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Exercices pour se préparer aux examens et tests de français FLE : DELF, DALF, DILF, TCF

Exercices pour se préparer aux examens et tests de français FLE : DELF, DALF, DILF, TCF

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French Connecting Words List - FrenchCrazy French words to better express yourself When writing or speaking in French, you’ll need those special linking words and transitions to make your speech or paper flow smoothy. Connecting words also serve a guide for your audience into your next set of thoughts.

Francais IB - Reading Comprehension Practice - C.J. Hooker Middle School - Goshen Central School District - Goshen, NY Reading in French is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and grammar. Many beginner French students find reading French to be quite difficult, so it is important to practice with authentic materials like books and newspapers. There are also a great deal of French reading resources available on the internet. Explore some of the links below to help you with your reading comprehension. How to Practice Reading Comprehension French is an important language on the internet. DELF and DALF Exam Preparation Tests: Free practice materials (Delf A1, A2, B1, B2 – Dalf C1, C2) « IOMC Blog DILF, DELF, and DALF are a set of official French proficiency tests administered by the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (CIEP). Each year, many medical students or researchers who wish to pursue their undergraduate or post graduate studies in French speaking countries and/or universities or wish ti immigrate, take DELF Exam. DELF (Diplôme d’études en Langue Française) exam consists of 4 sections of Listening, Reading, writing, and Speaking. DELF has 4 levels of A1, A2, B1, and B2, as it follows:

"To Meet Up" In French: Rencontrer Versus Retrouver, Se Réunir, Faire la Connaissance... - Learn French Using the verb 'To Meet' is easy enough in English, but it is not so in French: we use several verbs such as "(se) rencontrer", "retrouver", "réunir", "rejoindre"... and they are not interchangeable. Let's study the differences, although you'll see the rules are not really set in stone. 1. Rencontrer = to Run into by Chance, or to Meet for the First Time in French Let’s start with this verb that is well-known by students of French but unfortunately often leads to mistakes. “Rencontrer” means to run into someone by chance – you didn’t plan on doing so.

Les gestes français Create a quiz in minutes with QuizRevolution easy online tools. Make quiz widgets perfect for business marketing. Adds interactive website or blog content. Create online quizzes to socialize, share and promote. How to Know A French Noun's Gender - FrenchCrazy Is it masculine or Feminine? How do I know the gender of a word in French? Let’s be honest, it’s annoying to try to remember a noun’s gender after you’ve forgotten it. I remember back in my early French 1 days, my teacher simply told us that the genders are put to memory – that’s the only way to master them. It’s true, if you use the word enough, you will remember the gender. But, she failed to tell us that there is a surefire way to know the gender of a word – working around 95% of the time!

French Interactive Readings • French Click on a reading below. The reading will begin to play. Pause it and see the word that is being read. Click on any word and the reading will start up at that location. The Afrikaans language Starting to learn Afrikaans It is easier to start learning Afrikaans, or any other language, than it is to become good at it. It can also be more fun, because when beginning you can make rapid progress without learning grammar or trying to learn words which only occur infrequently. Learning a language can vary from knowing ten words to fluency. It all depends on your goal. Do you want to learn enough to be polite, to get by or to be able to express yourself fluently and with confidence.

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