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Comment dessiner des yeux réalistes [Tutoriel] 2

Comment dessiner des yeux réalistes [Tutoriel] 2

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How to Draw the Head in 3/4 or Side View A common approach to drawing the head from 3/4 or side view is to use a 2 step construction approach. The first step is to draw a ball for the cranium, followed by drawing the frontal plane and jaw. Below is an example by Andrew Loomis (Fig. 1). This tutorial will introduce a more fluid and gestural approach to drawing the head. The focus is on the major gestures, or “thrusts” as Steve Huston refers to them, and their relationships to one another. How to Draw Eyes For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will go over the structure of the eye and detailed information on drawing the brow ridge, eyeball, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, cornea, and pupil. The Basic Forms

Phlearn .com Now on sale! Get your copy here: You want your images to look beautiful. Becoming Moses wo buses will be leaving for the Imphal airport Sunday morning, one at 5:30, the other at 8:00. Because of Shabbat, most of the families have packed their two bags, weighed them, and locked them in a wooden shed on the temple grounds. After havdalah, the candle-lighting ceremony marking the end of the day of rest, Freund and a few companions take a walk around the block in the fading mauve light.

Try these 5 undiscovered Google Drive tricks Google Drive and its attendant apps offer a wealth of tools to help you be more productive. Try these five for the biggest boost. Work offline Like it or not, there are times when you have to work without an Internet connection. Fortunately, Google Drive has an “offline” mode that lets you create, view, or edit documents in these situations. Self Portrail Stencil I am soooo excited about this one. Please do try it, especially you journal artists. It is a lot more fun than you'd think to manipulate images of yourself. Although I make stencils a lot, it had never occurred to me to do a self-portrait until I read Randi Feuerhelm-Watts' brilliant book, Wide Open. If you don't have her book, go get it today. So many inspiring ideas!

How to Draw Hair, Part 1 Looking back at my tutorials on drawing the head, I realized that I covered individual features, but completely left out hair. This tutorial will is split into 3 parts: The Basics, Types of Hair, and a Step by Step drawing. I’ll start this first part of the series with common mistakes that I see all the time. Common Mistakes when Drawing Hair Forgetting about the volumes Champ Effet de flou dans Photoshop CS6 Field Blur in Photoshop CS6. In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to produce Field Blur effect in any image using Adobe Photoshop CS6 by learning how to use an incredible tool known as the Blur Tool. When you apply the field blur effect to your image, you are going to be able to adjust its amount differently for different parts of the image, giving it an overall amazing focus.

Jewish Law - Articles ("Jewish Business Ethics: An Introductory Perspective") Jewish Business Ethics: An Introductory Perspective (Part I) Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz NOTE: Because the talk covered many areas of business ethics, this article will confine itself to introductory perspectives. Specific areas will be covered in future editions. 12 herbes médicinales à connaître absolument#2561 12 medicinal herbs to know absolutely Sometimes without knowing it, we eat medicinal plants. Included in preparations offering an improvement (of beautiful hair, an Olympic shape), or in small doses in drugs. Medicinal herbs can be useful on a daily basis and this is why we present a selection of 12 essential herbs, to live more healthily.Medicinal herbs are not much used nowadays and it is a pity. Because the herbal medicine wins to be discovered; It is a way to make the good of natural and economic way. Here is a selection of essential medicinal plants in your personal Herbarium.

Human Figure Drawing Proportions START WITH A (3 x 4) OVAL. Divide this head like this:The top of the skull.The pupils are in the middle of the head, top to bottom.The bottom of the nose is about 1.5 eye widths from the eye line.1 eye width below the nose is between the lips.1/3 below between the lips and the chin is the chin crease.I started with an oval that fit on my skull's front view. My horizontal center line of the skull dividing the top to bottom is between the pupils. How to draw the face - Portrait Art Tutorials, lessons on portrait art basics. This book is highly (and frequently) recommended on this site."The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards shows how anyone can learn how to draw, even if they think they have no "talent." (If you are in the UK, look for this book on

34 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Leave You Looking Like A Pro Design This time we are bringing you a lot of Photoshop tutorials on all sorts of topics. It's meant to be a good collection for those who aren't quite pro yet, but want to be. From making amazing business cards to bringing a stone statue to life, these take us through hours and hours of practicing those skills.

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