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Simply Seductive Studded Hearts Planet Blue’s lastest fall campaign They produce the best lookbooks and quite often too! Actualités Si la pole position de la Toyota n°7 aux 6 Heures de Silverstone a été arrachée in extremis pour cinq millièmes de seconde, la victoire et même le doublé du constructeur japonais à lors de la manche d'ouverture du Championnat du Monde d'Endurance FIA WEC fut limpide. Imaginez un seul et même événement qui puisse être vécu aux travers de couleurs, de sensations, de bruits... Si le résultat des 6 Heures de Silverstone, manche inaugurale de la saison 2014 du Championnat du Monde...

ICONIA Street Style Blog Photo: Craig Arend / Altamira Photo: Photo: Diego Zuko Karlie Kloss is an American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel. SWINGING-PARIS — FASHION, STREET STYLE, & PHOTOGRAPHY dustjacket attic Garance Doré - Page 4 The thing I heard the most this weekend during our Open Studio was from readers who came over to say: “I’ve been following your blog for years, it’s so great to see how it’s evolving…!” and nothing could make me happier than feeling that empathy. It’s fantastic, because it always reminds me of how I started — not even talking about it, being almost a little embarrassed to have the audacity to imagine that I could have a blog, or that I had this micro dream of doing something of my own. Back then, I didn’t tell anyone about it — only my three closest friends, actually. Read more

Global Street Fashion and Street Style Street Etiquette ADVANCED STYLE Fashion and Design - T Magazine Blog That's So Rue You procrastinated, didn’t you? Well, the good news is that of you order from @ruelala, you can STILL get it by Xmas. Shop the Mini Penny wish list:... kurt hummel is a member of a website advertising, “tops and bottoms for days.” *gigglesnort* bought two vera bradley travel duffels AND a lilly iPad case. For less than $80. I win at life My new #lillypulitzer shoreline tote from #ruelala matches my sweater so well!

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