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Climate Change » Friends of the Earth Ireland - Inspiring soluti you are here : home » climate change Read all the lastest news on climate change, and our blogs, actions and updates below. Lack of political leadership on climate change fed opposition to wind energy - Today's Climate Bill can reset debate Issued in news on April 15, 2014 at 09:49:00. Lack of political leadership on climate change fed opposition to wind energy - Today's Climate Bill can reset debate Friends of the Earth has claimed that a lack of political leadership on climate change has fed opposition to wind energy and that strong climate change legislation can reset the public debate on renewable energy. Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan, said "This Government has been noticeably silent on the challenges and opportunities posed by tackling climate change. "Instead people see only individual pieces of the jigsaw - some policies they mostly like, such as home insulation grants, and some which many dislike such as the carbon tax or plans for new pylons.

The Story of Stuff Project Community-Minded Our global, online Community of over 1 million Changemakers includes parents, community leaders, teachers and students, people of faith, entrepreneurs, scientists and others interested in creating a more healthy and just world. The interests and needs of our Community members deeply informs our work, and your passion and support enable our small team to have an outsized impact. Solutions-Focused We know all about the problems — from climate change to income inequality to political corruption. Our movies and other media focus instead on the big, exciting innovations driving the environmental and social change we need, as well as the little things individuals and communities can do to make a difference. Action-Oriented We believe that dramatically increasing civic participation — not just refining our consumer choices — is the key to unlocking the profound challenges we face.

Pandathlon Je voeu savoir ce qui pollue Annie Leonard a rendu l’explication si simple et si juste dans cette vidéo que les enfants devraient la montrer à leurs parents… Si je veux en savoir plus, je peux visiter le site de « Story of Stuff » entièrement présenté en Anglais. Malgré les critiques de simplisme dédiées à cette video, force est de constater que la référence française en matière de savoir rejoint son message : « De nos jours, les principales causes de pollution de l’environnement proviennent de la production et de l’utilisation des diverses sources d’énergie, des activités industrielles et, de façon paradoxale mais néanmoins importante, de l’agriculture. Les administrations nationales et internationales se rejoignent elles aussi sur les causes de pollution : « …Les modes de production et de consommation actuels de l’Union ne sont généralement pas compatibles avec un développement durable. Si nous sommes tous d’accord sur les causes du problèmes, reste à discuter des solutions: * Je peux moins polluer

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