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Front Liberation Animal Hawaii Wildlife Fund - A non-profit wildlife conservation organization Je Préfère... Occupy Everything - Clusterfuck Nation "Recession Officially Over," The New York Times' lead headline declared around 7 o'clock this morning. (Watch: they'll change it.) That was Part A. I dropped in on the Occupy Wall Street crowd down in Zuccotti Park last Thursday. This is the funniest part to me: that leaders of a nation incapable of constructing a coherent consensus about reality can accuse its youth of not having a clear program. For instance, what is Attorney General Eric Holder's program for prosecuting CDO swindles, the MERS racket, the bonus creamings of TBTF bank executives, the siphoning of money from the Federal Reserve to foreign banks, the misconduct at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the willful negligence of the SEC, and countless other villainies? Language is failing us, of course. Instead, our leaders only propose accounting tricks to pretend there is more when really there is less. Praise has been coming in from all quarters for the peacefulness of the OWSers. My books are available at all the usual places.

TerraServer - Aerial Photos & Satellite Images - The Leader In Online Imagery Sculpt the Future Foundation Place Publique - Média citoyen, relais d’engagements associatifs et outil de démocratie participative Pétitions et campagnes sur le net Des associations battent campagne Des associations et des ONG qui mènent campagne. La Conférence Permanente des Coordinations Associatives : une plate-forme de propositions pour une reconnaissance par les pouvoirs publics de l'importance de l'activité associative et de la nécessité de la soutenir pour ce qu'elle est et ce qu'elle fait. "Face (...) Conférence Permanente des Coordinations Associatives : une plate-forme de propositions pour une reconnaissance par les pouvoirs publics de l’importance de l’activité associative et de la nécessité de la soutenir pour ce qu’elle est et ce qu’elle fait. Crid est à l’initiative de la campagne "Etat d’urgence planétaire : votons pour une France solidaire !" site a été créé à l’initiative de Hubert Reeves et de la Ligue Roc. Quelques lettres d’info citoyennes sur le net Les essentielles

Guerrilla News July | 2011 | Black Cat Sabotage Handbook The Black Cat Sabotage Handbook is a resistance movement artifact that mysteriously appeared in hard copy (thank you, whoever you are!) in the distro area at the 2010 Wild Roots Feral Futures eco-defense & rewilding gathering. After more than a year and numerous requests, the Dirty Hands Collective decided to release the manual on-line, piece by piece (the manual is 136 pages long so scanning it all at once for release at places like seemed unrealistic, though we had planned to compile the sections as we release them for later uploading in one file). Then, alas, shortly after getting started scanning and uploading yesterday, and after announcing it on several anarchist websites, someone did our job for us! Black Cat Sabotage Handbook [PDF] As far as we can tell, it has not existed anywhere else online, yet. (Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment and historical purposes only.

Story Of Stuff listes IRF Bristol claims attack against Law Courts in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle (UK) On the night of Monday 10 October, the windows of Bristol Magistrates Court were smashed and ‘FIGHT BACK’ sprayed on the front of the building. On the night of Tuesday 11 October, the windows of Bristol Civil Justice Centre were smashed. One of many reasons these buildings were attacked was in solidarity with people persecuted after the riots. Now the state is trying to make an example of the small percentage of rebels they’ve managed to catch – and is threatening collective punishment of families and households. It should be obvious by now that we’re not acting in order to ask for some kind of reformed, more ‘just’ replacement for this – or anything else – within this democratic society. Physical attacks like these are just one part of the struggle for freedom, whether they’re done in open joy by a crowd of former strangers or quietly in the dark by a small group of friends. Nothing has ended, everything has begun. {*style:<b>