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INDUSTRIE MAGAZINE Todo lo que necesitás para ser un profesional del macramé! Bueeenas amigos Taringueros! Hoy les traigo un SÚPER COMPLETO manual sobre el Macramé, o mejor dicho, TODO sobre los conocidos como "Brazaletes de la Amistad", que se hacen con nuditos, uno por uno. Realmente con esta técnica se pueden hacer cosas hermosas! Amo hacer estas cositas...xD Al final del post les muestro algunas de las cosas que he hecho, pero aún soy principiante Vamos con los materiales? Devil wears Zara Angelica Blick Okej – Nu har flytten av bloggen skett! FRÅN OCH MED NU GÄLLER ENDAST : ANGELICABLICK.SE —> tryck här för att komma till min nya blogg <— Okey – I have moved my bog now! FROM NOW ON THIS DOMAIN IS THE ONLY ONE TO USE: ANGELICABLICK.SE —> Press here to get to my new blog <—

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub This week we’re turning to our friend and beauty expert Sarah Howard, of Beauty Banter, who is indulging us with her delectable brown sugar lip scrub tutorial. Inspired by one of her favorite lip polishes, Sarah recently discovered how simple it was to make her own organic version at home. The timing couldn’t be more ideal as winter’s typically unforgiving weather has us yearning for soft and smooth lips! (PS Be sure to head over to Beauty Banter for our favorite beauty products & tips!) You’ll need:pure coconut oilhoneybrown sugara teaspoona tablespoona mixing bowlan empty jar or 2.5 oz baby food jarlabels (optional)

Simply Seductive Tutorial In this tutorial you can learn how to make the Ankara-bracelet from supplemented by beads in the middle. First of all, follow this path and check out the explanations from the website: --> Muster --> Standardmuster 1-130 --> page 9 --> Ankara bracelet --> Knopfanleitung Direct link: Ankara In this case, to change the framing colours, you'll need 12 threads in 6 colours (2 of each colour ).

Portal de Moda, Desfiles, Tendencias fashion, Diseñadores The Sartorialist Wednesday, April 9, 2014 On the Street….Fashion in Detail, Paris I love an unexplained sock tuck. I wonder if he does that all the time or if today he just felt like it(and why he felt like it?). Tuesday, April 8, 2014 On the Street….How to Ride A Bike With Grace, Paris CIRCLE.SQUARE. To say that it’s “been a while” since my last update, would be quite the understatement… As I look back in recollection of my life here in New York, I smile, I cry, I laugh, and I remember… I remember all the shenanigans I’ve endured while living in this crazy ass town for almost two years. In addition to that.. I realized that a lot has been left out/ never seen, and because CIRLCE.SQUARE. is in dire need of a fresh start, why not begin a new side project? One of which will bring those up to speed.

Hello. Dear readers, Three months ago when I first arrived to New York, I was really into finding the perfect definition or quote about change. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates This quote was the only one that made me understand a little bit better the process I was living during those months. It made me feel better. Big changes can be pretty scary, right?

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