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Passion Flower. Passion flower grows fast, produces fruit, and has exotic looking blooms.

Passion Flower

Passion flower grows fast, produces fruit, and has exotic looking blooms. Passion flower suits any garden that aims for attracting beneficial insects, such as butterflies or bees and most of its species has evergreen foliage. How to Install Irrigation Systems in Your Garden on Tildee. Run the PVC Pipe If you're doing the sprinkler installation on your own and you're digging the entire system by hand, it's easier if you first dig the main runs and then proceed to the trenches for the branch lines.

How to Install Irrigation Systems in Your Garden on Tildee

You need them at at least 15 cm in the ground, better 20 – 25 cm so you have more space when it's time to fit them. With the trenches dug up, run the main PVC line together with the cable to the first zone-valve location and connect an 8-cm PVC pipe to the open end of the valve manifold. Use tee connectors to extend pipes from the main line. Desireedt's Blog : Real Estate Webmasters Blogging Platform. It's pretty obvious why you need lighting in your garden.

desireedt's Blog : Real Estate Webmasters Blogging Platform

Unless you have somehow developed the echolocation ability, in which case you'd probably be in a super-secret lab getting tested, not digging up flower beds, you'll know shovelling the path early on a dark winter morning, having to stop planting flowers or pruning your vines just because the sun went down, or not being able to invite your friends to your new decking for an al fresco dinner because you don't have lighting installed and none of you have night vision goggles, is just no way to live by. You need your garden illuminated to fully enjoy its potential on short winter days and warm summer nights. In other news, water is wet. What is Cloud Pruning and Which Plants Can Be Cloud Pruned. What is Cloud Pruning?

What is Cloud Pruning and Which Plants Can Be Cloud Pruned

Cloud pruning is a special technique used to shape trees and shrubs into various shapes that resemble clouds. Kind of self-explanatory really. Anyway, this particular type of pruning originates from Japan where it is known among virtuoso gardeners as “Niwaki.” By the way, are you also wondering if Japanese gardeners use katanas to trim their vegetation? According to the eastern teachings, Niwaki is about depicting the very essence of a tree or shrub. 5 Low-maintenance Shrubs You Need to Have in Your Garden - Landscape Hub. Shrubs are the true unsung heroes of any won gardening contest.

5 Low-maintenance Shrubs You Need to Have in Your Garden - Landscape Hub

Whether you aim for an elaborate exterior planting design that features lilies, dahlias, and tulips, or simply wish to grow a perennial garden, London gardeners say shrubs will always add more fullness to your green space, create a flowing transition between the various plant species, and provide safe haven for many animals and birds. And the best part is that they expect almost nothing in return! Let's explore some of the least demanding shrub species that will nonetheless add that extra “wow” factor to your garden. 1. 5 ways gardening improves your mental health. Here are five ways that gardening can improve your mental health and what benefits you can gain just by enjoying a simple spot of gardening… Michelle Polk, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Expert at Polk Puncture, says… ‘As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I often see clients come through the door utterly exhausted and disconnected.

5 ways gardening improves your mental health.

It may sound strange, how can a person with access to the internet, Facebook, Netflix and Skype feel disconnected? You can literally call your best friend who lives thousands of miles away, anytime you want, in your pajamas, while eating rocky road ice-cream. 10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden by Theodore Beasley - Exposure.

There‘s something very romantic and British about a cottage garden and there‘s no reason why London gardeners can‘t bring the countryside into the city.

10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden by Theodore Beasley - Exposure

The colour, scent and informality of a cottage garden makes a perfect retreat from a busy city life. Here‘s 10 of the best to create a rural effect in your suburban garden: Delphinium Maybe the archetypal cottage garden plants these striking perennials are available in a variety of blue shades, mauves, lavender and white. They work perfectly in amongst shrubs in a sunny sheltered spot. Columbine. 5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens. Don't you just love all the adjectives estate agents and designers use to describe small gardens?

5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens

Petite. Minikin. Bantam. 10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden by Theodore Beasley - Exposure. Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden. 10 Charming Bonsai Trees You Can Grow. Professional Guide to Building Raised Garden Beds. How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden. Given there is enough food, your garden will definitely catch the attention of any wild birds.

How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden

However, you can just spill a bag of seeds on the ground and expect the birdies to come like in a scene from a Disney film. What you need is some feeders, shelter, and even nesting sites. That’s right, full accommodation! The most important thing here is make sure that your garden is bird-friendly all year round – both for resident and seasonal visitors. After all, you want your chirping, tweeting friends to feel as comfortable as possible, right? #1. Say, do you have a cat that often roams outside? #2. You can install some nestboxes but those are not as satisfying as the natural nests that birds can build themselves. . #3. It’s important to source your seed wisely. . #4. It’s important to observe what’s going on in your garden to determine whether or not your work has paid off. . #5. Unfortunately, making your garden bird-friendly often attracts other unwanted critters like squirrels.

. #6. . #7. . #8. Why Professional Gardening Services are Worth It - Marion Abel. Gardening is a beneficial hobby both in terms of reducing your stress and sourcing fresh produce for your kitchen.

Why Professional Gardening Services are Worth It - Marion Abel

But it can also become time consuming and frustrating. If you have a garden, but do not find time to maintain it, there is no shame in getting it done by a professional. 10 Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards. In the midsts of spring, when everyone is queuing at garden centres and going wild with the gardening ideas they've been piling up all winter, you might feel a bit left out from the gardening craze of warmer days if you're stuck with a small backyard. But hey, just because you have a small space, it doesn't mean you can't think big. Here are a few ideas you can easily try even this very weekend. 1. 8 Stunning Gardens from Famous Movies. You've seen the films, why not check out the settings! In many cases, the locations of famous films are open to the public, although in one notable instance art was true to life, and you wouldn't be welcome.

Rosmead Gardens (Notting Hill) This is the garden that Julia Roberts tempted Hugh Grant into on their way back home from a London party. Trespassing may be romantic in films, but it has serious consequences in real life. Despite being one of the most popular gardens in films, Rosemead Gardens really are a gated and private space, so you can't go there. Guide to Water Newly Laid Turf. Turn Your Balcony into a Garden. DigTheDirt. If you already have some gardening experience and want to take your garden to another level, you can try some creative ideas. There are plenty of such DIY projects circulating throughout the internet- some are feasible, some imaginative while some are downright impossible to master.

Here are some of the easy but attractive gardening ideas that show off your creative side. Seashell Potted Plants. DIY Garden Design Projects - un dossier d'idées par Desiree Thomson. Creative and Upcycled Gardening Ideas. 5 Incredibly Realistic Artificial Decorations for Your Garden in London: marionabel. Some call artificial garden decorations a godsend. Others – a sign of an impending ecological disaster. Illuminate Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting. Whether for security reasons or as a way to accentuate garden spaces and features, outdoor lighting has come to be one of the most popular trends among homeowners. And thanks to new technologies, it now allows for a lot more versatile designs than the traditional lamppost on the front porch. Space-Savvy Storage Solutions for London Gardens. March 1st, 2016 in Project Gallery. Seasonal Care and Maintenance for Your Decking in London - The Decking Network.

Decking installation in London properties has been gaining enormous popularity lately and this is certainly not without a reason. Unlike a patio, it doesn't require hard landscaping or the use of materials such as stone or cement, yet it can make the perfect quiet relaxation spot, a sitting area, a place for BBQ, al fresco dining, and entertaining. Design Tips for Exterior Planting in London. Turn Your London Home into a Romantic Refuge With a Vibrant English Garden - Landscape Hub.

Gardeners and painters share more in common than they may suspect. A landscape artist can sit with a brush in hand for hours on end, using a palette of, say, rich green, yellow, blue, and red hues to encapsulate what's right in front of him on a piece of white canvas. A gardener, on the other hand, can paint a near-identical picture by skilfully combining the luxuriance of green grass with the fragrant scent of roses, daffodils, and violas.

But the latter picture is no longer still. Instead, it is an enchanting performance that brings joy and relaxation to any kind of audience. How to Design Your Perfect Garden Landscape. How to Design Your Perfect Garden Landscape. Herbal Remedies for Anxiety. Our everyday lives are busy and full with troubles and stressful events. Bills and worries just pile up. It seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, a lot of people suffer from anxiety attacks. The anxiety disorder affects more than 40 million adults over the world. They all rely on pills to deal with this syndrome. Passion flower is known to help soothe anxiety, insomnia, depression and other disorders. Top 10 Landscaping Mistakes People Make - Desiree_Thomson. Garden Plants for Blooming Landscape Ground Cover. Typical Window Boxes That Londoners Love by Pol Bishop - Exposure.

We all love to brighten up our homes with bouquets of beautiful flowers? We love to bask in the beauty and pleasure that fresh flowers can bring into our lives. How to Increase the Value of Your Home Through Landscaping. The front yard is the face of any house, and it’s the first thing visitors and potential buyers see. Whether you’ve decided to place your home on the market or just want to invest in the future, you can increase the value of your property through landscaping. If the front and back yard that go with your house are poorly maintained, the price of your property might hit rock bottom. 10 Clever Do-It-Yourself Fence Ideas by Jane Dobbs - Exposure.

7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Flower Garden in a Big Window Box. November Gardening: All You Need to Do - Fantastic Gardeners Blog.