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Fusion Tables - Gather, visualize, and share data tables online Bust your data out of its silo! Get more from data with Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables. Visualize bigger table data online Public Folly – Water Tower Renovation / META – Project Architects: META – Project Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China Design Team: Wang Shuo, Zhang Jing, Chang Qianqian, Huang Limiao, Lin Changyan, Tang Heng Client: China VANKE Co., Ltd. Area: 30 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Chen Su From the architect.

9 Minimal Frameworks for Front-End JavaScript Development Imagine for a second the fact that, five years ago, we already had frameworks like jQuery to play with, and while not as functional and feature rich as today – it was already possible to configure and play with the web in hardly imaginable ways. Today, there are literally hundreds of thousands of frameworks available to anyone who is brave enough to learn something new. Yes, most of them play very tiny role in the collective evolution of web development, but even that tiny contribution counts.

jQuery Cheatsheet Selectors Basics Hierarchy LUNA Browser luna browser NEW! The new LUNA Browser has many powerful tools to help you find, work with and share content. New features include: Create Web Widgets and embed them in outside applications Build Media Groups Create a slide show from a Media Group Create dynamic presentations Easily create a link to any view, Media Group, slide, or presentation Search Flickr for added content via the External Media Search Create annotations on the map images and share them. Use the advanced viewing tools in the LUNA Workspace Content specific Help for more information on how to use the LUNA Browser Learn, create, share and Explore...

Redbook Samples What follows are links to small bits of code and examples submitted by outside parties. Many of these use functionality no longer available in core OpenGL. GPU Skinned Skeletal Animation: Features GLSL GPU matrix palette skinning, normal mapping and LOD for animated OGRE XML files. Based on VC 2010.GPU Geometry Clipmaps: A minimal OpenGL implementation of the 2004 Siggraph paper on terrain rendering. Tableau Hub Data - The Information Lab Tableau Hub / Data Data Posted by The Information Lab on Jan 1, 2012 Data Provider Mapping

Google JavaScript Style Guide We follow the C++ formatting rules in spirit, with the following additional clarifications. Curly Braces Because of implicit semicolon insertion, always start your curly braces on the same line as whatever they're opening. For example: if (something) { // ... } else { // ... } OpenGL Programming Guide (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company): Table of Contents OpenGL Programming Guide or 'The Red Book' About This Guide Chapter 1: Introduction to OpenGL Chapter 2: Drawing Geometric Objects Chapter 3: Viewing Chapter 4: Display Lists Chapter 5: Color Chapter 6: Lighting Chapter 7: Blending, Antialiasing, and Fog Chapter 8: Drawing Pixels, Bitmaps, Fonts, and Images Chapter 9: Texture Mapping Chapter 10: The Framebuffer Chapter 11: Evaluators and NURBS Chapter 12: Selection and Feedback Chapter 13: Now That You Know Appendix A: Order of Operations Appendix B: OpenGL State Variables Appendix C: The OpenGL Utility Library Appendix D: The OpenGL Extension to the X Window System Appendix E: The OpenGL Programming Guide Auxiliary Library Appendix F: Calculating Normal Vectors Appendix G: Homogeneous Coordinates and Transformation Matrices Appendix H: Programming Tips Appendix I: OpenGL Invariance Appendix J: Color Plates Glossary (not included in this version)

10 Best Free Online Photo Editing Sites Design and Development Agency based in Palma de Mallorca - Ma-No Web Design and Development Modern cameras can make digital photography seem very easy, and even the most basic models will often produce crisp, clear photos. We generally use Adobe Photoshop or other graphics applications to make some photo effects or photo editing. But what if some of you dont have Adobe Photoshop or any other applications and you want to do photo editing? If your finances won't stretch that, though, don't worry, there are some excellent free tools around.

data visualizations The Lake Baikal is not so mysterious anymore, one riddle has been solved, how infrastructure for eco-tourism was created. The Great Baikal Trail was created to develop system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal. The projects are based on work done by volunteers from all over the world; Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Mongolia, and many more places. To show the amount of work done in different areas of the lake I used: number of volunteers involved,man-days (=number of volunteers*number of projects' days). I encourage you to interact with my visualization and take part in the Baikal's projects.

Say Yo to Yeoman - Tuts+ Code Tutorial According to, "Yeoman is a robust and opinionated set of tools, libraries, and a workflow that can help developers quickly build beautiful, compelling web apps." Let's dig in and see exactly what this means! A great deal of work goes into building web apps these days. There's countless libraries out there to use, patterns, styles, grids, boilerplates, bootstraps...the list goes on! The 5 Best Free Tools For Making Slick Infographics It's not enough to simply write about data any longer; the world wants visuals. While there are many professional information designers making a name for themselves, such as Nicholas Felton of, the majority of these digital artists are up to their eyeballs in high-paying work. Where does this leave you? Well, if you want to spruce up your documents, blog posts, and presentations, there are some free tools online that can help. Many Eyes This IBM Research tool gives you two choices: an option to browse through existing sets of data, or use your own.

Software When you go to one of the major sites to look up the weather, it's often hard to find what you're looking for. The sites feel dated, there isn't much hierarchy to the information, and navigation gets buried in the show-as-much-information-as-possible-on-the-same-page approach. Forecast, a site by the makers of the Dark Sky app, hopes to improve that experience during those times you need more than the high and lows for the day from the nearest widget. When you visit Forecast, you notice a difference right away. There's a map with local, regional, and global views, the temperature in large print on the right, and there are descriptions about what to expect that are easy to understand.

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