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Ioby brings environmental projects to life, block by block.

Ioby brings environmental projects to life, block by block.
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Transit App for iOS 6 and Beyond by OpenPlans With the announcement of iOS version 6, Apple has dropped Google Maps and with it, previously built-in support for travel directions via public transit. With your support, OpenTripPlanner Mobile, an open source application developed by OpenPlans will put transit back on the iPhone. Initially, we will offer coverage for almost all transit systems in North America (see coverage details below). The app will also add new features that Google Maps didn’t have, allowing users to combine walking, bikes, bike-share and transit together, finding the fastest and most efficient trips regardless of mode of transportation. The more funds we raise the more features and data coverage we'll be able to add. The way we get around is changing. We’ve spent the last three years creating a trip planning engine, OpenTripPlanner, in partnership with transit agencies and software developers around the globe. It does things other trip planning systems can’t. Now we need your help to bring it to the iPhone! Yes!

About For the last 8 years, on an island in Fiji, a beach in Sierra Leone, in the Umbrian hills of Italy, and now in Mozambique, we have been working in partnership with villages and, together with 2500+ visiting tribe-members, have developed two communities from scratch. We’ve generated $3m in revenues, re-invested into the local villages and created over 100 jobs. Vorovoro Island, Fiji 2006-2011 In April 2006 Ben Keene (26 years, UK) put out a call for people to join a new online tribe, whose mission would be to build a sustainable tourism community on the Fijian island of Vorovoro in partnership with the local landowners and villagers. The campaign caught fire and within a few weeks 1000 people from 21 countries had joined ‘the tribe’ and paid an average of $250 each for the privilege. For the next four years the landowners, 25 local employees and an average of 15 visiting tribe-members, built the cross-cultural island community. Impact in Fiji John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone 2010-present

Platform for Sustainable and Just Cities 2 April 2012 New Online Platform for Sustainable and Just Cities, a recently launched social platform, connects people and organizations invested in developing just and sustainable cities. A new global, multilingual social media platform, engages urban practitioners and social activists in focused problem-solving to reduce urban poverty in developing countries—a crucial element of creating just, sustainable cities. The site is a project of the Ford Foundation and Dallant Networks. A recent post on the slums of Nairobi. Transparent and inclusive, aims to be the premier collaboration platform for the field, enabling people and organizations to discuss best practices and begin to implement practical plans within their own cities and others in the network. Ford’s support for reflects our commitment to realizing just cities: Cities that are shaped by fairness, opportunity and a commitment to shared prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions There are many ways to promote your project. 1) First, there’s your Ulule project page: Do a good job of presenting your project and use interesting visuals to illustrate it (videos, images, portfolio...). Then, update your project blog with news on your project’s progress and/or funding, or to let people know you’ve added new visuals or rewards. 2) Spread the word through your own network: Your first donors will often be people who are close to you, who know how committed you are to your project, and who interact with you personally. 3) A blog can be a superb promotional tool: If you have a blog or know some bloggers, don’t hesitate to tell them about your project: You could get some good feedback or insights from new sources. 5) Content sharing sites: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, FlickR, Pinterest and Picasa are all sites you can use to promote your project, by easily exporting your media to them and tracking their popularity and reach. Be creative.

OpenPlans | Helping cities work better. La veilleuse, naissance et maturation d'un concept Billet publié par Flore Berlingen dans la catégorie Tags: Design , expérimentation , Territoires en résidences Il y a un an, Perrine Boissier participait à la résidence "Habiter ensemble" organisée par la 27e Région dans le quartier de Wazemmes, à Lille. De cette expérience d’immersion et d’échange local est né le concept de la veilleuse, développé d’abord dans le cadre d’un projet d’études. Alors que la Veilleuse commence à voyager, change de mains et devient un projet local et incarné, nous retrouvons Perrine. Retour sur la naissance et maturation d’un concept, par l’échange entre le design et son environnement. La Veilleuse, "tremplin de l’initiative locale" A la fois espace physique, réseau et groupe d’habitants, la Veilleuse est implantée dans un quartier, où elle combine les rôles de relais d’information, de médiateur et d’animateur. Fécondité de l’immersion Comment s’approprie-t-on son quartier ? Diffuser sans dupliquer Le design "habilitant"

Low rate loans - fair borrowing - from Zopa is the UK's leading peer-to-peer lending service. We reward savers and borrowers who are good with their money by providing lower rate loans and higher interest on savings. Since Zopa was founded in 2005 we've helped savers lend more than £512 million in peer-to-peer loans and have been voted 'Most Trusted Personal Loan Provider' in the Moneywise Customer Awards for the past 4 years. How P2P lending works Who we are Zopa is run by a team who draw experience from a range of industries including Financial Services and is backed by the firms who also invested in companies such as eBay, Betfair and Lovefilm. Launched in the UK in 2005 - we're in our 10th year! You can find more key facts and figures about Zopa in the Press Office. Why get a Zopa loan Low rates No early repayment fees Voted most trusted loan provider Get a loan Grow your savings High interest, solid returns Your money is Safeguarded You’ll receive monthly repayments Grow your savings

Background Materials - 6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium- Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future Partizaning jump on opportunities How it works Eppela is a reward based crowdfunding platform which allows you to create a project, share it with your network and obtain funding for its implementation. The target Whether you are an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, a geek, a designer, Eppela is the right place where you can make your project/idea jump, where you can create your new business and / or your successful startup. Why to choose Eppela To promote the challenge of ​​"being funded by the crowd," you have to believe in the co-creation idea of a project, supporting your creativity or the one of other creatives. Eppela team will help you in defining the rewards to give to your supporters and,if you have proven you can do it, will support your promotion activities throughits network of specialists (journalists, advertisers, online and offiline media, blogs) until your budget is reached. Achieving the goal If budget idsuccessful Eppela withholds a 5% of commissiont to the collected amount. Eppela in 6 steps

The Connected States of America | Visuals Visuals 1 2 3 This page provides our visualizations of the communities based on the anonymized, aggregated call and SMS connections. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are also looking forward to hearing from you about the geographic peculiarities. The Connected States of America Through communication people across the United States (in fact around the world) are more connected with each other than ever. Peerbackers | crowdfunding big ideas