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DOMUS Industrial complex, Valvigna, Italy The most recent and largest factory designed by Guido Canali for Prada is laid out as something more complex and diversified than a mere manufacturing plant. It aspires to create a place that represents the most authentic spirit of the Italian brand in the context of a highly developed area lying along Italy’s longest motorway. Design Guido Canali. Photos Francesco Castagna Guido Canali and Prada When a client like Prada meets an architect like Guido Canali, it can be the beginning of a long string of reciprocal discovery and successful projects.

Designinterviews Eva-Lotta is a freelance User Experience Designer. She previously led the Business design team at Skype, worked as interaction designer for Yahoo! in London and as lead designer for Kahn + Associates in Paris. Besides her daytime mission of making the web a more understandable, usable and hopefully more delightful place, she loves sketching, doodling and playing around with various little side projects. In her interview to DI she shared her feelings about her in-house work experience as well as her new freelance status. Jeremiah Shoaf is a freelance Interactive Art Director & Flash Developer working out of the Washington, DC area.

Here to There [oF] - "programmed illustrations" by @theowatson + Emily Gobeille aka @design-io / + WIN ONE! Inspired by the childhood memories of artworks on their bedroom walls, Here to There is a project by Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson (Design I/O) created two years ago, now available as a limited run of prints. For the project, the duo developed a suite of software tools using openFrameworks to programmatically build elements based around concepts like algorithm, permutation, cause and effect, and topology to name a few. More than 25 mini openFrameworks applications were created that would output graphics as postscript. The graphics outputted by the OF apps became the basic building blocks for the posters, which were combined with character design, narrative and illustration, to create the story of the two worlds of Here To There: the ‘City’ and the ‘Jungle’. Some of the apps would process input input images, while others were drawing tools which would be used to create custom elements for the posters. To read more about the project, visit the project page.

7 Free Editable Butcher Meat Cut Chart Illustrations The latest set of freebies I’ve been working on is a little unusual, but hopefully it will be the perfect resource for designers working on vintage style artwork based on the theme of BBQs, butchery, culinery or maybe even hunting. Download this free set of editable vector animal illustrations with hand lettering style text, similar to the traditional meat cut charts used by butchers. This free set of vector illustrations contains 7 animal meat cut diagrams based on classic vintage style butchery charts. Each one has been designed with editable text than can be customised to suit your own designs, which provides loads of options for how these resources can be used in real world projects.

m jealous of javier piñón i’m jealous of javier piñón Oh boy, I think I have a new crush… yep, I do. Brooklyn based artist Javier Piñón {and his cowboys} had me at howdy. These boys are from three different series: Chairs, Chandeliers, and Floods… and I love them all very, very much. {I discovered Javier’s work through Fine Line Magazine. I wrote about Issue One last November, and as of this Friday (02.25) Issue Two will be out/ready to order… and Javier’s cowboys are in it ♥ Yee-haw!} FROG Frog 15 hits the newsstands in November 2015. Olympia Campbell is on the cover, photographed for Frog by Jüergen Teller at the Musée Picasso in Paris. This is a very special issue, as we celebrate Frog’s 10th anniversary!

Free icons! Author: YOOtheme Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website) Author: IconDrawer Icon set website: Visit site bebe le strange bebe le strange 'Images -- millions of images -- that's what I eat' --William S. Burroughs (click here for pics only) alyptoph: Fresh Free Fonts for your Design Projects Its not been many years since fonts have increased in numbers. Now a days, there is an immense range of cool unique free fonts that is made available for designers to make optimum use of in different projects. Ask any designer and he will explain you the importance of picking up the right type of fonts that is in and gels well with the overall design. If the wrong choice is made when it comes to fonts, it can actually marr the whole purpose and the efforts can go down the drain asking the designer to make the changes. Sounds a weird idea indeed! Who would want to make the efforts again by making the mistake of picking up the wrong font.

16 CV "graphiques" (It’s actually up to 18 now.) A number of designers have attempted to design a visual, infographic resume, and while this is certainly not mainstream (yet), it is gaining some momentum. I wanted to highlight some of the great examples available on the web, but the line between an infographic resume and a designer resume is tough not to cross. I’ve tried to stay true to only infographic versions here, and didn’t include many good illustrated resumes that didn’t include any visualizations. Michael Anderson’s 2008 concept on an infographic resume (above) is probably the most well known.

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