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Blog officiel de la revue HEY! - Modern Art and Pop Culture

Blog officiel de la revue HEY! - Modern Art and Pop Culture

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80 Beautiful Data Visualizations Using Location Data and Maps — CARTO Blog As the importance of location data continues to grow so do the ways you can visualization this information. We’ve scoured the web in search of data visualizations showing the value of location data in its many varieties, and have compiled this mega list to bring you the very best examples. The 80 entries below surprised us, taught us, inspired us, and drastically changed the way we understand location data.

Download Graphic Images from the Hillis/Bull Lab Return to "Download Files" Page You are welcome to download the following graphic image of the Tree of Life for non-commercial, educational purposes: Tree of Life (~3,000 species, based on rRNA sequences) (pdf, 368 KB) (see Science, 2003, 300:1692-1697) Shao Fan I’m not a big fan of furry bunny type creatures. I think its something about their weird eyes. Despite this I was quite drawn to these strange paintings by Shao Fan, who is exhibiting his first major show “An Incurable Classicist” at the Contrasts gallery in Shanghai. via: designboom

Coco Fronsac Vintage Photos Coco Fronsac Coco Fronsac Vintage Photos by Chris Nelson Coming from a family of artists, French artist Coco Fronsac culls sepia-toned vintage portraits from flea markets and enhances them in various ways, primarily by painting over their faces with bright tribal masks. In this way, her characters become frozen in their elegant, shamanic finery, an unlikely meeting producing a magical veneer. project mayhem project mayhem submit ask book giveaway run by informers & deatheating * 3,028 notes (via incollaborationwithdeath) * 272 notes iamjacksphotography: The Black Harbor You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color mediumsmalllarge Discover Ads via The Deck Eyegroove is hiring a Lead Designer for San Francisco Music and Video App Startup in San Francisco

Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse That means everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways. The Library now makes it possible to download such items in the highest resolution available directly from the Digital Collections website. Search Digital Collections Mind Blowing Hyperrealistic Sculptures Artists that produce photorealistic sculptures, for the most part, aim to show us our bodies and life as it really is. Technically, artists who strive for a high resolution level of detail in painting or sculpture are called “hyperrealists”, although all hyperrealists are also considered to be photorealists. Every detail is slavishly recreated as close to the real life model as possible, even if the sculpture is larger than the original scale.

Wreck-it-ralph!!! Click here to view the original image of 1024x512px. One of the main reasons why I love using ZBrush is the speed you can get when you really need it under the pressure of crunch time. These are characters I made for Litwack's Arcade.

Moment of Impact: the amazing photography of Alan Sailer Alan Sailer says he was an obscure photographer, working in his garage, shooting stuff with a pellet gun and capturing the results with a home-made microsecond flash. All it took was one picture to become a sudden hit on the social networks. "My boss came by one day and told me my site was getting a huge number of views," he wrote on his Flickr page. "Emails from magazines, newspapers and even Good Morning America started clogging my FlickrMail box. It was very stressful." Above, a lime and a lightbulb annihilate one another at great speed.

World's Largest indoor Photo: Strahov Philosophical Library, Prague - 40 Gigapixel 360º Panorama-Namoroka About this photo This image was created from 3,000 individual photos stitched together into a single image that is 280,000 x 140,000 pixels. That's around 40 gigapixels, or 40,000 megapixels. If you printed this photo it would be 23 meters (or 78 feet) long! To control this image, use the controls on the screen or click and hold your mouse button on the photo, and move your mouse around.