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Get to know Aquaponics

Get to know Aquaponics


Great garden events to enjoy this May - The English Garden Like The English Garden? Share us with your friends! Our pick of some of the great gardening events coming up this month. Un dôme géodésique Promises poissons du ciel - Les villes BON Ever since R. Buckminster Fuller popularized the design in the mid-20th century, there's been something captivating about the geodesic dome. While the structure typically makes architecture lovers salivate, now it's conquering the heart of another type of urbanist: the city farmer. A new dome-based prototype promises an affordable method of rooftop aquaculture for apartment and commercial buildings—as the website calls it, getting "fish from the sky." Willow Fedges and other Living Willow Structures West Wales Willows West Wales Willows Living fences (also called “fedges”, as they are a cross between a hedge and a fence) are a wonderful way to create borders. The principle that is used in building them can also be applied to the building of arches, tunnels,tepees, domes and arbours.

My garden is my symphony View full sizeAnn NickersonThis amazing Hillsboro garden, owned by Margie Butts, is a tapestry of texture, color and beauty that can only be created with a diverse mix of plants. By Ann Nickerson - Special to The ArgusEvery time someone new comes into our home and sees our baby grand piano they ask, "Who plays?" I sheepishly reply, our kids and me. I took up piano more than 20 years ago when I was looking for a creative outlet.

Grape Trellis becomes a Grape Tunnel! – Vicki's Garden Tips This is what I was seeing in my mind when I realized our grape trellis had rotted out: (Double click next to the word Vimeo to get it full screen- it is so much prettier!) My poor grape vines have been suffering in the last few years because the trellis is slumping. The post finally rotted away this spring and so we had to come up with a new plan. We debated putting in new posts- rent a post hole digger, buy post hole cement, new posts, and sturdy wire. That really adds up in cost and time to do all those things.

Living Sculpture Website Template Printable PDF version Related videos: In turf works, we create living sculpture by shaping soil and covering it with grass or moss. 10 Gardening Tips For Beginners The rewards of gardening are great — fresh air, exercise, beauty and relaxation, to name a few. But designing and planting your very first garden can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily, gardens are surprisingly forgiving creations, and the best way to learn is by simply diving in. Here are 10 tips to help get a new garden off on the right foot. 1. Get to know your site Take your time to get familiar with your property before beginning a new garden.

untitled Photo: Sara Downey Robinson As spring approaches and chilly winter winds subside, it's time to break out the gardening tools and get to planning and maybe planting. For most of the country, the frost is still there to greet us every morning. 4 Simple Steps to Grow a Hundred Pounds of Potatoes in a Barrel Container gardening isn't only for savvy urban gardeners and folks with limited space to grow, it can also be for folks who want to maximize their yields in a controlled environment. Not only does growing potatoes in a barrel reduce the amount of weeding and exposure to pests and fungi, you don't even have to risk shovel-damage to the tender potatoes by digging them out of the ground when they're done, just tip the container over! After extensive research to plan my own potatoes-in-a-barrel, I've boiled all of the recommendations down to 4 simple steps to a winning potato harvest.

16 Kitchen Scraps That You Can Re-grow All of us want to be able to have fresh fruit and vegetable at our disposal when working in the kitchen, preparing a delicious meal. The truth is you can have your veggies and eat them too! There are a number of plants which you can throw away after eating, not knowing they can be re-grown in the most easy of methods. Here is the list of those vegetables and how you can make some more in the comfort of your home. • Fennel, Scallions, Onions and Leeks can be re-grown if using the white root end.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers In our front/side yard, we have a huge tree stump from a tree long gone. It supports its own little ecosystem now, which no doubt includes fairies, gnomes, trolls and goblins. So we gave them a magic door... and managed to do it with things I had on hand. Alan Titchmarsh's tips on creating a hidden hideaway From left: A sunken garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2009 A patio with potted plants and a trellis