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Passion Flower. Passion flower grows fast, produces fruit, and has exotic looking blooms. Passion flower grows fast, produces fruit, and has exotic looking blooms. Passion flower suits any garden that aims for attracting beneficial insects, such as butterflies or bees and most of its species has evergreen foliage. The passion vine is a crawler by nature and it will just love to grow around your garden fences or trellis. Typically, a passion flower plant will emit flowers that are up to 15 cm in diameter depending on the species. Passion flowers give edible ellipse-shaped fruits, that range from orange to violet in colour in 60 of their 400 in total species. As stated above, the plant will surely attract lots of wildlife, mainly butterflies. Certain passion flower plant species have evolved features that have a similar appearance as eggs, which eventually turns female butterflies off as potential egg-layers. Not all wildlife that will come with it is from the macro-world though.

Growing Passion Flower. How to Install Irrigation Systems in Your Garden on Tildee | How-to and step-by-step instructions. Run the PVC Pipe If you're doing the sprinkler installation on your own and you're digging the entire system by hand, it's easier if you first dig the main runs and then proceed to the trenches for the branch lines.

You need them at at least 15 cm in the ground, better 20 – 25 cm so you have more space when it's time to fit them. With the trenches dug up, run the main PVC line together with the cable to the first zone-valve location and connect an 8-cm PVC pipe to the open end of the valve manifold. Use tee connectors to extend pipes from the main line. When you reach a marker for the sprinkler head, use 90-degree connectors to attach risers. Here's a trick by a London gardener for tricky areas, such as under walkways and other obstacles, use a homemade sluice pipe. Buy a pointed sluice nozzle to attach to one end of a PVC pipe and join a hose connector to the other end of the pipe. Outdoor Lighting Ideas without Electricity | desireedt's Blog : Real Estate Webmasters Blogging Platform.

It's pretty obvious why you need lighting in your garden. Unless you have somehow developed the echolocation ability, in which case you'd probably be in a super-secret lab getting tested, not digging up flower beds, you'll know shovelling the path early on a dark winter morning, having to stop planting flowers or pruning your vines just because the sun went down, or not being able to invite your friends to your new decking for an al fresco dinner because you don't have lighting installed and none of you have night vision goggles, is just no way to live by. You need your garden illuminated to fully enjoy its potential on short winter days and warm summer nights. In other news, water is wet. However, installing lights in your garden can be a bit complicated. Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights The easiest way to bring light to your landscape without the expenses and effort of installing electrical lights is with solar lights.

Rechargeable Outdoor Lights DIY Outdoor Lighting Save. What is Cloud Pruning and Which Plants Can Be Cloud Pruned. What is Cloud Pruning? Cloud pruning is a special technique used to shape trees and shrubs into various shapes that resemble clouds. Kind of self-explanatory really. Anyway, this particular type of pruning originates from Japan where it is known among virtuoso gardeners as “Niwaki.” By the way, are you also wondering if Japanese gardeners use katanas to trim their vegetation?

According to the eastern teachings, Niwaki is about depicting the very essence of a tree or shrub. You can say that cloud pruning is all bout aesthetics, just as any other Japanese art, and you have to remember that Japanese gardens mimic real landscapes. What Plants Can Be Cloud Pruned? A variety of evergreen shrubs and trees can be a subject of this pruning method. Box (Buxus sempervirens)Yew (Taxus baccata)Pine (Pinus)Japanese privet (Ligustrum japonicum) Other notable mentions include Osmanthus, Camellia japonic, Japanese holly, Luma apiculata, and Phillyrea latifolia.

What Is The Best Time To Start Pruning? 5 Low-maintenance Shrubs You Need to Have in Your Garden - Landscape Hub. Shrubs are the true unsung heroes of any won gardening contest. Whether you aim for an elaborate exterior planting design that features lilies, dahlias, and tulips, or simply wish to grow a perennial garden, London gardeners say shrubs will always add more fullness to your green space, create a flowing transition between the various plant species, and provide safe haven for many animals and birds.

And the best part is that they expect almost nothing in return! Let's explore some of the least demanding shrub species that will nonetheless add that extra “wow” factor to your garden. 1. The Double-blossomed Oakleaf Hydrangea Hydrangeas are the perfect way to add a bit of drama to your garden. 2. If “Fifty Shades of Purple” is just the type of garden you've been dreaming about, then you simply must stock on a few purple smoke bushes. 3. Meet the oleander – the easiest shrub to maintain on our list. 4. Just because it's snowing doesn't mean that your garden has to remain completely lifeless.

5 ways gardening improves your mental health. Here are five ways that gardening can improve your mental health and what benefits you can gain just by enjoying a simple spot of gardening… Michelle Polk, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Expert at Polk Puncture, says… ‘As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I often see clients come through the door utterly exhausted and disconnected. It may sound strange, how can a person with access to the internet, Facebook, Netflix and Skype feel disconnected? You can literally call your best friend who lives thousands of miles away, anytime you want, in your pajamas, while eating rocky road ice-cream. What a dream! However, connection through technology is not the same as our connection to nature! Nature provides us with the grounding, connection, and satisfaction we need to sustain our thriving, happy selves.

Plus, some research on this… Michelle continues, ‘Study after study has shown how beneficial gardening is to our health and well-being, and the research keeps on coming. Stay Social. 10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden by Theodore Beasley - Exposure. There‘s something very romantic and British about a cottage garden and there‘s no reason why London gardeners can‘t bring the countryside into the city. The colour, scent and informality of a cottage garden makes a perfect retreat from a busy city life. Here‘s 10 of the best to create a rural effect in your suburban garden: Delphinium Maybe the archetypal cottage garden plants these striking perennials are available in a variety of blue shades, mauves, lavender and white.

They work perfectly in amongst shrubs in a sunny sheltered spot. The Delphinium species generally used in English gardens tend to be tall - 1.5-2 metres but there are alpines no taller than 10 cm. Columbine Also known as Aquilegia or Granny‘s Bonnet another country classic, available in any colour you can imagine and often several at the same time, Columbines are perennial, hardy and they‘ll tolerate any type of soil and self-seed freely. Roses Roses are the most versatile of all garden plants. Hydrangea Peony Hardy Geranium. 5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens. Don't you just love all the adjectives estate agents and designers use to describe small gardens? Petite. Minikin. Bantam. And then we upgrade from foreign words to compound adjectives like space-savvy or better – clichés like less is more. Go Vertical with Garden Towers Planting vertically is the go-to option for the smallest of spaces. Trick the Eye with Garden Trellis What's great about trellises is that they are easy to build on your own and you can position them as free-standing structures or attach them to walls or fences.

Include the Paths in the Landscape Any garden, regardless how diminutive in size, has to have a path whether to lead visitors to the front door, or to let you tend to your plants in the backyard. Divide and Prune with Hedges With the geometrical shapes of hedges, you can easily define spaces in gardens of any size. Layer It Up With a layered garden, you can display all your plants and have more versatility than with hanging gardens and vertical planting structures.

10 Great Cottage Garden Plants for Your London Garden by Theodore Beasley - Exposure. Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden. 10 Charming Bonsai Trees You Can Grow. Professional Guide to Building Raised Garden Beds. How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden. Given there is enough food, your garden will definitely catch the attention of any wild birds. However, you can just spill a bag of seeds on the ground and expect the birdies to come like in a scene from a Disney film. What you need is some feeders, shelter, and even nesting sites. That’s right, full accommodation! The most important thing here is make sure that your garden is bird-friendly all year round – both for resident and seasonal visitors. After all, you want your chirping, tweeting friends to feel as comfortable as possible, right? Then the tips we have prepared for you will definitely help you with that. #1. Say, do you have a cat that often roams outside? #2. You can install some nestboxes but those are not as satisfying as the natural nests that birds can build themselves.

. #3. It’s important to source your seed wisely. . #4. It’s important to observe what’s going on in your garden to determine whether or not your work has paid off. . #5. . #6. . #7. . #8. Why Professional Gardening Services are Worth It - Marion Abel. Gardening is a beneficial hobby both in terms of reducing your stress and sourcing fresh produce for your kitchen. But it can also become time consuming and frustrating. If you have a garden, but do not find time to maintain it, there is no shame in getting it done by a professional. In fact, it would be a greater loss to let your once blooming garden wither due to lack of care. Use professional gardening services once in a while and you will see how it transforms to your own green paradise.

The gardeners definitely worth every penny. Here's why: Gardening equipment does not come cheap. Beginners often mess up their garden because of their half-learned basics. Time is a very important parameter that goes into gardening. Well, on the whole, gardening is not exactly a dangerous hobby. You may have a small garden which you want to upgrade into a full-fledged paradise. Maintaining a garden is a lot of work. Professional gardening does not require you to invest a whole lot.

10 Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards. In the midsts of spring, when everyone is queuing at garden centres and going wild with the gardening ideas they've been piling up all winter, you might feel a bit left out from the gardening craze of warmer days if you're stuck with a small backyard. But hey, just because you have a small space, it doesn't mean you can't think big. Here are a few ideas you can easily try even this very weekend. 1. Design on a Diagonal If you opt for a design on the diagonal principle, you'll see it can work miracles for petite backyards and patios. 2.

Consult a professional landscaper for a levelled design that will work best for your small backyard.Levels can make even the tiniest outdoor spaces look spacious and welcoming. 3. According to landscaping specialists, regardless of the size of the outdoor space, it should always include at least "two rooms". 4. Vivid bold colours in the front of a small landscape will draw attention first, making the rest of the space recede and look larger. 5. 6. 7. 8. 8 Stunning Gardens from Famous Movies | HistoryBuff | The Future of History. You've seen the films, why not check out the settings! In many cases, the locations of famous films are open to the public, although in one notable instance art was true to life, and you wouldn't be welcome.

Rosmead Gardens (Notting Hill) This is the garden that Julia Roberts tempted Hugh Grant into on their way back home from a London party. Trespassing may be romantic in films, but it has serious consequences in real life. Rosmead Gardens Official Website Stourhead Gardens (Pride and Prejudice) The estate of Stourhead in Wiltshire was used as an external location for "Pride and Prejudice," the 2005 production starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

Stourhead Gardens at National Trust Alnwick Garden (Harry Potter and many more) You'll need to journey to Northumberland to visit Alnwick, but 800,000 visitors a year testify that it's one of the most popular gardens in the UK. Alnwick Garden Official Website The Eden Project (Die Another Day) The Eden Project's Official Website.

Guide to Water Newly Laid Turf. Turn Your Balcony into a Garden. And Live Healthier If you live in London, you’re probably an inhabitant of a small flat. This almost removes any opportunities for growing a garden. Almost! There is still a chance, especially if you have a balcony or a flat rooftop. When you live in a flat, the balcony and the rooftop (if it is flat) are the only places where you can spend some time outdoors. Benefits You will have your green spot, where to spend calm evenings with a drink your hand, or simply reading a good book. Do you know what is the best part of having a garden on your terrace? You will need less resources to take care of your small garden, too.

You won’t spend money for regular garden maintenance or other expensive landscaping services. If you decide to put your property for sale, your balcony garden will give the price a good boost. Disadvantages As every other thing in our world balcony gardens also have disadvantages. DigTheDirt. If you already have some gardening experience and want to take your garden to another level, you can try some creative ideas. There are plenty of such DIY projects circulating throughout the internet- some are feasible, some imaginative while some are downright impossible to master. Here are some of the easy but attractive gardening ideas that show off your creative side. Seashell Potted Plants Large sea shells make beautiful pots for gardening small herbs, especially those which bear tiny, pretty flowers.

You can either hang the shell using a string tied at the ends from a hook or place them on a small shelf on the wall. Hand Painted Stepping Stones This is not exactly related to plants, but it can surely make your garden a lot more attractive. Tiffin Box Plants Using tiffin boxes as plant pots is an elegant and creative way of introducing plants in your own house. Hanging Chandelier Garden Chandeliers add a classic, vintage look to any room. Herb Garden in the Kitchen. DIY Garden Design Projects - un dossier d'idées par Desiree Thomson. Creative and Upcycled Gardening Ideas. 5 Incredibly Realistic Artificial Decorations for Your Garden in London: marionabel. Some call artificial garden decorations a godsend. Others – a sign of an impending ecological disaster. Whichever side of the fence you're on, you can't deny one thing – these hand-crafted creations can provide you with a shortcut to beauty when you're low on time.

In fact, it's probably why you are reading this article as we speak! You'll be happy to learn that you can simulate virtually any aspect of your retreat. Lay a brand new turf, replace the old and untidy hedges, add some potted plants, put a few friendly animals, and install a decorative pond to create a quick getaway that will last for years to come. What Artificial Hedges? Neatly pruned hedges are one of the main building blocks of almost any garden. Hide your pruning scissors in your shed, for you won't ever have to cut your hedges again, or water them for that matter.

Fake Grass for Genuine Comfort In the United Kingdom, artificial turf laying has grown to become somewhat of a controversial trend. Illuminate Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting. Space-Savvy Storage Solutions for London Gardens. Seasonal Care and Maintenance for Your Decking in London - The Decking Network. Design Tips for Exterior Planting in London. Turn Your London Home into a Romantic Refuge With a Vibrant English Garden - Landscape Hub. How to Design Your Perfect Garden Landscape. How to Design Your Perfect Garden Landscape. Herbal Remedies for Anxiety.

Top 10 Landscaping Mistakes People Make - Desiree_Thomson. Garden Plants for Blooming Landscape Ground Cover. Typical Window Boxes That Londoners Love by Pol Bishop - Exposure. How to Increase the Value of Your Home Through Landscaping. 10 Clever Do-It-Yourself Fence Ideas by Jane Dobbs - Exposure. 7 Steps to Creating the Perfect Flower Garden in a Big Window Box.

November Gardening: All You Need to Do - Fantastic Gardeners Blog.