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Les enquêtes de Lafouine

Les enquêtes de Lafouine

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Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Well that’s a mouthful! So the time has come, it’s Pinterest Challenge time again! Every season Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power throw a little link party to get people to stop pinning things and actually start making. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I have wanted to start this project forever and once Miss Kelly made her way into my kitchen I knew it was time to start it.

The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli Amazed by what you have learned about having a bilingual brain? Then, start learning another language now! This website has tons of free lessons, games and quizzes to get you started! Pick one language or even two languages and get that gray matter growing. Speaking more than one language is like exercise for the brain? Read Radiolab blogger Chris Berube discusses the advantages of speaking multiple languages in his post “Mapping the Bilingual Brain” Want to know some more of the advantages of having a bilingual brain? Triple Dome Survival Shelter « Earthbag House Plans April 12, 2011 by Owen Geiger Triple Dome Survival Shelter (click to enlarge) Specifications: Three 16′ interior diameter domes with 603 sq. ft. interior, 3 sleeping lofts with 312 sq. ft., total 915 sq. ft. interior, one bedroom, one bath, Footprint: 38′ x 38′

Paper Bag Characterization My students presented their Paper Bag Character assignments today. LOVED it!!! They worked so hard on these projects, and it definitely paid off. chapitre préliminaire If you have studied French before, what are the main things you remember? Foux da fafa is by a group from New Zealand called Flight of the Conchords. The song is a parody on words and expressions that students typically learn in introductory French courses. As you listen, see how much of the song you are already able to understand. Free Patterns and Tutorials FREE Patterns and Tutorials Click on a picture for more details on each pattern or select from the list on the left:

The Best Part of Me Directions Part 1 Step 1: Gain your class' undivided attention, then roll up your sleeve, hold your elbow out toward them, and look at it like it is the most amazing thing you have ever seen. Say, "So tell me, what do you think of my elbow? Because I absolutely love it! I think it IS the best part of me." The Most Important Lessons in Woodworking Learning woodworking isn’t just about “how to” do something. A good example of this comes from my days as an apprentice in a commercial cabinet shop. I entered the experience with a misguided, romantic notion of working beside an experienced craftsman and being tutored in the fine points of cabinetmaking. I figured I would be coached and guided as my skills developed. That type of experience may exist in old books or in woodworking schools, but the real world is quite a bit different.

Management Monday: Guided Reading I've received a lot of emails about how I organize my guided reading groups. Here are a few tips that I have for you! This is my {FAVORITE} guided reading tool ever (I got it from a workshop at my school). This little folder organizes my students by level. 1st graders are ever-so-changing and always moving up so fast in reading groups.