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Nail polish art

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You Nailed It! 8 Nail Polish Crafts. Nail polish, we all have it in our homes and probably in more colors than we care to admit.

You Nailed It! 8 Nail Polish Crafts

Each season there are new colors to choose from and these colors follow the trend colors we see in fashion, home décor and of course crafting supplies. Where others simply see a beauty supply, we see a crafting supply! Gone are the days when nail polish simply came in an array of different colors, it is now available in options that are flocked, glittered and crackled. The range of effects and durability of nail polish makes it the perfect replacement for paint in your paper crafting projects. The next time you are ready to use your nail polish on a crafting project, try starting with one of these tutorials.

DIY Cardboard Earrings A fun way to upcycle cardboard scraps into fun earrings Painted Paper Bead Tutorial Need a necklace to go with the earrings you just made? EasyMeWorld: DIY Jewelry and More. In this blog post I will be showing you pictures of the projects that I have done using this awesome technique.

EasyMeWorld: DIY Jewelry and More

The possibilities are endless when it comes to ideas. I made jewelry, hair clips, hair pins and decorations. It is inexpensive and easy to make all kinds of creations. Things you will need: *Wire *Glue *Finger Nail Polish *Hair Dryer *Waxed Paper In this step by step video I will show you how to do this technique if you would like to give it a try too.

Here are some of the projects that I made so I could share with you some of the many things that you can make. Hair Clips I love how the nail polish makes the projects sparkle.Hair pinJewelryPendantBraceletEarrings Pendant Flower DecorationI made this flower out of pipe cleaners. 16 Most Pinned DIY Nail Polish Crafts and Projects. By Hellen | Nail polishes – the ultimate item in every woman’s beauty case.

16 Most Pinned DIY Nail Polish Crafts and Projects

Yes, we bet you have it… not just one, but many nail polishes in various colors, from simple beige, white and black shades to vivid neon colors, like pink, yellow and blue! While we’re pretty sure that you’re using all those nail polishes to create trendy and chic nail art designs for yourself, we’re also sure that you’re missing the opportunity to use all those small colorful bottles for other purposes, like painting and dying different pieces. From jewelry and sunglasses to mugs, pots and votives, we’ve covered you with the 16 Most Pinned DIY Nail Polish Crafts and Projects that’ll give you a new perspective on your crafting activities!

Inquire into this collection full with surprises and get inspired for your next DIY goal! DIY Dichroic-Look Glass Tiles Made with Nail Polish via A Smidge of Sweetness from the South. I kept seeing these pins on Pinterest proclaiming the easy awesomeness of nail polish jewelry, but I didn’t need any pretty, shiny things, so I passed them on by.

A Smidge of Sweetness from the South

Then I realized that, okay, I don’t need pretty, shiny things, but dangit did I want some! Nina Ultra Pro holographic gold topcoat backed by Butter London Queen Vic Sally Girl white glitter backed by China Glaze For Audrey So last week I got online and checked out what Sun and Moon had to offer, ordered myself up some glass domes and settings, and sat back to wait. This morning, what was waiting for me in my mailbox? When I got home from taking the Munchkin to spend the night with my mom (we have to make a seriously lengthy road trip for a friend’s baby shower tomorrow), I set to work. China Glaze Riveting backed by Ulta Red Carpet Red. Nail Polish Crafts, Nail Polish Jew… Recycle Nail Polish Jewelry Craft Tutorial. Fluid Motion: [jewelry] Nail Polish Pendants. I accumulated a lot of nail polish at the height of my "OMG Must make all the nails GLITTER" obsession.

Fluid Motion: [jewelry] Nail Polish Pendants

Because Santana's all coughy-coughy and I'm not painting my nails that much any more, what the crap am I going to do with all this polish? Pendants!! The process is pretty simple. I ordered round and square glass tiles, plates in a variety of finishes, and chains from Sun and Moon Craft Kits. I painted the back of the glass with clear polish. I do the painting out above the garage (so no fumes in the house) and it took a week to do 20 pieces of glass.

Here are the one that I liked best: This one might be my favorite- it's a multi-chrome polish that changes color depending on what angle you're looking at it: Crazy, right? I'm going to start painting the last of the glass pieces I have.