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Tienda online para bebes - Mundo Infantil. Identity design, Branding and Design logos on Pinterest. Behance. Identity design, Behance and Ryan o'neal on Pinterest. Pinterest. Branding design, Behance and Branding agency on Pinterest. New born icons Vector. Social Media Icon Pack 28.920 96 4 weeks ago Colors social buttons set 13.975 54 4 weeks ago Social media free vector 491.439 441 1 year ago Social media labels 88.378 208 9 months ago Colorful and circular set of social media icons 16.222 37 2 months ago Colored social media icons 44.149 97 5 months ago Mobile phone icon set 306.198 126 2 years ago Colorful social media icons 30.793 42 4 months ago Communication icons 142.364 134 1 year ago Variety of arrows icons 70.620 57 10 months ago Long shadow retro icon set 91.116 117 10 months ago.

New born icons Vector

Blue baby shower card in cute style Vector. Abstract brochure design 19.287 38 3 weeks ago Watercolor floral wedding invitation 26.570 172 4 weeks ago.

Blue baby shower card in cute style Vector

Text Input Effects. Inspiration for Custom Select Elements. Inspiration for Text Styles and Hover Effects. Line Menu Styles. 20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design. Inline Anchor Styles. It had been my luck to live en famille with some herder Lapps once before in North-Western Norway.

Inline Anchor Styles

I had some elk shooting and some fishing up there, and I came across the tribe one day poaching red char from one of my own hired lakes. When we actually did get under weigh, our outfit consisted of one inferior double-barrelled 12-bore shot-gun by an anonymous maker, one good Marlin ’45 repeating rifle carrying a long bullet, a small assortment of tinned foods and loaded cartridges... It was these photographs which suggested going to see the Lapp in his own domains. The map showed the position of Lapland in large letters, and for the sake of definiteness we made up our minds to cross it from north to south... Drawing from our own ignorance, and from the united ignorance of others (most freely and generously bestowed), we mapped out the details of the campaign with glibness and ease.

It is not to be denied, though, that the Novaya Zemblya scheme had its seductions. Creative Link Effects. Hell'o Baby – Interactive baby album. AJ-Brie-RAW-002_001. Still standing. Loves Comments Views 4,081 COLOURlovers viewed this page and think shr7 is cooler than a cucumber.

Still standing

Today Week Month. 50 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Mind Explode. Business cards are sadly often overlooked, resulting in dull and boring cards that are easily forgotten.

50 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Mind Explode

At MOO we know business cards can give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, be unique, and say something about yourself and your brand. But business cards needn’t be dull or boring – in this post we will take a look at the opposite end of the scale. OK – your mind might not actually explode, but we’ve collected some of the most fascinating, creative and truly unique business cards that stretch the limits of design and imagination, grabbing your attention like a dropkick to the head. These designs may not be ‘right‘ for many brands, or indeed always work in the real world due to time or cost constraints, but they should help inspire you, and encourage you to think a little more creatively! 1. 3D Business Cards – If you work in 3D design, what better way to show off your work than with 3d glasses in your business card! 2. 3. 4. 5. Logotypes: baby, child on Behance. Killer Tips for Children's Logo Design.


Killer Tips for Children's Logo Design

Our children’s logo survey is over and we are delighted to share the results with you today. We have spoken to mothers from several European countries, USA, Canada and Australia. Mothers have a direct impact on what their kids use and consume including baby food, books, toys and cosmetics. Children are so impressionate, they remember every detail. They should be surrounded with beautiful goods of the highest quality and the best design. More than 80% of respondents remember the logos of children’s products and can name more than 5 product brands that they trust. First of all we asked moms to name the logos of famous brands that they consider to be the most efficient and successful. What should a good logo for kid’s product contain? Logos with animals turned out to be the most preferable among mothers. 59% of all respondents voted for them. Images with kids take second place (53%). Baby Pack 1 +100 free icons.

Logolicia » Ratata. Logolicia » By Chat. Logolicia » Bárbara da Silva. Baby. Arthur Viana Lopes. Compra Maternelle en BabyCuy Perú - ¡Todo para tu bebé! Llevamos la tienda a tu casa. - BabyCuy Perú. SociallyViral - WordPress Theme To Increase Social Shares, Traffic & Revenue. As a website owner, we are always looking for ways to get insane amount of traffic for little or no effort.

SociallyViral - WordPress Theme To Increase Social Shares, Traffic & Revenue

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