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Mes réalisations au tricot - Pantoufles.. Les pieds au chaud..

Mes réalisations au tricot - Pantoufles.. Les pieds au chaud..

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Knitted DROPS slippers with cables in ”Eskimo”. DROPS ESKIMO UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Felting Fever / 25% OFF! 3.60 USD 2.70 USD DROPS ESKIMO MIX (50g) DROPS Felting Fever / 25% OFF! 4.15 USD 3.10 USD DROPS ESKIMO PRINT (50g) DROPS Felting Fever / 25% OFF! 4.50 USD 3.40 USD DROPS ESKIMO TWEED (50g) DROPS Felting Fever / 25% OFF! 4.50 USD 3.40 USD DROPS ESKIMO DEGRADÉ (50g) DROPS Felting Fever / 25% OFF! Feather Extension Headband How to Make a Feather Extension Headband Feather extensions and earrings are all the rage right now {especially peacock feathers}. Very bohemian, very awesome. So rather than create earrings or a clip in extension, I thought about attaching the feathers to a subtle headband. And this is what I got. Free crochet patterns Techniques used in this pattern (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Slip stitch – Double crochet / Single crochet – dc/sc 6 half treble / half double crochet puff stitch – puff st: yarn over hook, insert hook into ring and draw yarn up.

Friendship bracelet Friendship bracelet – easy stripe form Step-by-step diagram of basic knot associated with friendship bracelets The amount of thread used in bracelets varies depending on the pattern. The smallest pattern, a double chain knot, requires two strings while the candy stripe can have as 3 or more strings depending on the desired thickness. Friendship bracelets first became popular in the United States during the 1970s and are commonly worn by both male and female teenagers.[2] They are now popular throughout the world[3][4][5] and are not only popular among teenagers but among the older generation; they are popular among celebrities as well. Friendship bracelets can be worn on various occasions; for example, they are ideal as a fashion accessory at the beach because they are made of materials that will not be easily destroyed and with which one can swim freely.[6]

Double Knitting - Knitting Community Double knitting is the exception to many knitting rules. You can double knit a stockinette scarf, and it will lay flat instead of curling. Color knitting will be reversible, showing a negative of the image on the back of the work instead of floats. How is this possible? Double knitting produces a fabric with the right sides showing on both sides of the work. This technique is fun to do and produces a thick fabric that is ideal for winter accessories, hot pads, and there are even patterns for double knit sweaters! Slippers Japanese take the shoes off in the personal house to keep out soil dust. In the winter, we need the warm and clean slippers. We call them "room shoes". Make Your Own Beads This is a fun and simple project... a great way to use up those little scraps of paper and thread that you don't want to throw away. What you need: 1. Scraps of paper or card stock

Pas à pas écharpe/snood au tricotin (ang) Like I said in my previous post, this post has nothing to do with cooking, so look away if you’re not interested. After posting a picture on my Instagram about my recent knitting obsession, I had a couple of people ask me about knitting with the loom. There are tons of tutorials online to learn how to knit using sticks, but not as many using a knitting loom. Since I had a camera and was starting a new project, I figured I’d make my own tutorial if anyone else wanted to learn the easier way to knit. First, here’s what you need: Here are the details of my yarn if you’re into that kind of thing.

Diagonal Tunisian Crochet Stitch Pattern 101712 by M. J. Joachim I’ve been working diligently on a few fairly large projects lately. In between, I’ve been fiddling around with different combinations of Tunisian crochet stitches, and writing them down in a notebook. Tunisian Crochet How-To… Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch Welcome friends! This is my first How-To blog post and I am excited to share with you. I am going to show you how to Tunisian Crochet. Some of you may have heard of it and others maybe not. Felt Baby Slippers These Felt Baby Slippers are my latest go-to handmade baby shower gift. I like them because they are a quick-but-personal touch that I can easily add onto a more utilitarian registry gift. Sure, they are more cute than practical, but they are so cute! Faced with lots of new babies coming into my life and armed with some beautiful new felt, I designed these Slippers to be even quicker to sew up than my original Felt Baby Shoes. Three simple pieces come together in a snap with a pretty zigzag machine stitch. Make a pair or two, or three, or four!

Ladies’ Ballet Slippers Since tackling my very first baby bootie, I’ve been working on a steady upward climb leading toward the larger sizes. However, coming up with a uniform pattern for larger sizes is REALLY tricky when you only have one size (your own) to draw from! I’m the only lady in my house… So, what can you do when you need to come up with a pattern that’s tested and works and is simple enough to follow? You look through the free offerings online, of course.