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Hank and Hunt - HOME - HOW TO MAKE ANIMATED DIY IMAGES Hello! Today I thought I'd share a little trick of mine for diys. How do I make those little animated GIFS of my DIY projects? It is really easy, let me show you how. The first thing you need to do is set up for the shoot. Set your starting photo, here I used scissors. For those who want to attempt this at home, download the images HERE: Open Photoshop. Now, place IMAGE 2 by using FILE / PLACE and selecting your image. Repeat for IMAGE 3 and IMAGE 4. Reorder your layers, we want IMAGES 1, 2, 3, 4, 3 (copy), 2 (copy) from bottom to top. Here comes the fun part. Click on the little text paragraph in the upper right corner of the animation window (I don't know what it is) and select MAKE FRAMES FROM LAYERS. Now we adjust the seconds each frame will play. Hit play and do a happy dance. Now, let's save our masterpiece. You will need to change the file type to GIF. Upload this awesomeness to your next DIY post and you are sure to amaze your readers.

Unlock Doormat We surely ship to ! But not from this store. Click here to go to your local Meninos Store. Brazil World Choose your store: See 1 more picture Unlock Doormat Price: Shipping: Calculated at checkout Quantity: Share on facebook Share on twitter | More Sharing Services Add to Wish List Click the button below to add the Unlock Doormat to your wish list. A Beautiful Mess I love using cloth napkins to dress up our dinner table, and through the years I've grown even more fond of their sustainability and cost effectiveness. Though, I'm not sure how cost effective it is if you keep buying more and more cloth napkins each year! This holiday season I thought it would be fun to look at how I could dress up the napkins I already own to give them an extra festive vibe. Ribbon Trimmed Napkin This look is so (no sew) simple! Supplies:-ribbon-heat bond in width of ribbon-cloth napkin (buy mine here)-iron-fabric scissors (not shown above) Step One: Trim pieces of your ribbon to be about 1.5 inches longer than the width of your napkins. Step Two: Fold down the edges of each ribbon segment about 1/4" and iron flat. Step Three: Iron the heat bond to the ribbon (pressing with hot iron for two seconds), then peel off the paper backing. Step Four: Iron the ribbon in place on your napkin front with the heat bond facing down. Pom-Pom Trimmed Napkin That's all there is to it!

Les emballages: et si le verre était la bonne solution? Comment fabriquer son vinaigre? J’avais envie depuis un moment de te parler d’emballages… Et de l’usage que j’en fais. C’est une idée qui m’est venue au moment où j’ai reçu des information d’un industriel de la verrerie: Verallia. On se préoccupe beaucoup des polluants dans notre nourriture, du tri des emballages, du gaspillage qui est fait, mais quand on jette une bouteille d’eau ou un carton, on ne se demande pas toujours quelle conséquence a eu ce type d’emballage sur notre nourriture. Aromatiser son vinaigre Je parle des bouteilles car c’est l’un des produits d’emballage que je consomme le plus, faisant mes courses la plupart du temps au marché. Quand j’ai voulu fabriquer mon propre vinaigre, je me suis posée la question: dans quoi le mettre? La mère de vinaigre dans le filtre Pourquoi fabriquer son propre vinaigre? Bocal de conservation de la mère avec un peu de vin rouge. Comment est-ce que j’ai fait mon vinaigre? Comment créer une mère? Pour fabriquer la vinaigre? Pour aromatiser son vinaigre? Si tu as une mère?

Bunte Nadel - Blog: E-Book BANJU Nächste Woche Donnerstag - 06.10.2011 - kommt ein neues E-Book von mir bei farbenmix: Häkelkissen BANJU Es beinhaltet eine ausführliche Anleitung zur Herstellung von zwei Kissen: Rundkissen mit Riesenblume Häkelkissen in Blumenform Als Goodie ist auch noch die Stickdatei, die ich für Hannahs Kissen im Sommer digitalisiert hatte, mit dabei. Die Datei muss natürlich nicht zwingend auf ein Kissentop gestickt werden. ;-) Wer meine E-Books kennt, weiß, dass auf Anfänger besondere Rücksicht genommen wird. Verwendet wird Catania-Wolle oder eine Wolle in vergleichbarer Qualtität und Stärke. Vielen, lieben Dank an die fleißigen Probehäklerinnen und -näherinnen. Es sind traumhafte Kissen entstanden, die bestimmt in dem ein oder anderen Blog die Tage zu sehen sein werden. :-) Hier ein paar Eindrücke von meinen Kissen:

oh my! handmade goodness Preorder the New Desktop Tank FAQs / Setting Up Your Desktop Jellyfish Tank <iframe src=" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><br> After your tank is all set up, you can order your <a href=" /><b>List of Parts</b><br /> - Tank<br /> - Airline with Check Valve<br /> - Air Pump<br /> - Hydrometer<br /> - Power Supply<br /> - 4 Boxes of Substrate<br /> - Color-Changing LED<br /> - LED Remote Control<br /></p><p><b>Setting up Your Tank</b><br /></p><p>Place tank away from direct sunlight, heat sources and electrical equipment. Be careful: if tank is set on a flat surface without base, any weight applied to fitting on bottom of tank can cause it to crack. ← Back FAQs / Summary of Jellyfish Care <p>Jellyfish are as easy to care for as regular aquarium fish. FAQs / Arrive Alive Guarantee FAQs / Acclimating Jellyfish and Live Accessories

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