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LBO ・ Accueil. Featured work. Production company in Paris specialised in live action, 2D, 3D animation and visual effects. Title Sequences. HOTU - Studio bordelais de création graphique. Marcel. › work. Home - Knucklehead. The Pound. Work. Home ›› Riff Raff Films. News. Little Fish Front Page - Little Fish. Generator. The Mob Film Company. Indy8. We are Punq. Nexus. Dark Energy Films. Nonfiction Unlimited. The STUDIO. CHROMISTA. Minivegas - integrated production company. We are an integrated production company, creatively driven to make exciting experiences that engage real people.Working across four key disciplines of digital, film, animation & visual fx and experiential, we combine all of our expertise and variety of skills to deliver something special for each of our clients.

Minivegas - integrated production company

And we love doing it. Digital When it comes to good old digital we love a great website, app or experience, and get over-excited about beautiful design, smart UX and brainy tech solutions. We are passionate about new technologies and are always looking at ways to keep ahead of the game so we try our best to shoe-horn dedicated R&D time in around our client projects – just so we’re ready for the next one. Our digital chops start with creative and design and go all the way through to development, build and testing.

We can apply this to everything from websites, widgets and mobile apps to games, banners and social apps. Films, Promos, Commercials and TV Programmes. Exit Films. Curious Film - HOME. Wanda Productions. Cut+Run: Los Angeles, New York, London, Austin, San Francisco. Little Black Book. STANDARD FILMS — Home. Carla Productions : The Lab. Aprile Prod - Productions de qualité - Aprile Productions. Why Us. Matteo Bonifazio. R O D S. Superette - Film Production Gallery. PRODUCTION COMPANY.  Carnibird is a commercial, music video and digital production company. CAVIAR. PRODUCTION COMPANY. ONE MORE. ONE MORE. IC. Magalifilms. 1OAK FILMS. IRENE. Home. QUAD GROUP.

Blackbox. NKI studio. Lancer la vidéo (1) Nissan / Pathfinder par No Name Description Credits Récompenses Retour au projet Découvrez le film de présentation du nouveau PATHFINDER de NISSAN pour le marché Russe.

NKI studio

Tags : Matte painting, Réaliste, Simulation de fluide, Véhicules. SMOOTH-PROD : Production de films. CHUG FILMS: production de films publicitaires. FIGHTING FISH - Creative Production for the Digital Age. COLLINS&COOPER - production company. Supply & Demand. BLUE, film production. W2P Production. Premiere Heure. Wanda Productions. HENRY. Premiere heure. Faithful to Volkswagen DNA and spirit, David Lodge latest film series is steeped in realism and spontaneity.

Premiere heure

David steers the comic twist smartly, thanks to his mature actors’ direction Faithful to Volkswagen DNA and spirit, David Lodge latest film series is steeped in realism and spontaneity. David steers the comic twist smartly, thanks to his mature actors’ direction Commercials 06.11.14 post by Can Gemo' saga continues with Vincent Vesco. Bandits Production. SOLAB PRODUCTION COMPANY. Control Films. Control Films. Les télécréateurs. Hellostranger. Julien & Quentin - Onirim. Partizan. Cokau Lab. Culturepub : le meilleur de la publicité mondiale.

Where Will Your Friends Take You? WWF E 60 YouTube. Blink on Vimeo. Blink is an award-winning British commercial production company based in London.

Blink on Vimeo

Since its launch in 1985, Blink has become recognised for discovering and fostering new creative talent and launching the careers of many acclaimed directors. Founded in 1985 by Bob Lawrie and James Studholme as an animation company with a unconventional approach, Blink evolved into a live action production company in the 1990s. Today, Blink is one of the industry's most respected production companies, consistently producing innovative, beautifully crafted and intelligent work whilst maintaining a distinctive style. Blink's roster of directors represents a diverse collection of talent working across the traditional and emerging realms of advertising. Blink was named 'Production Company of the Year' by Campaign Magazine in 2012 for the second year running, having already received the title from both Campaign and Televisual Magazines in 2011. External Links. Blink. agency. Death of a lamp: touching or ironic?

The Mill Homepage - The Mill. Work. GPY&R. Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina - Home. Full-Service Creative Advertising Agency, Digital Agency, Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy. BBH London. The Secret Life of Ringan Ledwidge. In this interview with director Ringan Ledwidge, he lets us in on the secrets behind his blockbuster commercials for brands including Nike, Axe and The Guardian.

The Secret Life of Ringan Ledwidge

Susan Glenn Award: Nomination / TV & Cinema Advertising / 2013Agency: BBH New YorkClient: Unilever The gift of this brief was Peter Rosch the copywriter. He’s a really great writer, and it’s (sadly) rare that you get beautifully written scripts. There are certainly people capable of doing it; it’s just whether they get the scripts through. My thinking was that it needed to feel like memories.

Working out the timings was a nightmare. So each take had to be perfect. Spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreen. Droga5. Featured Work. Live From Space National Geographic Channel Love is a Gift MassMutual TLX - It's That Kind of Thrill Acura DAD CASTING Cardstore, American Greetings How the World Works Indeed Baggage Claim Game Zappos The World's Toughest Job Cardstore, American Greetings.

Featured Work

Best Ads Ever. Best TV ads. Rethink - Canada. Honda Hands. Honda Hands July 03, 2013 Honda doesn't just believe in "The Power of Dreams," they live and breathe it.

Honda Hands

This spot is a seamless celebration of the enduring curiosity of Honda's engineers, telling the story of their inquisitive spirit in miniature and condensing their 65-year journey of innovation into just two minutes. An impressive array of Honda products is transformed by the hands of an engineer, with lawnmowers, motorbikes and Asimo the robot making appearances, and a few clever details thrown into the mix to reward equally curious viewers. Honda doesn't just believe in "The Power of Dreams," they live and breathe it. Inner Beauty. Old Spice. Scent Vacation. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Somesuch & Co » Ready To Run?

Integrated Advertising Campaigns. Lemon2020. Issue 31: Cannes 2014 Wrap Up. DDB Worldwide. DDB°