the premise for a test designed to show just how bad we are at noticing things that we're not looking for – including on the roads. After the detective names the killer the scene is replayed, this time filmed from a camera that captures all the film crew's out-of-shot manoeuvrings.

Designers in residence Kortrijk Antonio: A real good result! Mixing casein based glue with arabic gum it appears to be a really good idea. The material I got it’s hard and compact as it should be and after sanding it the surface looks really nice. LIFT architects - Home - [Andrew Payne] It has been entirely too long since I last posted but that should change over the coming weeks as I've been working on some really amazing projects. To kick things off, I thought I'd share a one week project that I developed to create a dimple halftone pattern on a surface using a custom build Grasshopper definition which writes the all of the G-code (for a ShopBot CNC mill) in real-time. I'll talk more about the fabrication setup below, but first... a little about the concept.

2015 Internet Trends Kleiner Perkins partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies like AppDynamics, Google, Amazon, Flexus Biosciences, Nest, Waze, Twitter, and Square. Kleiner Perkins offers entrepreneurs years of operating experience, puts them at the center of an influential network, and accelerates their companies from success to significance. For more information, visit and follow us @kpcb. CNC Software: CAM Software, Simulators, Editors and Utilities CNC Software: Digital Tooling for CNC Why Digital Tooling? When I was learning to be a manual machinist, people used to say, "Budget as much for tooling as you do the machine." Danged if they weren't right. In fact, if you wanted to be well tooled up (and what machinist wouldn't?)

Data Science Jobs Board Data Analytics Associate Carlisle & Company · Concord, MA posted 2 days ago Junior Business Analyst – Sales & Marketing trivago · Düsseldorf posted 3 days ago Robotic Building While, architecture and architectural production are increasingly incorporating aspects of non-human agency employing data, information, and knowledge contained within the (worldwide) network connecting electronic devices, the relevant question for the future is not whether robotic building may be implemented, but how robotic systems may be incorporated into building processes and physically built environments in order to serve and improve everyday life; how these systems may offer solutions for energy-efficient building, demand-driven production and operation, and efficient use of resources. The RB session of the GSM #3 symposium aims to answer this question by critically reflecting on the achievements of the last decades in applications of robotics in architecture and furthermore outlining potential future developments and their societal implications. Henriette Bier (Founder RB/ RB session chair/NGB#3 editor)

The 50 best free online university courses according to data — Free Code Camp When I launched Class Central back in November 2011, there were around 18 or so free online courses and almost all of them were from Stanford. There are close to 6,000 MOOCs from 600+ universities around the world Now there are close to 6,000 MOOCs from 600+ universities around the world. This can be daunting to the millions of learners around the world who have never done an online course before. Geo cocktail table by Vito Selma If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of furniture for your living room, we found it for you. The Geo Cocktail Table is definitely an eye-catching piece that will instantly become the focal point of attention if any room, beating even the comfy sofa. Designed by Vito Selma, this unique piece of furniture features extraordinary lines and a very complex design. The interesting thing about this unusual cocktail table is, that you look at it from different angles, it changes its form and appearance.

Who is the perfect interim manager? The question 'What's the blueprint for the ideal senior interim HR professional?' provokes a similarly complicated answer. It's a wish list dependent on the job to be done, the company, the culture, the economic climate, the timeframe, possibly even the weather. But just as the pie is common to all of Sally's idiosyncratic dessert options, there are characteristics that all successful HR interims - those who come into a business temporarily, often to manage a change - share. "Any interim manager has to effect change in a very short space of time - a much more accelerated period than if they were permanent," says Doug Baird, MD of interim provider Interim Partners.