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March Against Monsanto March Against Monsanto, Vancouver, Canada; May 25, 2013 The March Against Monsanto is an international grass roots movement as well as a protest against the Monsanto corporation and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).[1] The initial march took place on May 25, 2013. The number of protesters who took part is uncertain; figures of "hundreds of thousands"[4] and the organizers' estimate of "two million"[5] were variously cited. Events took place in between 330[3] and 436[5] cities around the world, mostly in the United States.[3][6][7] Canal said that the movement would continue its "anti-GMO cause" beyond the initial event,[5] and a second march occurred on October 12, 2013.[8] A third march is planned for 24 May 2014.[9] GMO controversy and Monsanto[edit] Monsanto, headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri, is the largest producer of genetically engineered seed. Origin of the protests[edit] California Proposition 37[edit] Founder Tami Canal, March Against Monsanto, Salt Lake City, Utah

Je Préfère... Occupy Monsanto Place Publique - Média citoyen, relais d’engagements associatifs et outil de démocratie participative Pétitions et campagnes sur le net Des associations battent campagne Des associations et des ONG qui mènent campagne. La Conférence Permanente des Coordinations Associatives : une plate-forme de propositions pour une reconnaissance par les pouvoirs publics de l'importance de l'activité associative et de la nécessité de la soutenir pour ce qu'elle est et ce qu'elle fait. "Face (...) Conférence Permanente des Coordinations Associatives : une plate-forme de propositions pour une reconnaissance par les pouvoirs publics de l’importance de l’activité associative et de la nécessité de la soutenir pour ce qu’elle est et ce qu’elle fait. Crid est à l’initiative de la campagne "Etat d’urgence planétaire : votons pour une France solidaire !" site a été créé à l’initiative de Hubert Reeves et de la Ligue Roc. Quelques lettres d’info citoyennes sur le net Les essentielles

March Against Monsanto listes Deep Green Resistance Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is an environmental movement that views mainstream environmental activism as being largely ineffective.[1] DGR also refers to the strategy described by the movement for saving the Earth. DGR believes that industrial civilization is endangering all life on the planet, and that a broad range of tactics are needed to achieve environmental and social justice in decisive material ways. It advocates for a radical shift in society's structure and function and calls for humans to actively fight for the Earth. DGR's goals are to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and to stop those in power from destroying the planet. DGR promotes the defense and restoration of landbases, and the recognition that most of the land belongs to indigenous peoples, who are suffering under foreign military occupation. Beliefs[edit] Origins and advocates[edit] The term was created for a conference entitled "Deep Green Resistance. Tactics[edit] Violent resistance[edit]

divers Greenwashing While greenwashing is not new, its use has increased over recent years to meet consumer demand for environmentally friendly goods and services. The problem is compounded by lax enforcement by regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, the Competition Bureau in Canada, and the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice in the United Kingdom. Critics of the practice suggest that the rise of greenwashing, paired with ineffective regulation, contributes to consumer skepticism of all green claims, and diminishes the power of the consumer in driving companies toward greener solutions for manufacturing processes and business operations.[6] Usage[edit] Hotel "greenwashed" laundry card The term greenwashing was coined by New York environmentalist Jay Westervelt in a 1986 essay regarding the hotel industry's practice of placing placards in each room promoting reuse of towels ostensibly to "save the environment."

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