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photos + design by Kristin Ess It’s really hard to get clean lines when it comes to putting stripes on manicures. I’m going to share a little DIY secret– nail polish on scotch tape. You can cut a perfect line or triangle and get a fun geometric mani. Here’s how it’s done: You’ll need polish, scissors + scotch tape.Apply polish to your tape. When you’re done, apply them to a pre-polished nail with the sticky side down. Tags: DIY, do it yourself, geometric, how to, kristin ess, mani, mani monday, manicure, nail, neon, stickers, the beauty department, Related posts: Related:  Nail Art

Follow the Trend With Colorblocked Nails! Why not try it out on your nails instead? You can keep it simple within the same color family or go bold and crazy—whatever suits your mood! Step 1: Get Your Supplies Together To start, make sure you have all of your supplies handy. For this manicure, you will need three different nail polishes (make sure that at least two of them are thick enough that they can cover the base color), Scotch tape, and a fast-dry topcoat like Seche Vite. For this manicure, I used two colors from the new Minnie Mouse Collection by OPI, If You Moust You Moust and The Color of Minnie, along with my favorite silver nail polish, Stardust by Deborah Lippmann. Step 2: Paint a Base Color Start with your favorite basecoat and paint your nails the base color. Step 3: Start Taping Next, pull off a small piece of Scotch tape (you won’t need more than an inch at a time) and put it against your hand and pull it off several times until most of the stickiness is gone. Step 4: Apply the Second Color Step 6: Marvel at Your Work

Summer Hair Braid Trends Braids, pleats, or plaits—whatever you call them, we're absolutely loving all things twisted in hair this season. Beautylish brings you the three hottest braid trends this season and three easy braid DIY tutorials to replicate the look yourself. Who needs a headband when you can make one from your hair! We're loving this European, Heidi-inspired front braid that you can style into an updo or wear with your hair down. See how easy it is to give yourself a plait with Imogen's tutorial. It's easy to give your braids a little extra something with ribbons, flowers, bows, and any other accessories you can think of. The fishtail braid (or Herringbone braid) became a popular trend among celebrities and fashion mavens this year, and we too adore the sea-inspired style.

11 Stupidest Writing Mistakes - SalesHQ Sales Tips >> Browse Articles >> Proposals and Presentations Professional writers often worry that their work is unnecessary. After all, can’t anyone with even a basic education write? The answer: no, they can’t. Even college graduates don’t seem to be learning composition basics. Of course not everyone is going to be the next Mark Twain, but career success does depend on not looking stupid. Avoid these 11 mistakes and get the job, make the sale, and write better! Constipated Clauses Reporting on the feats and foibles of the Red Sox, a writer for South Coast Today notes: “It goes without saying that these exploits take a tremendous amount of skill.” If it “goes without saying” then don’t say it. “Obviously, the sky is blue.” Comma Vomit True or false: a comma must precede any use of the word “and”? An example of correct comma use: “The game was over, and the crowd began to leave.” A comma can also precede “and” when it is used in a list of three or more items. The Death of Adverbs Less vs.

12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape Beauty By TotallyLoveIt | If you’ve ever wondered how girls get perfectly geometric nail art, the execution probably involved something as simple as cut-up Scotch tape. [button size="small" color="red" style="none" new_window="true" link=" Click here for the full tutorial. Click here for the full tutorial. Click here for the full tutorial. Click here for the full tutorial. Click here for the full tutorial. This one’s complicated, so you’ll definitely want to see the full nail tutorial here. Comments

Beautiful Nail Art Designs to Try These beautiful nail art designs to try below are a huge hit this season. Arm yourself up with the most dazzling shades that suit your skin tone and preferences. Copycat the most impressive patterns included in the following manicure parade. Are you ready to pamper your nails with a fabulous makeover? These visionary manicure models are simply irresistible when adapted to short or long acrylic nails. Visiting her blog you'll find a myriad of inspirational ideas on how to perk up your look. Beauty critics will take a bow in front of you if you decide to experiment with the hottest manicure trends. Add individuality and refinement to your look by expanding the nail polish color palette you're working with. Image courtesy of getchanailsdid

All About Owl Nails Owl nail design alert! This cute bird has secretly been swooping in on the world of nail art. From multicolored polka-dots to neon tribal patterns, the avian trend just keeps on going. There are myriad ways to sport these birds on your fingertips, so get inspired by these owl designs and learn how to do your own owl nail design. It’s a hoot! Tribal Neon The opaque black base and bright neon elements of this owl manicure produce a distinctive graphic effect. Subtle Sweets The pastel color palette on these tips creates an undeniably sweet-as-candy finish. Rainbow Dots Saturated colors, polka-dots, and flawless lines make this ultra-glossy manicure almost cartoon-like. Autumn Statement Nail With this simple manicure, your focus stays on the feathered ring finger. The Naturalist This design pairs neutral shades with a basic silhouette for a true-to-the-bird motif. Iridescent Illustrations Precise line drawing over a holographic base gives a slightly futuristic spin on our wise old friend.

100 Exquisite Adjectives By Mark Nichol Adjectives — descriptive words that modify nouns — often come under fire for their cluttering quality, but often it’s quality, not quantity, that is the issue. Plenty of tired adjectives are available to spoil a good sentence, but when you find just the right word for the job, enrichment ensues. Subscribe to Receive our Articles and Exercises via Email You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! 21 Responses to “100 Exquisite Adjectives” Rebecca Fantastic list! Nail Art Alert: How to Get a Real Feather Manicure at Home (So Pretty!): Girls in the Beauty Department I bought these feathers a few weeks ago and I knew they'd make a gorgeous mani. Here's how to recreate the look. It'll cost you waaaay less than what you'd pay in the salon! You will need: A base color. I chose Essie's Glamour Purse. Before you start, prepare all of the feathers you plan to use by cutting off the ends. Paint on your base color, let it dry, then add a coat of your thick clear top coat. While the clear coat is still tacky, carefully place the feather on to your nail. When that's completely dry, apply a few coats of your fast drying top coat. Once that's dry, use scissors or cuticle clippers to trim off most of the excess feather hanging off the end of your nail. You can remove what's left with a nail file which also leaves you with a nice smooth edge. I like to clean up around my cuticles with pure acetone and a small paintbrush, especially after piling on all that top coat! And here's the result... What do you think of this manicure idea?

Weekly Mani: Splatter Nail-MotorCity Moxie This week’s no chip mani is a creation called splatter nail. I created this splatter nail design using five (5) Orly nail colors. I’ve been eyeing this splatter nail art for a few weeks, and I decided to give it a whirl. What I like about this look is that there is no correct way to do it. My left hand and right hand look completely different, and it’s acceptable because it’s art. There are two methods for achieving the splatter nail design. You can splatter nail design with any colors you like. How to Splatter Nail: Tools: nail polish (use as many bottles as you’d like), polish remover, and coffee stirrers. Go ahead, and give it a try. Be Good. Get The Moxie Manifesto Your weekly To-Do Tactics to help you BE GOOD, LOOK GOOD and DO BETTER! It's free! I respect your email privacy.

Newport Beach, California Wedding Posted on October 13th, 2011. By Dessy Group. In: DIY Wedding,Real Wedding. With: 1 Comment A luggage tag guest book, fabulously flowing bridesmaid dresses, gorgeous wedding bouquets and a french fry bar – yes, holy greasy tasty goodness of a french fry bar – all make this one great wedding day. Add in that In-and-Out Burger truck and the handsome couple and you have yourself a winner. Images by Jill Thomas Photography DIY Drippy Nails We were immediately inspired the moment we saw bare nails with blood-like, drippy polish accompany Prabal Gurung‘s spring collection at New York Fashion Week. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and thus, the timing couldn’t have been better to recreate this deliciously daring DIY for our phalanges. Though a more vampy, burgundy color went down the runway, I went for more vibrant red . . . but the best part about this tutorial is that you can make it your own with just about any color, for any season! You’ll need: Dip the toothpick into the nail polish bottle so that the tip collects a round bead of polish. Place the bead of polish on a bare nail and drag it upwards, creating a tapered line. Create two to three more tapered lines, re-dipping the toothpick into the polish each time. Reload the toothpick with polish and drag a line across the tip of the nail. Repeat the steps on the other nine fingers and voila, you’re done!! (all images by HonestlyWTF)

Cheetah Printed Nails photos + post by Kristin Ess Cheetah print nails have been around for some time now but we’ve never actually done a tutorial on them. We got a lot of requests after last week’s Mani Monday heart tutorial, so we’re going for it! TOOLS: 2 toothpicks, black nail polish (American Apparel “Hassid”), gold nail polish (American Apparel “Gold Flash”), clear coat. PREP: Use any color your want on the base of your nails. Take your toothpick and tap it on the table or counter a few times to flatten out the tip. Nail strips are great in cheetah print as well, but so often the stores run out of that pattern. Tags: black, cheetah, DIY, gold, how to, kristin ess, leopard, mani, mani monday, manicure, monday, nail dotting, nails, pattern, print, the beauty department,, toothpick Related posts: