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PhotographyTalk Beginner Photographer Tips: 8 Things Every Beginner Photographer Needs. Let’s face it - there’s a lot of things every beginner photographer needs. In fact, there are so many things you need to get started in photography that it can be a little intimidating when you scope out the sheer length of a beginner photography gear list. However, there are some tools you need more than others... Obviously, you need a camera, but don’t think that you need a high-dollar DSLR or mirrorless camera to get started. You can learn the ropes of photography and take some pretty great photos with your smartphone!

Joe McNally’s Blog We celebrated Earth Day this past week. This observance has been around for a while now, and back in the 70′s I was occasionally assigned to cover some of the events. I shot the above for UPI one year, at an Earth Day observance at the UN. I recall it being the usual, uh, cluster….k, in NY press terminology, with all the papers, the wires, and the TV folks angling for angles and exclusives. The Complete Course in Professional Photography For over 100 years, NYIP has been providing high-level training in the art, technique, and business of photography. We offer a unique combination of online education and personal coaching. You’ll benefit from a direct relationship with a professional photographer who will become your mentor, available to you for technical support and artistic development throughout the course.

Upload Junction 500px Blog 500px Shop offers you the best photography supplements, carefully curated by our team. We’ll introduce high quality and useful products to make your lives easier and your photography experiences even more amazing. Today we bring you the Photographer’s Pouch, designed and produced by Will Kortum. We caught up with him to talk about his product and his love of photography.

Wedding Photography Tips - Pictures, Photo Ideas, Samples, Tricks And Poses "Would you like wedding photography tips from an expert wedding photographer?" If you're going to shoot your first wedding, here are some expert wedding photo tips to help you make a positive impression at this wedding and every other wedding you’re going to be photographing. Learn everything from establishing a relationship and rapport with the bride and groom, to getting the best shots on the big day. Would You Like To Be A Wedding Photographer? This great value all-in-one wedding photography business package by Nick Smith will get you started and earning real money quickly and easily. Contains everything you need to become a Pro with absolutely no risk!

Photoshop & Photography Techniques, News, Books, Reviews & More Effects for ProShow For ProShow Producer and Web Elegant effects for love and romance. Capture the emotion of love, romance and wedding photography with 25 sets of layouts and effects. Weddings is perfect for wedding videos, anniversaries, romantic holidays, or any show about love and romance. Just $19.95 Start using it today Photo Attorney Clix + Pixels - "Exposing Larger-than-Life Photography" : Clix + Pixels FroKnowsPhoto