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Ashes and snow

Ashes and snow

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The Surreal Landscape Of Marc Adamus Working for Fstoppers I come across a lot of photography, a lot! At a certain point it becomes hard to find artist that truly leaves me standing in awe. Marc Adamus does, the man was born to have a camera in his hands. His compositions are nothing short of textbook perfect, not to mention the dynamic range he is pulling out of his images is incredible. Marc manually blends separate exposures in a lot of his work. Heartbreakingly Beautiful Portraits of Shelter Dogs I came across Traer Scott's portraits of dogs living in American shelters and was immediately taken aback by the mix of emotions I felt. Look at these dogs' faces and you'll see what I mean. The Providence, Rhode Island-based photographer shoots up-close black and white portraits of shelter dogs, some of which found good homes while others were eventually euthanized. "Photographer Traer Scott's endearing portraits of dogs living in American shelters are irresistible and heart-rending - and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere.

challenge: make art more awesome Home » Image Challenge » Make Art More Awesome[Suggest a different challenge] Make Art More Awesome(This challenge is now closed) In response to this this, open up Photoshop, take a famous (or otherwise) piece of art, and make it 'AWESOME'. Thanks to The Great Architect and Patrice Ici for the suggestion. Pamukkale, a photo from Denizli, Aegean Critiques | Translate adam Before reading your explanation, I thought it was an ice formation. Great capture, the water looks so clear, I want to visit these hot springs one day. avigur_11 Nikon Professional Services Digital and film photography can be radically different from one another, and not just from an operational standpoint. Each medium instills a different feeling when shooting, and both require a different approach to subject matter. It is true that recent D-SLRs can improve your chances of capturing the right moment dramatically. Moreover, the post-production process with digital allows for more freedom than with film, and you can shoot more frames with less consideration about how much film is left or when might be the right moment to use your last frame.

Stunning Rural Landscapes Blur Reality with Abstraction In these dramatic landscapes, photographer Lisa Wood perfectly blurs the line between reality and abstraction. The series, entitled Art of Farmland, documents the gorgeous countryside of the artist's hometown in Sun Valley, Idaho. However, as viewers gaze upon the visually stunning images, it becomes evident that these aren't your typical farmland scenes. By blending multiple exposures and utilizing timelapse techniques, Wood transforms an everyday moment into a playfully surreal adventure. The Fine Art of Dogs (15 photos) British photographer Tim Flach sees animals in a completely different way. Having completed postgraduate studies at St. Martins School of Art London, Flach shoots stylized animal portraits that look more like fine art than framed shots of your puppy. Commercially trained as a professional photographer for over 25 years, Flach's conceptual style has been shaped by his background not just in photography but in, curiously, painted sculptures. Flach recently released a book called Dogs that's definitely worth a look.

Sweet Station Zemer Peled Peled was born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel. After completing a BA (Hons) at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem she graduated with an MA (Hons) from the Royal College of Art. In recent years her work has been featured nationally and internationally in museums and galleries including Sotheby’s and Saatchi Gallery-London, Eretz Israel Museum-Tel Aviv and the Orangerie du Senate, Paris among others. Zemer Peled’s work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world. Her sculptural language is formed by her surrounding landscapes and nature, engaging with themes of nature and memories, identity and place.

Biggest Dogs in the World (Pictures Compilation) Today I am adding some of the pictures of (real) biggest dogs from all over the world the Worlds biggest dogs, I have compiled the pictures of giant puppies (taken from from many different sources all over the internet) and put them here, Please feel free to submit if you have any picture of even bigger dog (must be real though). Anyhow, lets begin with the word “Biggest”…well the term biggest is relative; for some it referred to as “most tallest” and to some it means “most heaviest” and if we have a peek at the Guinness Book of World Records then we can notice that they have divided it to separate categories just because of this very reason. Officially the World’s Biggest as well as Heaviest Dog in the World The giant dog in the picture below was awarded the distinction of Worlds Most Biggest Dog by the mighty Guinness World Records.

Nikon Professional Services My name is Jim Brandenburg and I am an American nature photographer. Most of my career has been with National Geographic Magazine and in television. Today I am on the west coast of France testing the Nikon D800, a very exciting new product. I am honored to be able to be one of the first to use this camera. When I was young, I was very shy, I didn't speak much, so I developed a visual language early on to express myself.

Martin Stranka photography CONTINENTAL SHIFT: Emerging Artists from Saatchi Art It is always a pleasure being exposed by Saatchi Gallery. Here you can follow my group exhibition in London. Curated by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator at Saatchi Art, "Continental Shift" is the first group exhibition for Saatchi Art at the Saatchi Gallery, part of the online gallery's off-line approach to connecting art buyers and artists from around the world.

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