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Jardinage en contenant/container gardening

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Nos bacs à potager. Découvrez notre gamme de bacs à potager Pour tous les gouts, adaptés à chaque espace, du plus petit au plus grand …. Réalisez toutes vos envies d’aménagement !! L’ensemble de nos bacs à potagers sont des produits issus du recyclage, conformément à notre engagement. Nos produits ont vécu, ils ont la patine magique du temps et de leur première histoire.

Nous sélectionnons rigoureusement nos produits pour vous offrir une qualité proche du neuf. Nos Potagers modulables Nos bacs à potager sont modulables, empilables et permettent de composer votre potager en carré selon votre envie et votre créativité. Nos bacs à potager peuvent être installés directement sur le sol, la pelouse dans le jardin de votre maison ou sur le béton, les paves de votre balcon, ou terrasse de votre appartement. Ils sont issus du recyclage de produits industriels en fin de vie. Ils sont naturellement patinés, ce qui leur donne un aspect vintage. Le jardinage prend de la hauteur … Container Jardinage. Window Gardens Read at : Hydroponic edible gardens for urban windows What are Window Farms??

Container Jardinage

Window Farms are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials. Goal 1 to start a Windowfarming craze in New York City and other dense urban areas, helping people grow some of their food year-round in their apartment windows. Goal 2 give ordinary folks a means to collaborate on research and development of these vertical hydroponic food-growing curtains through the community site at Du Sud-Est du Texas tomate Festival »Conseils de culture. Archive for 'Growing Tips' A Crash Course in S.E.

Du Sud-Est du Texas tomate Festival »Conseils de culture

Texas Tomatoes The Problem with Grocery Store Tomatoes It’s generally believed that grocery store tomatoes taste so terrible because they aren’t vine ripened. Yet, this is only part of the story. There are many forces which conspire to drain the flavor right out of the tomatoes you find at your local grocery store. The vast majority of tomatoes are picked green and shipped thousands of miles to an ethylene gas processing facility to forcibly ripen them to a pale pink.

It is no wonder that tomatoes are the Number One vegetable grown in the home garden! Tomato Myths Debunked There is a lot of questionable ‘advice’ out there about tomatoes, especially for Texas. Myth #1: You can’t grow a good tomato in S.E. Fact: For the most part, all the same rules and advice to growing tomatoes that apply elsewhere also apply to Texas, it’s just that our window of opportunity is much smaller. Myth #3: Beefsteak tomatoes cannot be grown in S.E. The Right Dirt. Détournement de contenants ! Container Gardening Vegetable - Lettuce is the Perfect Container Gardening Vegetable. I love growing lettuce.

Container Gardening Vegetable - Lettuce is the Perfect Container Gardening Vegetable

It's fast, easy and is the perfect container gardening vegetable. One advantage of growing lettuce in a container garden is that it easier to protect it from pests. I've had too many lettuce plants devoured before I get a chance to eat them. I put my lettuce container gardens up on tables or chairs to protect them from the legions of woodchucks, squirrels and bunnies that love to feast on my lettuce. You can grow lettuce in almost any container, as long as it has good drainage. You do have to be careful with any metal container, in the blistering hot sun because they can get hot and cook your plants root system. Here's what you need to make a lettuce container garden in a colander: SunColanderPotting soilPlastic window screeningFertilizerLettuce seed or seedlings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Great lettuces to try in container gardens: Black Seeded Simpson (heat tolerant)Simpson Elite (heat tolerant)Tropicana (heat tolerant)Elegance Seed Mix, from Johnny's SeedsMesclun mixes.

DIY fenêtre Herb Pots Pots De IKEA. April 19, 2012 by Robin Plaskoff Horton I come from a healthy family tree of Midwest farmers, but by the time I inherited the family’s green thumb it was actually more like a dry shade of brown.

DIY fenêtre Herb Pots Pots De IKEA

After being uprooted last year from the never-ending greenness I loved in San Francisco, I was repotted in a world of winters in Pennsylvania. The sudden change has helped me channel a bit of the farmer in me to recreate a bit of the green California world I left behind. Urban living, however, has provided us with not a single outdoor space to call our own. Determined to keep plants off the floor or add another shelf to our floor plan, I scoured the Internet for a cheap and easy way to harvest some photosynthesis from our 12’ windows. DIY Window Herb Garden: Supplies: 1. 2. 3. After spraying the hooks and pot holders with a good coat of paint to match the rod, as well as a quick trip to the nursery to select my new herby housemates of our favorite varieties, the project was complete. Un mini-potager pour balcon-terrasse ou jardin.

Quelques conseils à suivre - votre balcon ou terrasse doit être exposé quelques heures par jour au soleil pour que vos récoltes soient généreuses, - toujours percer à l'aide d'une perceuse votre contenant si ce n'est déjà pas fait pour faire des trous d'écoulement des eaux de pluie et d'arrosage, - tapisser les contours intérieurs du pot avec un plastique percé au fond en fonction de la matière (bois, zinc, etc.) afin de ne pas le dégrader trop vite,

Un mini-potager pour balcon-terrasse ou jardin

Container Gardening Vegetable - Lettuce is the Perfect Container Gardening Vegetable. Cultiver des légumes à l'intérieur en hiver, c'est possible ! Plant-in. Potager en sac.