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Types of combustion champer

Types of combustion champer
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wedge combustion chamber squish in combstion chamber CombustionChambers 1[1] bath tub combustion chamber hemispheric combustion chamber Future Cars | Concept Motorcycle Construction Training and Maintenance Manuals hemispherical combustion chamber bathtub combustion chamber New Yamaha motor sport models R400 and R600 Yamaha showed its seriousness in strengthening the line-up variant of motor sport, by setting up new models R400 and R600. As reported by, magazine Young Machine divulge production plans two models of motor sport from the Japanese manufacturer. Previously Yamaha is also preparing a sport bike YZF 250. Yamaha YZF 250 New Yamaha motor sport models R400 and R600 This new motorsport model will be used by Yamaha to be a direct competitor Suzuki SV650, Kawasaki Ninja 650 or ER-6, and Honda CBR500R following the success of the three models of motor sport. Detail specifications of the engine has not been given in detail by Yamaha. While Yamaha YZF 250 itself was prepared by Yamaha for Asian markets such as India, Philippines, and Thailand.

hemispherical chamber= small surface area reducing heat loss during combustion, larger valves allowing the engine to breathe, better gas flows, allows spark plug to be central.

bath tub=simple method valve train, reducing costs ,

wedge= better thermal efficiency compared to bath tub design, less complex valve train compared to hemi design. by jakecook Sep 30

Hemispherical combustion chamber small surface area reducing heat loss during combustion larger valves makes the engine breath better which means better gas flow. More complex to work on more components making the engine run more wieght in the engine more thermal efficient using less fuel. SQUISH creation of swirling air fuel ratio away from then cylinder walls and towards the spark plug. Hemi allows the spark pug to be located centrally in the combustion chamber.

Bathtub design simple valve train reducing cost of pruduction

Wedge design smaller surface area compared to the bathtub design by kieran1423 Sep 30