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21st century Gypsies: New Age Travellers adopt horse drawn-caravans and a love of Facebook (as long as it's solar powered)

21st century Gypsies: New Age Travellers adopt horse drawn-caravans and a love of Facebook (as long as it's solar powered)
By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 11:35 GMT, 30 September 2012 | Updated: 10:12 GMT, 1 October 2012 They were the inner-city youth who, fuelled by punk spirit, anarchist philosophy and a hate of Margaret Thatcher, clambered aboard a fleet of battered old vehicles to shun the trappings of the modern world for a life of nomadic freedom. And while today's new-age travellers appears to have taken the philosophy even further, preferring to use traditional horse-drawn caravans instead of gas-guzzling vans, they also appear to be embracing the modern technology like mobile phones, laptops and even Facebook. During the late 1980s and 1990s stories about the travellers were commonplace - illegal raves, clashes with the police, drug busts and fury at the criminal justice act. Photographer Iain McKell took his first pictures of new-age travellers 25 years ago. And while little has been written about the New Age travellers in the past decade, the movement has far from fizzled out.


Are You Making a Good First Impression? Yahoo editors have selected this article as a favorite of 2013. It first ran on Yahoo Shine on Feb. 6 and was one of the most popular stories of the year. The story breaks down how to make a good first impression in five easy steps - from body-language tips to wardrobe suggestions.

Lesbian bride, 25, whose wedding was shunned by her religious parents is flooded with messages of support after posting beautiful photos of the nuptials online Meredith Hendrix uploaded stunning images of her October wedding to Kat Jackson on Tumblr and received thousands of messages of supportShe said she was stunned that every message was positiveHer 'stoically religious' parents had refused an invitation to the wedding By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 21:46 GMT, 13 November 2013 | Updated: 00:16 GMT, 14 November 2013 A lesbian whose religious parents refused to come to her wedding has instead received support from tens of thousands of internet users after posting beautiful photographs of the day online. Meredeith Hendrix, a 25-year-old grad student, married girlfriend Kat Jackson, also 25, in Arkansas in October, witnessed by friends and family - although her parents had refused the invitation. After the wedding, which she called the 'best day of my life', Hendrix-Jackson shared some of her gorgeous wedding photographs on Tumblr - and received an overwhelming response.

25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they're from the Future These structures were commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place (like Tjentište, Kozara and Kadinjača), or where concentration camps stood (like Jasenovac and Niš). They were designed by different sculptors (Dušan Džamonja, Vojin Bakić, Miodrag Živković, Jordan and Iskra Grabul, to name a few) and architects (Bogdan Bogdanović, Gradimir Medaković...), conveying powerful visual impact to show the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic. In the 1980s, these monuments attracted millions of visitors per year, especially young pioneers for their "patriotic education."

NANCY ♡ GIRL: SATURDAY SHOW ♥ VIVIENNE WESTWOOD'S BUFFALO GALS ♥ BUFFALO GAL (GIRL) STYLE PART 3 (read part 1 and part 2) So here is where it all began...with one of the very early collections from Vivienne Westwood (in collaboration with her beau Malcolm McLaren) back in Paris in 1982-ish (might have shown in 1981 actually)...if you really look at it, including the makeup and androgyny, it looks very pre-pre-grunge... “In March 1982, McLaren and Westwood opened a second shop. It was called 'Nostalgia of Mud' and the fascia was covered by a world map. The interior was styled like an archaeological dig. Visitors descended on recycled scaffolding to an earth floor and a heaving ‘mud’ pond surrounded by voodoo-like artifacts.”

U.S. Scientists Convert Algae to Crude Oil in Less Than an Hour By Tim Radford U.S. scientists believe they may have cracked one of the great biofuel conundrums. They have turned a thick soup of algae into a mix of crude oil, gas, water and plant nutrients in less than an hour. That is, they have taken 60 minutes to do what Nature does—at great pressures and temperatures—over millions of years. Better still, the researchers at the U.S. Government’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) believe they have invented a continuous process that is not only faster than the experimental methods pioneered so far for making oil from natural growing things, but cheaper and more self-sustaining.

A Cruel God Reigns Manga - Read A Cruel God Reigns Manga Online For Free Summary Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru portrays the tale of two step-brothers - Jeremy and Ian, as they strive to discover their separate paths towards redemption. Jeremy, a sensitive but outgoing 17 year old, is delighted to hear the news of his neurotic and excitable mother's remarriage to a wealthy British man. EUROPE — Prague Website Medieval architecture, communist history, beer. Yes, yes and yes! Prague still has got it all. Obligatory monuments won’t move any time soon and neither will the city centre’s tourist traps. To skip them means to win enough time to discover better things.

10 Photographers You Should Follow on Tumblr Vol. #3 PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH LOADING TIMES There’s 50 (awesome) images ahead. Thank you! Time for a third list of great photographers you should follow on Tumblr! See our previous lists here, and sign up to our weekly newsletter to make sure that you won’t miss out on our future updates. Statement Hats Big hats have a personality all their own. Sometimes it takes a big personality to pull a hat from runway to the street. Pharrell Williams was a cause celebre when he wore a Vivian Westwood felt hat to the Grammys and Oscars.

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