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Nowadays, what would a humorless society, without second degree look like? What would happen if, in this austere reality, a man started laughing? Life goes on: children are born, people die, and a lot of things happen in between. But this society has a little special something, it doesn’t know laughter. No one has ever laughed, derision, second degree, all that doesn’t exist. Until the day when a neuropsychiatry doctor is immediately conscripted by the army to examine a patient who has a strange particularity: he laughs.

1814 Magazine - Focusing on photography, design, art and culture. Your source for underground and independent film. Plot: A dangerous mental patient has escaped, and the local radio newscaster warns anybody out driving not to pick up any trampers. For one young man, the warning comes a bit too late. Our thoughts: Sometimes it really pays off going completely blind into a movie. "Tramper" was a blind buy for me, as I came across the DVD at a rather cheap price. I liked the sound of the premise, and it was labeled as a German gore film, add that up with the cheap price, I figured why not. It's a simple story, about a young man who picks up a drifter who's hands are covered in blood but he gives the driver a long story about hitting a deer.

FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography. Vicky and Sam by Nuno Rocha A sappy Hollywood romance gets Meta when scriptwriters discover an unexpected power. After Vicky’s eyes meet Sam’s across aisles of DVDs in the video store, it’s only right that they should bump hips and—after a whirlwind romance of riverside walks and cute notes—fall in love. That’s the Hollywood formula. Predictable, functional, and stuffed to bursting with gooey mush, it pulls audience heart strings every time. But not everything is as simple as first it seems. Cut to the writers of Vicky and Sam, plotting the story in a sleepy diner.

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