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MR. BIUTIFUL Truco Express: Cómo convertir presets de Lightroom a presets de Adobe Camera RAW Hace algún tiempo descubrí en un foro en inglés de los que suelo visitar (pero no recuerdo cuál), un método por el cual se pueden convertir presets de Lightroom a presets de Adobe Camera RAW. En Lightroom, por su manera de trabajar es mucho más fácil crear un preset o ajuste predefinido para volverlo a utilizar. Para el ejemplo de hoy quiero agradecer a mi amigo José Luis Gutiérrez, uno de nuestros referentes en la música de Jazz en España, que es quien veis en las fotografías. Suelo editar los ficheros RAW en Lightroom para luego abrirlos en Photoshop y seguir trabajando allí. El otro día os comentaba algo sobre unos presets para Lightroom que emulaban los clásicos filtros de Instagram y en los comentarios uno de vosotros preguntaba cómo se podían convertir dichos presets a Camera RAW, aquí lo tenéis. Lo primero que debemos es editar un archivo en Lightroom 4 y hacer los ajustes que queramos utilizando un preset determinado. Ya está. En Xataka Foto | Presets de Lightroom

Joe McNally’s Blog We celebrated Earth Day this past week. This observance has been around for a while now, and back in the 70′s I was occasionally assigned to cover some of the events. I shot the above for UPI one year, at an Earth Day observance at the UN. I recall it being the usual, uh, cluster….k, in NY press terminology, with all the papers, the wires, and the TV folks angling for angles and exclusives. I was working for the formidable drill instructor of editors, Larry DeSantis, or LD, as we called him, who told me in no uncertain terms to get the muckety-mucks. In color. This past week on the Charles Bridge in Prague, I touched this image, below the statue of St. The folks at Lastolite are pretty cool, especially their chief designer, Gary Astill. Dancer by a window, Havana…… Nikon DF camera, 1/25th sec; f4; ISO 400; 24-120mm lens. Cuban Cowboy, by a farmhouse window….Nikon DF camera; 1/50th sec; f3.5; ISO 100; 28mm f1.4 lens. Heading to St.

How to remove chromatic aberration (color fringing) in Adobe Lightroom Modern camera lenses are complicated. Really complicated. I know, because I tried to fix the aperture control ring on my Canon 24-105 the other day. View all One of the things you look for in a quality lens is its ability to focus all wavelengths of light to the same convergence point. Yeah. Here’s an example. Decent enough shot, but when we zoom in on a bright spot like Simon's collar, the chromatic aberration becomes apparent: Eww. The first thing to do is open the photo in the Develop panel, then scroll down the list on the right hand side to find the Lens Corrections tab. Well, it made a bit of a difference – but it didn’t fix it entirely, probably because this CA is showing up in a weird blue color, and the auto-fix settings tend to work better on green and purple fringing. Click on the Color tab under Lens Corrections and you’ll see your Defringe options. In our case, our CA is a sort of aqua blue, so let’s start on the green hue slider. Great! Great! Done!

Clix + Pixels - "Exposing Larger-than-Life Photography" : Clix + Pixels Anything Worth Seeing / ANTILIMIT Cómo utilizar la luz de luna llena en fotografía nocturna Comencé a admirar la luz lunar porque soy aficionado a la montaña. En verano, es común aprovechar dias de luna llena para realizar rutas de senderismo, ya que por la noche no hace tanto calor, y la luz de nuestro satélite un dia despejado nos puede permitir guiarnos sin necesidad de linternas. Con esa luz de luna llena, tan singular, podemos apreciar un lado de la naturaleza insólito y espectacular. Los sentidos, por la noche, se despiertan, y nuestros ojos captan matices del paisaje que jamás podríamos apreciar con la luz solar. Es por ello que comencé a interesarme tímidamente por la tarea de captar la luz que emite la luna sobre nuestro planeta. En este artículo trataré de daros una breve introducción a los parámetros a tener en cuenta, a la hora de evaluar la exposición, cuando queremos fotografiar un paisaje con la única ayuda de la luz que está emitiendo en ese momento nuestro satélite cuando está en su fase de luna llena. ¿Que exposición requiere la luna? La regla del Looney 16

Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider | Photoshop & Photography Techniques, News, Books, Reviews & More Large format Prices - DS Colour Labs - DSCL If you order consists of any Products over 20"x16" in size (excludes large format prints.) You must Select COURIER If not selected we will contact you for further payment and this can slow your order down. is the most cost effective method of delivery but offers no tracking facility. Also this service can take between 1 - 10 days. If you require a Nextday service please use either Special Delivery or Courier service. Royal Mail Recorded From £4.99 per order Like First class this is the most cost effective method of delivery that is tracked This service can take between 1 - 10 days. Royal Mail Special Delivery From £9.99 per order Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day for guaranteed delivery of your urgent or valuable item before 1.00pm the next working day to 99%* of the UK (Mon-Fri) is available (up to 2kg only above this weight we will send Courier). Next Day by Noon Courier Our Next Day by Noon Courier Service is only available Monday - Friday this service is tracked .

The Complete Course in Professional Photography For over 100 years, NYIP has been providing high-level training in the art, technique, and business of photography. We offer a unique combination of online education and personal coaching. You’ll benefit from a direct relationship with a professional photographer who will become your mentor, available to you for technical support and artistic development throughout the course. Our online, accredited certificate programs allow you to engage in course work at your own pace. Take the time you need to complete your learning. Affordable tuition, flexible, interest free payment plans and a no-risk refund policy, make NYIP the best value in photographic education.


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