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Nail Art Alert: How to Get a Real Feather Manicure at Home (So Pretty!): Girls in the Beauty Department

Nail Art Alert: How to Get a Real Feather Manicure at Home (So Pretty!): Girls in the Beauty Department
I bought these feathers a few weeks ago and I knew they'd make a gorgeous mani. Here's how to recreate the look. It'll cost you waaaay less than what you'd pay in the salon! You will need: A base color. Before you start, prepare all of the feathers you plan to use by cutting off the ends. Paint on your base color, let it dry, then add a coat of your thick clear top coat. While the clear coat is still tacky, carefully place the feather on to your nail. When that's completely dry, apply a few coats of your fast drying top coat. Once that's dry, use scissors or cuticle clippers to trim off most of the excess feather hanging off the end of your nail. You can remove what's left with a nail file which also leaves you with a nice smooth edge. I like to clean up around my cuticles with pure acetone and a small paintbrush, especially after piling on all that top coat! And here's the result... What do you think of this manicure idea? Related:  Nail Art

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure Beauty Tips - Beauty Secrets from Around the World at WomansDay When it comes to beauty routines, the grass is always greener. Japanese women have it made with their long, glossy hair and Greek women’s olive-toned complexions are always luminous. But how do they do it? Put down your passport—you won’t need to go anywhere to find out. Australia Australian makeup artist Napoleon Perdis says yarrow extract is used by Australian Aboriginal women to prevent stretch marks, thanks to its moisturizing and hydrating properties. Chile Chilean women credit the antioxidant powers of red grapes for their luminous skin. Dominican Republic “If you ever meet a Dominican woman, look at her nails––chances are they’re super-strong,” says Vadhera. Egypt According to Vadhera, Cleopatra’s beauty secret was taking milk baths to soften her skin and remove dead cells. France “The French woman sticks to a scrupulous and preventive skin and body care routine,” says Shannon Gallogly, lead aesthetician for French beauty brands Decleor and Carita. Greece Israel Italy Japan Spain Sweden

Create your own Nail Polish Here it is, finally! The Pigment Tutorial! For our purposes, pigment is a dry coloring material that can change the color or texture or a nail polish. First, some pigments: TKB Trading Yellow 5, MAC, Fyrinnae. Pressed eyeshadows can also be a good source of pigment. However, there is one type of pigment that you should NEVER be putting on your body. Artists pigment. So, if you’ve got your non-toxic pigment, what else do you need? A little teeny spoon (I got this at a Japanese coffee shop) and silicone baking tins. Last, you need a spare bottle of clear nail polish. The most basic pigment mixing is with clear polish. Left to right: MAC Teal, Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, Fyrinnae Boytoy, MAC Green Brown. Next, get ready to mix! 1. 2. 3. Voila! Here’s one coat (over the bright yellow I had on before!) With a coat of Seche. Well, there’s Part 1 for you…next time I’m going to talk about eyeshadows and adding pigment to color polish. Like this: Like Loading... Nail artist.

14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls Cheetah Printed Nails photos + post by Kristin Ess Cheetah print nails have been around for some time now but we’ve never actually done a tutorial on them. We got a lot of requests after last week’s Mani Monday heart tutorial, so we’re going for it! TOOLS: 2 toothpicks, black nail polish (American Apparel “Hassid”), gold nail polish (American Apparel “Gold Flash”), clear coat. PREP: Use any color your want on the base of your nails. Take your toothpick and tap it on the table or counter a few times to flatten out the tip. Nail strips are great in cheetah print as well, but so often the stores run out of that pattern. Tags: black, cheetah, DIY, gold, how to, kristin ess, leopard, mani, mani monday, manicure, monday, nail dotting, nails, pattern, print, the beauty department,, toothpick Related posts:

The Digi Nails – A Hybrid Manicure I’ve been seeing lots of outrageous nail art lately on pinterest. One hot new product that’s really caught my eye is adhesive nail polish strips. I love the funky designs and bold colors with these products, but they’re usually a little spendy for me. I have a great alternative and I’m super-excited to share with you a really fun, new way to use digital scrapbooking supplies! To begin with, you will need the following: light color nail polish (white, light pink, cream, pale green, light turquoise, you get the idea….)rubbing alcoholsmall cup (I used a medicine cup.)digital supplies (laser print or copy)nail polish topcoat 1) Before getting started, quickly measure your fingernails. 2) Open a new Photoshop document and create for yourself 10-15 boxes that are a little larger than your nails. 3) Find some great papers that you’d like to have on your nails. You will likely want to reduce the scale of your paper so that the design will better fit your nails. 4) Print your page. A few thoughts:

Cute nails c: 321 226 447 192 141 223 1185 96 115 113 220 310 201 51 366 26 116 101 499 108 29 192 266 80 606 172 88 60 150 384 86 187 44 63 33 75 27 63 82 55 33 895 200 416 145 913 224 164 119 201 70 680 812 1246 86 381 101 263 35 1651 262 230 136 654 614 150 260 2384 25 256 42 182 149 189

Faded Floral Manicure photos + post design by Kristin Ess Who doesn’t love a soft, faded floral pattern? You can basically do this mani in any color combo you want– we chose a spring-y palette. Here’s how you get the look: YOU WILL NEED: Nail polish remover, 4 small paint brushes, a plate or something to put your polish drops on, a white nail polish + 3 of your favorite polish colors that look good together. Place a dot of each color on your plate. Good luck with your pretty faded florals and as always, tweet us a picture when you’re done! (Special thanks to Kimberly, our new nail intern for showing us this technique!!) Tags: DIY, faded florals, floral, floral nails, flower nails, flowers, how to, kristin ess, mani, mani monday, manicure, nail art, nail polish, nails, polish, polished, spring, the beauty department,, tutorial Related posts:

There’s a reason dogs are mans best friend | – Everything the internet was never intended to be used for… Everything the internet was never intended to be used for... Posted by Roy Follow us on Nail Klub: Get Geek Week Glam with DIY Nail Transfers As ModCloth’s resident nail nerds, the Nail Klub was stoked to help celebrate Geek Week, but coming up with the perfect tutorial had us stumped. We gals played with plenty of ideas — from periodic table patterns to wizard faces with 3-D beards — but nothing seemed to fully capture the diversity and eccentricity of geekdom. We had settled on a comic strip version of the newspaper transfer trend when Bree, a graphic designer, shared an amazing update to the technique. Instead of transferring newsprint images onto her nails, Bree used rubbing alcohol to put full-color, computer-printed pictures on her digits. The pictures, which Bree shrunk with her computer’s photo editor, turned into bright, bold, temporary tattoos for nails. Whether you’re big into binary or want to keep your favorite Magic card at your fingertips, this trick lets you flaunt your fascinations for all to see! We had an absolute blast decorating our nails with everything from Urkel and Screech to Data from The Goonies.

DIY Drippy Nails We were immediately inspired the moment we saw bare nails with blood-like, drippy polish accompany Prabal Gurung‘s spring collection at New York Fashion Week. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and thus, the timing couldn’t have been better to recreate this deliciously daring DIY for our phalanges. Though a more vampy, burgundy color went down the runway, I went for more vibrant red . . . but the best part about this tutorial is that you can make it your own with just about any color, for any season! You’ll need: Dip the toothpick into the nail polish bottle so that the tip collects a round bead of polish. Place the bead of polish on a bare nail and drag it upwards, creating a tapered line. Create two to three more tapered lines, re-dipping the toothpick into the polish each time. Reload the toothpick with polish and drag a line across the tip of the nail. Repeat the steps on the other nine fingers and voila, you’re done!! (all images by HonestlyWTF)

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