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Des adresses pour acheter de la laine en vente d'usine ou en ligne ! - Closeupfactory, le blog d'Alfafa

Des adresses pour acheter de la laine en vente d'usine ou en ligne ! - Closeupfactory, le blog d'Alfafa

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FitzBirch Crafts: Summer Rose Capelet I have a love of crocheted roses (our previous posts about Knitted Door Stops and a Button Rose Tea Cosy are testimony to that) so I thought I would give knitted roses a try. My parents recently skipped across the country to visit my sister Deb and deliver her long awaited, hand made knitting loom (you can read about it here), and they brought me back some beautiful 8ply bamboo/wool blend.The minute I saw this gorgeous bamboo, I knew what I would make. A summer capelet that sits comfortably on your shoulders that stops the chill in the evenings.Not that we have had much chill. We have been experiencing a heat wave that has seen the coolest temperature in the last week reach 37C. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Instructions for Scallop Cast On

Yarn for Knitting and Crochet at the Online Store for Fiber Fanatics, Some people wonder about the recent explosion in crafts. Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, embroidery - rug-making, doll-making. For us it all boils down to one thing - the spiritual energy and fulfillment that you get from taking something, something like String (ie, yarn) and turning it into something else (like knitted garments) with mere fingers. Cookie, the Amigurumi Girl Free Pattern I’m super excited to tell you that the pattern for Cookie, the amigurumi girl, the little cutie you all loved so much, is now ready for download :D And, as I had promised in my last post, the pattern is FREE for all you lovely, amigurumi lovers! Cookie is 8.5 inches tall and very, very mischievous. So should you decide to make one for yourself, be warned—she can be quite a handful. So, without further ado, here’s the link to the pdf. If there’s one thing that gets me more excited than designing my own amigurumis is seeing what other crafters make with my patterns. So if you make any amigurumis using this pattern, please free to send me your photographs or weblinks.

Crocheting the Day Away: Tunisian Crochet How-To… Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch Welcome friends! This is my first How-To blog post and I am excited to share with you. I am going to show you how to Tunisian Crochet. Some of you may have heard of it and others maybe not. Either way, you will learn how to do it today! Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Winding Lane Bracelet ~ Free Crochet Pattern with Video Tutorials It's May in Wisconsin - when winter plays tag with summer, and spring sits on the sidelines debating whether to join the game. After months of jackets and sweaters, we're longing to feel the sun on our skin, and any sunny day is an excuse for short sleeves. Bare arms mean bare wrists - and bare wrists cry out for bracelets. Fun little cottony warm-weather bracelets, stitched in a palette of spring colours and dotted with shining beads. Like these: Winding Lane Bracelets are quick to make, and a perfect project for novice bead crocheters.

Knit Nature Motif: Blue Tit (Bird) Click to zoom BLUE TIT (Bird) Materials: Olé Olé blanket: The border Feb08 Good evening ladies, Hope everything is fine ! Let me begin this post by thanking each and every one of you… one by one… every single one… for every sweet comment you left on my Olé Olé blanket post…Your words filled my heart with a big joy and I felt sooo happy reading them

tutorial conillet de pasqua Nibble nibble, hop hop Posted on Updated on If you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently. You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Rabbits, as you well know, breed like, well, rabbits and before we knew it there were not one, but four new members to the family. If you are interested in meeting the owl family please be sure to check out the New Zealand branch here and the original English pattern here – over at Bunny Mummy no less!!!

Tutos : 50 grilles de carrés au crochet Tutos disponibles sur Otiskyprstu Clic droit pour agrandir - Right click to enlarge Free crochet patterns Foundation Chain: Multiples of 8 + 2 Techniques used in this pattern (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Double crochet / Single crochet – dc / sc Half treble / Half double crochet – / h.dc A real dress charm. Standard follows. - Crochet Designs Free Elegant dress for special occasions, I am very happy to show this lovely free model super beautiful crochet is very easy to do. I hope you like it too well as I liked. Follows the graph for the free production of this model. The colors are free, you pick. It's a real charm to a class of woman do not you think?

YARNS Rendezvous Silky Lace USD 35,-/Skein (Free Shipping Worldwide)

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