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Global Street Fashion and Street Style

Global Street Fashion and Street Style

wardrobe_remix About wardrobe_remix wardrobe_remix, a "DIY street fashion community," was created by tricia royal in september of 2005. "i believe the best stylists walk the streets, not the photo sets, nor the backstage of the runways. the real style innovators are you and me: real, fashionable people, men and women alike. how do *you* put it together? where did you get that item of clothing from? is there a story behind something you wear?

Angelica Blick Okej – Nu har flytten av bloggen skett! FRÅN OCH MED NU GÄLLER ENDAST : ANGELICABLICK.SE —> tryck här för att komma till min nya blogg <— Okey – I have moved my bog now! FROM NOW ON THIS DOMAIN IS THE ONLY ONE TO USE: ANGELICABLICK.SE —> Press here to get to my new blog <— Actualités Si la pole position de la Toyota n°7 aux 6 Heures de Silverstone a été arrachée in extremis pour cinq millièmes de seconde, la victoire et même le doublé du constructeur japonais à lors de la manche d'ouverture du Championnat du Monde d'Endurance FIA WEC fut limpide. Imaginez un seul et même événement qui puisse être vécu aux travers de couleurs, de sensations, de bruits... Si le résultat des 6 Heures de Silverstone, manche inaugurale de la saison 2014 du Championnat du Monde... Après le magnifique doublé de Toyota Racing en manche d'ouverture du Championnat du Monde d'Endurance...

ICONIA Street Style Blog Photo: Craig Arend / Altamira Photo: Photo: Diego Zuko Karlie Kloss is an American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel. Photos: Fernando Mañas Chic Too Chic Amatőr kertészkedésem sorvezetője a BBC népszerű kertészének Carol Klein-nak könyve, mely Termesszünk zöldségféléket! címmel a Gabo Kiadó gondozásában jelent meg. A könyvet a Libriben találtam, azóta ez a Bibliám. Carol Klein híres kertész, Nagy-Britannia legnépszerűbb televíziós kertészeti tanácsadója. Irománya pont az olyan kezdő amatőröknek a leghasznosabb, mint én. Vagyis, akik szívesen megpróbálkoznának a haszonnövények termesztésével, mert valahogy elegük lett a szupermarketek polcain sorakozó, gyakran ízetlen, agyonmanipulált zöldságekből, gyümölcsökből.

Easy Fashion Andreas Wijk Det händer grejer just nu… Jobbade hela natten och efter ett par få timmar sömn har jag varit fast vid datorn. SNART SNART SNART ska ni få se vad jag har i kikarn… There’s some great things happening right now. How can you know it, if you don't even try... I am always very passionate about making films that I am drawn to, ones that really strike a chord with me. I never want to make a film for any other reason. I was in few low budget films. Steve McCurry's Blog Angkor Wat Temple Complex, Cambodia Trees are Sentinels Guarding, Nurturing, Protecting Bastions of Dignity Breathing life Providing shelter Asking for nothing Sacrificing everything - K. Earle O'Style Dress: Twenty8Twelve, scarf: YSL “Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself ” (Thomas Paine) Top: Zara, jeans: Zara, shades: Ray Ban, scarf: YSL

Northern Light Beautiful coats, oh don’t we love them, but honestly, being a jumper kinda girl, it feels quite liberating to leave it behind now and then when temperatures raises. If you’re not already tired of your coats and layers that carried you through winter I bet you’re one of the few. We’ve got the best times ahead of us sartorial-wise, or what do you think?

b a r t a b a c It’s Friday again and I am back home from Madrid, but soon off to California again!!!! In the meantime, here is a really cool casual look, because there is nothing better than going from heels to sneakers. These Converse All Star trainers are uber cool, with the Tie Dye design making them perfect for summer. I would love to wear them with shorts and dresses but the weather prevented me from doing so and I opted for jeans, a white t-shirt and a checked jacket instead. Hope that you have a great day, much love!

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