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Iain Crawford photographer

Iain Crawford photographer
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News | Martin Stranka photography CONTINENTAL SHIFT: Emerging Artists from Saatchi Art It is always a pleasure being exposed by Saatchi Gallery. Here you can follow my group exhibition in London. Curated by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator at Saatchi Art, "Continental Shift" is the first group exhibition for Saatchi Art at the Saatchi Gallery, part of the online gallery's off-line approach to connecting art buyers and artists from around the world. For Saatchi Gallery exhibition go HERE. Museum archival print "I Found The Silence" (100x100cm) and "Close" (60x60cm) Interview for ELLE magazine It is a pleasure being featured as "Talent" in ELLE magazine. Book cover for Laurie Halse Anderson Honestly I can say this is one of the best book cover where my photo was used for. Meet My Clients I am always glad when I can meet my clients and print owners and even talk with them in person. Shan with my book I AM from Hong Kong Today I got lovely picture of Shan with my book I AM. Tattoo inspired by my photo I am so happy. So here it is!

Nick Knight view artworks by Alexander James - Distil Ennui Studio™, London 17 April – 11 May 2014. Triumph Gallery, Moscow Academic text by Andrey Tolstoy. Ever since the time when it arose in the 1830s, photography has experienced a certain inferiority complex with regard to painting. Painting methods and modes in contemporary photography, whether it be today’s more widespread digital photography or increasingly rare analogue photography, with shots transposed onto film. The style of Alexander James’s recent works aims towards the preservation and reconsideration within the photographic artwork of the characteristic expressive means from paintings of old. Alexander James’s Russian project, ‘Distil Ennui’, is constructed on an series that he has already tried — working on complex scenes submerged in purified water. So, spectators at the exhibition will have the opportunity to take part in a fascinating interactive action of a dual type. Andrey Tolstoy; (born 1956) grandson of the Russian powerhouse Leo Tolstoy An academician of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Canada's Fashion Authority | Women's Fashion and Beauty Magazine ffffl*ckr Main : Eric Valli Duncan Loughrey Photographer | Food and Drink Archives » Duncan Loughrey Photographer WALNUTWAX SHOOTS (stuart mitchell) pretty-waists asked: What made you start taking photographs? hiya back when i used to live in scotland a lot of my friends were in bands..i couldn’t sing or play so to get involved i started taking promo and live photos for them..i remember getting my 1st camera when i was about 10 and i used to shoot a lot on family caravan holidays so my love of still images goes back a long way thank u x