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Herbal Remedys. Progressive Eyeglasses - No Line Bifocals Glasses. Progressive Eyeglasses Progressive lenses or no-line bifocals will enable you to see at various distances with complete clarity.

Progressive Eyeglasses - No Line Bifocals Glasses

Progressive eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are designed to complement your style, fit your budget and outlast other low-cost eyeglasses that you've had in the past. Just about all of our discounted frames are available with progressive lenses or no-line bifocals, allowing you to shop among the majority of our styles to find the glasses that complement your face and your personal style. Sort our selection of frames by price and you'll find dozens of options for $6.95! Pair these with high-quality progressive lenses and you've found the perfect solution to your eyeglasses needs.

At Zenni Optical, we believe that your eyeglasses frames shouldn't retail for one hundred times more than the cost of the glasses. Water Filters & Storage - Water Storage - WATER BOB TUB STORAGE BLADDER FREE SHIPPING - Ready Made Resources Solar Power Disaster Preparedness Store Emergency Supplies. DIY: Water Distiller. Begin with a one-gallon or larger stock pot that has a top-handle lid. Replace the top handle (unscrew the handle from the lid) with a brass barbed fitting (hollow center) of the same size as the screw that held the top handle. This will ideally be a 3/8 inch I.D. or larger barbed fitting.

Attach clean plastic (three to five inches long) or a tygon hose to the brass fitting. Place the other end of the hose in a clean container at least two feet away from the stove-top and slightly below the height of the lid when it is on the pot. Add water to the pot and heat it on the stove, bringing it to a low boil with the lid still off. When the water is boiling, place the lid on the pot. Emergency Food Supply Kits - Wise Food Supply. Reviews: Solar Powered Water Pump System for Irrigation Solar Powered Water Pump System for Irrigation [P10-12-01] - $329.00 : Solar Power Solutions, Solar Powered Water Pumps and Accessories. Homestead & Cooking - GRAINMILLS, MIXERS AND FLAKERS - Weston Cereal and Grain Mill FREE SHIPPING - Ready Made Resources Solar Power Disaster Preparedness Store Emergency Supplies.

How to build a Solar Dehydrator in 30 Minutes. Today I built a simple solar dehydrator in about half an hour, using a few household items.

How to build a Solar Dehydrator in 30 Minutes

If this works well (and judging by my test run this afternoon it should) I will most likely build a more permanent one next summer made out of plywood, glass and screens. What I used: 2 cardboard boxes (one large enough to hold drying racks, and one shallow one to collect heat) Packing Tape Black Non-Toxic Tempera Paint Paintbrush One Large Ziplock Bag, cut open (plexiglass or saran wrap will also work, anything clear to create a greenhouse effect) A box-cutter Scissors First I taped up the large box. Next I cut the top off the shallow box, cut off one side at a 45degree angle, and cut small vent holes in the opposite side. I painted the inside of the heat box with non-toxic water based black paint and then I taped it very securely below the larger box, centered over the vent holes. Finally, I taped clear plastic over the heat box to create true greenhouse environment.

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill. 5 STAR Rated and our Best Seller !

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill

The Wonder Junior Deluxe is a 5 Star rated hand grain mill that is featured by Dr. Prepper's "Are You Prepared? " preparedness manual and the Preparedness Radio hosts. The easy to use clamp, high flour output, and low price make the Wonder Junior Deluxe the best selling hand grain mill and we highly recommend it to you, especially if you are into food storage. We also highly suggest getting the optional Drill Bit Attachment that allows you to use your 1/2 inch drill to power your Wonder Junior for effortless and fast flour milling when you do have power, this especially make grinding peanut butter a snap. Features of Deluxe Package: Heavy Duty. Included With Deluxe Package: Stone Milling Heads for corn, wheat, rice, beans, and other dry grains. Check Out These Videos! Speed Test Comparison to Country Living. 5 Foods To NEVER Eat.